French football player Ziyad Larkeche, 19, competes for Barnsley Football Club. He is out on loan through 2022–2023.

With Paris Saint-Germain, Larkeche started his athletic career as an attacking left-back. He enjoys raising the stakes and initiating action; he has gotten better over time.

The athlete also played 22 times in Premier League 2 for Fulham last season as a left-sided defender, recording two goals and six assists while playing for the west London club before joining Barnsley.

Ziyad Larkeche is a French footballer

Ziyad Larkeche is a French footballer

Name Ziyad Larkeche
Date of birth 19 September 2002
Birthplace Paris, France
Nationality France
Position Defenfer/Full Back

Who Is Ziyad Larkeche?

Football player Ziyad Larkeche moved from Fulham Football Club to Barnsley Football Club on loan. After Barnsley received EFL approval, they signed him for the remainder of the 22/23 season.

The athlete transferred from Paris Saint-Germain to Fulham and represented France at the under-20 level. He moved from French champions PSG to Craven Cottage in the summer of 2020 on a free transfer.

Ziyad made his Fulham debut against Cambridge United in the 2020–21 EFL Trophy, and he scored his first goal in a 3–1 victory over Middlesbrough in December. He played in 22 games for the 2021–2022 season, contributing two goals and six assists.

Under Thiago Motta’s direction, Larkeche, who has already played for France at the juvenile level, became the youngest player ever to represent Parisians in the UEFA Youth League. Additionally, the football player received two nominations for the player of the month honor.

Ziyad Larkeche plays as a defender.

Ziyad Larkeche plays as a defender.

5 Facts To Know About The Barnsley Defender

Here are five things about the defender from Barnsley Football Club that you may not be aware of:

1. Ziyad Age: How Old Is The Athlete?

The football player, named Ziyad, was born in Paris, France, in 2002, and is currently in his final year of adolescence. He will turn 20 in a week.

On September 19, Larkeche blows the candle to commemorate yet another fruitful year around the sun. Additionally, Virgo, the sixth star sign of the zodiac, is symbolized by a Maiden in his astrology.

2. Larkeche Has An Impressive Height

Ziyad is a left-sided defender for his sides and is an attractive height. Khaled El-Ahmad, the CEO of Barnsley FC, was also happy to have him on his team.

Khaled also mentioned Larkeche’s potential as a player and extended a warm welcome to him at Oakwell. The defender similarly showed enthusiasm for beginning his career at Barnsley Football Club.

3. Ziyad Parents 

When Fulham made a generous offer to 17-year-old fullback Ziyad Larkeche, his parents were faced with a difficult decision. Instead of wanting their kid to grow up in his own nation, they decide to support his career decision.

This made the most of his first-ever transfer to the UK from abroad.

4. The Barnsley Defender’s Partner

The Barnsley defender is committed to furthering his career and has been using his little free time to develop his talents.

Additionally, Larkeche likes to keep his personal details private so he and his family ones can live happy, healthy lives free from media scrutiny.

5. Larkeche Is Active On Social Media

Ziyad has established official profiles on Twitter and Instagram, where he goes by the username @ziyad.larkeche and has posted 25 attachments. Likewise, as of September 13th, 2022, he has amassed 9.9k followers.

Additionally, the athlete started using Twitter in May 2019 as @ZiyadLarkeche; he has published 40 Tweets, and 303 people are his followers. Larkeche updated his well-wishers about his games and accomplishments via the web platform, using social networking sites as a bridge to interact with his admirers and share his lifestyle as an athlete.

Who is Ziyad Larkeche dating?

There is no information available to the general public on Ziyad’s romantic status. There is also not a single photo on any of his social media profiles that shows him with anyone else. It’s possible that he has a laser-like focus on his professional aspirations.

It was in the summer of 2020 when Ziyad made the move from Paris Saint-Germain to Fulham. The French left back is an offensive player who enjoys getting on the field as much as possible and getting things done.

When he was managed by Thiago Motta, he became the youngest player in the history of Paris Saint-Germain to compete in the UEFA Youth League.

The Frenchman was recruited to play for the Under-23 squad, and he made his debut in the EFL Trophy match against Cambridge United in the 2020/21 season. It was in December when he scored his first goal for the team, and it was a goal that helped them win 3-1 over Middlesbrough.

During the 21/22 season, the defense started to flourish after first struggling to adjust to all of the new circumstances that came with France’s move to England. This adjustment period lasted a few months. It is not hard to comprehend his significance given that he participated in 22 games, scored two goals, and provided six assists. As a result of the Frenchman’s impressive play, he was nominated not once but twice for the Player of the Month award.

Larkeche claims that he discussed his early career with the 23-year-old, which had a role in the player’s decision to sign with the Cottagers.

Larkeche responded to Goal’s inquiry by saying, “Yes, I spoke to Moussa.” “He called me.” It was a day. I was in my house, sitting in front of the television.

“‘Are you familiar with my identity?

We spoke for a half an hour about Paris Saint-Germain, Fulham, and English football in general. “I said yes because I was confident he would contact me,” she explained.

“He’s from PSG, exactly like me. Despite the fact that we don’t play the same position on the team, I asked him for a lot of advise. He had a conversation with my dad. The discussion was highly informative, and I have nothing but gratitude for him in that regard.

According to reports, Larkeche turned down a number of opportunities to sign with clubs located all around Europe in order to commit his future to Fulham. The fact that Fulham are now playing in the second division of English football may come as a surprise to some people. The defender, though, is certain that his decision to leave was the best one for his professional future.

“Clubs from the United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, France, and Belgium have all gotten in touch with me. “However, in the end I decided to go with Fulham,” he stated. The fact that English football is constantly evolving and is played at a high level of intensity is ideal for me. It’s important to me that my offensive runs have a lot of speed as well as power. When it comes to protecting myself, it’s also something I enjoy doing.

“Fulham is an old club based in London that has huge aims, strong principles, and a philosophy that fits with what I’m looking for,” he explained. I have no doubt that I will be successful at this club.

My objective is to make it onto the first team as soon as possible, and I intend to put in the same amount of effort as always in order to do so. It was made quite obvious to me by Fulham that they wanted to sign me.

Larkeche also expressed his dissatisfaction with the fact that PSG did not make an offer for him to sign a contract to remain at the club, but he is now concentrating on the challenge that he will face in England.

He stated, “My family and I were surprised that we didn’t obtain a contract.” He had been playing for Paris Saint-Germain since he was nine and a half years old.

“Camp des Loges, which is where PSG trains, is a location that I am quite familiar with. We are a well-known family, both my parents and I.

“It’s as simple as turning the page. At first, I wasn’t able to make sense of it, but now I do. The years that I lived in Paris Saint-Germain will be ingrained in my memory forever. Right now, I’m pondering things that may occur in the future. “I’ve reached the point in my life when I need to try something else.”