Don Colleran, the president and CEO of FedEx Express, the biggest express delivery company in the world, announced his retirement after 40 years of service.

The FedEx Express global network, which runs through more than 650 airports globally and provides time-sensitive air-ground express service, provides services to more than 220 countries and territories.

Likewise, Colleran is in charge of and controls the FedEx Express business, which includes TNT Express and FedEx Express.

Richard W. Smith will take over for him on April 1, 2022, and he’ll begin working on September 1 of that year.

Don Colleran

Don Colleran

Wikipedia: How Old Is FedEx CEO Donald ‘Don’ Colleran?

Don Colleran appears to be a man in his late 60s based on his appearance and professional accomplishments. In a similar vein, an online user similarly listed Colleran’s age as 64.

Nevertheless, Richard, his replacement as CEO of FedEx, is currently 39 years old, according to a number of web sources.

Colleran, a Massachusetts native, earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of New Hampshire.

He is a part of the Board of Governors of IATA, the Board of Directors of ABM Industries, and the EastGroup Properties Board of Directors.

In addition, Irish America magazine named him one of its Business 100, and he is a member of the American Chamber of Commerce.

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Don Colleran’s Earning And Salary From 40 Years Of FedEx Career

FedEx paid Donald Colleran a total salary of €4,426,780 when he was president and CEO of FedEx Express.

Frederick Smith is outpaid by six FedEx executives and has the highest salary of $11,125,800, according to the website Wall Mine.

Colleran began working for FedEx as an international sales manager in Philadelphia in 1989. He moved to Tokyo in 1992, starting a 12-year career in international sales and operations management.

Colleran rose to the position of managing director of sales for the North Pacific area when he was in Tokyo. He was chosen in 1997 to serve as the Asia-Pacific region’s vice president of sales, with its headquarters located in Hong Kong.

Colleran ran FedEx Canada for three years, starting in 2000, before being named senior vice president of international sales and moving to Memphis.

In 2006, he was made executive vice president of FedEx Services’ international sales and solutions.

His Net Worth As A President And CEO Of FedEx Express

Donald F. Colleran, president and CEO of FedEx Express, is thought to be worth roughly $22.84 million at the moment.

About 39,054 shares of the ordinary stock of the FedEx Corporation are held by Donald F. Colleran. Colleran sold goods at FedEx Corp. for an estimated $13.37M during the previous five years, according to the beginza website.

On the other hand, Colleran made his largest buy order on May 11, 2021, for 13,425 units, totaling more than $1.93 million. On May 4, 2021, Colleran received a sale order for 17,150 units worth more than $5.15 million.

Additionally, during his five years with FedEx Corporation, he has completed about 12 transactions; he typically completes transactions in June, with 2021 and 2017 being the busiest years.

Don Colleran pictured with Paul Casey

Don Colleran pictured with Paul Casey

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Family: Who Is Don Colleran Wife?

Colleran does seem to be married, as evidenced by his wife and kids. The businessman has only released details about his professional life; he has remained mum about his personal life.

Basically, he was in responsible of the more than $70 billion in annual global revenue produced by all of the FedEx operational companies while serving as executive vice president and chief sales officer at FedEx Corp.

His global sales and service teams implemented the FedEx growth strategy. By providing opportunities for businesses to reach new markets, get around trade restrictions, and conduct business overseas, they help clients grow their operations.

Who Is Don Colleran? Everything To Know About President & CEO Of FedEx Express

Don Colleran serves as president and CEO of FedEx Express, the largest express shipping company in the world. The FedEx Express global network provides time-sensitive air-ground express service to more than 220 countries and territories through more than 650 airports worldwide.

Colleran is in charge of and oversees the FedEx Express group, which includes of FedEx Express and TNT Express.

Prior to this, Colleran held the positions of executive vice president and chief sales officer at FedEx Corp. He was in charge of the company’s multiple operating units, which generated more than $70 billion in yearly global revenue.

His global sales and solutions groups implemented the FedEx growth strategy. By providing chances to access new markets and creative selling strategies, they helped clients grow their businesses.

Who Is FedEx CEO Don Colleran? – Wikipedia

Vice President of International Sales and Solutions at FedEx Services since 2006, Don Colleran is in charge of more than 7,000 personnel globally.

