Deshaun Watson, a well-known star player from Houston, Texas, is making headlines and causing a lot of buzz on the internet and social media, but this time for all the wrong reasons. Deshaun Thomas, the standout athlete, is accused of attempting to sexually assault his massage therapist Ashley Solis. According to reports, a total of 22 women have accused the popular actor of sexual assault. Because of her privacy, one of Deshaun’s victims has withdrawn her complaint and claims.

Ashley Solis and Deshaun Watson

Ashley Solis and Deshaun Watson

Ashley Solis’s Video Has Been Leaked

Deshaun’s massage therapist, Ashley Solis, was the first woman to publicly condemn Deshaun’s behaviour. Ashley Solis is the first woman to come forward and accuse Deshaun. Ashley stood up to his crime and spoke out against it without fear. On April 6, 2021, Ashley Solis and her lawyer, Tony Buzbee, filed a lawsuit against the popular football player. As soon as this case was brought before the court, the other 22 victims’ names were also brought up, prompting the judge to order that the allegations against the football player be revised.

Ashley Solis’s Leaked Video Has Gone Viral

Ashley Solis also described all of the misdeeds and misbehaviour she experienced throughout her massage session with the well-known celebrity. Lauren Baxley, another Deshaun victim, has joined Ashley Solis in speaking out about the sexual abuse and assault she suffered at the hands of Deshaun. Deshaun sexually assaulted Ashley Solis during a massage appointment in the Houston area of Texas, according to Ashley. Deshaun’s wrongdoing and abuse left Ashley sobbing, according to Ashley.

Ashley added that, despite being horrified by the assault, she summoned the resolve to speak out against the bully criminal. She further claimed that while this act has devastated her from the inside, she would continue to speak up and fight for justice. She further remarked that persons like Deshaun should be punished for playing with women’s modesty. This story is causing a lot of discussion on social media and the internet right now.

According to reports, Deshaun is being severely trolled by netizens for his wrongdoing with 22 innocent ladies. Deshaun’s offence has been widely discussed on social media. Internet users condemned his actions and expressed their solidarity with Ashley and the other 22 Deshaun victims. Many of them were seen demonstrating their support for Ashley Solis.