Uncountable viral scandals are making their presence on social networking sites these days, sparking heated debate among everyone, particularly those who frequently peruse their daily feeds to keep up with world events. Something similar is happening again, as Dababy and Gary Prager are making news on social media sites as a result of their current issue. As soon as everyone is aware of the news, their shocking reactions emerge, because Dababy has only been in the spotlight for a week before resurfacing. As a result, you may find all of the pertinent information, as well as some previously undisclosed facts, listed below.



DaBaby Shares Video Of Assault Victim Using Racial Slur: Rapper And Gary Pager Drama Explained!

According to exclusive news or sources, Dababy recently released a video of himself discussing the litigation he and Gary Prager are currently involved in. Despite the fact that the information was just brought to the public’s attention for a few hours, there have been several reactions. Almost everyone is expressing their opinions about the situation, with many denouncing the artists’ actions. Even while he stated that Prager spat in his face, this does not apparent in the video, which is why the issue is once again gaining traction.

The rivalry between DaBaby and Gary Prager is explored

On April 30, 2022, the musician’s real name was revealed as Jonathan Lyndale Kirk, and he was charged with felony battery by the LA (Los Angeles) County District Attorney’s Office. The allegations stem from a December 2022 incident in which a landlord, Gary Rager, accused Kirk of assaulting him and knocking out his tooth. Then, in 2021, he filed a complaint against the star, and as soon as the matter was resolved and an investigation was launched, the consequences began to surface, and the rappers are now facing difficulties as a result.

Gary claimed he was attacked while attempting to enforce ability rules, according to reports. So far, we’ve covered everything that has been obtained from other key sources; however, there are still a few things that need to be revealed, so you’ll have to wait a little longer to learn everything you need to know. Even yet, there are a few studies that make various claims, since the challenge is keeping the consistency in the spotlight. So, as soon as we receive more information, we will notify you, so stay tuned with us to learn more.