Don started working with FedEx in 1989 as the manager of international sales. He moved to Tokyo in 1992 and began a 12-year career in operations management and international sales. After serving as the managing director of sales for the North Pacific region, Don was appointed vice president of sales for the Asia Pacific region in 1997.

In 2000, he was elevated to the position of president of FedEx Canada. Three years after moving to Memphis, Tennessee, he received the position of senior vice president of international sales.

Don is an Irish American of third generation who was raised in Galway and Cork and was born in Boston, Massachusetts. The University of New Hampshire awarded him a BS in business administration upon graduation.

He belongs to the American Chamber of Commerce, the US-ASEAN Business Council, and the board of directors of the children’s charity Indy Festival Foundation. He also serves on the board of the InMotion Orthopaedic Research Center.

Don Colleran Salary In 2022

As president and chief executive officer of FedEx Express, Donald Colleran is entitled to a total remuneration package from FedEx in the amount of €4,426,780. According to the website wall mining, Frederick Smith has the highest compensation at FedEx, coming in at $11,125,800, however there are six other FedEx executives who make more than he does.

The FedEx Corporation provides commercial, electronic commerce (e-commerce), and transportation services both within the United States and internationally. The FedEx Express division of the company offers a variety of delivery services, including those for time-sensitive transportation, cross-border e-commerce technologies, and e-commerce transportation solutions. These services include express delivery, small-package ground delivery, and freight delivery.

FedEx Ground provides delivery services on a certain day to residences as well as commercial establishments. Less-than-truckload freight transportation services are offered by FedEx Freight, which is a division of the company. As of the 31st of May, 2021, this category had approximately 29,000 autos and 400 service outlets.

Don Colleran

Don Colleran

More About Don Colleran Net Worth

It is estimated that Donald F. Colleran, who serves as president and chief executive officer of FedEx Express, has a net worth of approximately $22.84 million at the present time. Donald F. Colleran is the owner of about 39,054 shares of FedEx Corporation’s common stock. According to the information provided on the beginza website, Donald F. Colleran has racked up sales at FedEx Corp. totaling an estimated $13.37 million over the past five years.

Donald F. Colleran submitted his largest purchasing order on May 11, 2021, which included 13,425 items and a total price of more than $1.93 million. Donald F. Colleran was given a purchase order for 17,150 units that were valued at more than $5.15 million on May 4, 2021.

Donald F. Colleran has worked for FedEx Corporation for approximately five years and has successfully executed twelve deals. The month of June is often Donald F. Colleran’s busiest trading month, with 2021 and 2017 being his busiest years overall.

Mr. Colleran traded FDX stock on the inside using SEC Form 4

According to Form 4 filed with the SEC, Donald has made more than five trades of Fedex Corp stock since 2017. On May 10, 2021, he turned in 13,425 units of FDX stock worth $1,927,159.

On May 3, 2021, he sold 17,150 units of Fedex Corp stock worth more than $1,661,321. This was the biggest trade he’s ever made. Since 2017, Donald has traded an average of 1,300 units every 39 days. He still owned at least 52,479 units of Fedex Corp stock as of May 10, 2021.

At the bottom of the page, you can see all of Mr. Colleran’s stock trades.

What does Donald Colleran get paid?

Donald Colleran’s total pay at Fedex Corp is $4,426,780. He is the President and Chief Executive Officer of FedEx Express, which is part of Fedex Corp. FedEx Corp has 6 executives who are paid more, with Frederick Smith getting the most at $11,125,800.

What is Donald Colleran’s age?

Donald Colleran is 64 years old. Since 2019, he has been President and Chief Executive Officer of FedEx Express of Fedex Corp. At Fedex Corp., there are 10 older executives and 16 younger ones. Executive Chairman and CEO Frederick W. Smith, who is 77 years old, is the Fedex Corp executive with the most experience.

Fedex Corp. insiders trade

Fedex Corp insiders have traded over $94,436,116 worth of stock and bought 53,125 units worth $7,252,529 in the last 19 years. Joseph R. III Hyde, Frederick W. Smith, and David P. Steiner are some of the insiders who trade the most. Fedex Corp executives and independent directors buy and sell shares on average every 18 days, and the average trade is worth $3,897,701. Rajesh Subramaniam made the most recent stock trade on September 26, 2022. He traded 1,373 units of FDX stock worth $147,584 at the time.

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