The quarterback of the New York Jets is Zachary Kapono Wilson, most commonly referred to as Zach Wilson.

Sadly, he had to leave the field last night against the Philadelphia Eagles in the 2022 preseason.

After suffering a non-contact injury in the preseason game on Friday night, everyone is keeping an eye on him. He was twice named MVP while playing for Bringham Young University and is currently the second overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft. The upcoming bouts that he plays in will be much anticipated by the audience.

Zach Wilson

Zach Wilson

Zach Wilson Injury Update On Torn Meniscus- What Happened?

When Zach hobbled back to the locker room after the first quarter against the Philadelphia Eagles, the New York Jets were taken aback. He was expected back on the field by NFL fans, but he never did.

Later, as ESPN reported, it was discovered that the rookie quarterback had a torn meniscus and a damaged bone. It appears that he will be able to play again in two to four weeks. According to reports, he will get a trim rather than having the area repaired.

However, this is not the first time he has hurt his knee. He suffered joint injuries in a game against the Patriots in the 2021 season after being hit by linebacker Mathew Judon. He was diagnosed with a posterior cruciate ligament sprain at that same moment. The athlete missed four games as a result.

When Will Zach Wilson Return In The Field? Recovery Time Is Expected 2-4 Weeks

Wilson will be sidelined for at least two to four weeks after suffering a non-contact injury during a preseason game against the Eagles.

He is anticipated to undergo surgery and then recover naturally. The quarterback may return to action against the Baltimore Ravens on September 11th, according to ESPN.

His previous great comeback will be anticipated by his admirers. He had a knee injury in the 2021 campaign after being attacked in week 7. Later, in the 12th week, he made a comeback and dominated the game against the Houston Texans. Therefore, if he returns on September 11th, NFL watchers anticipate the same.

More On Zach Wilson’s Parents- He Comes From Mixed Ethnicity

On August 3rd, 1999, Zach was born to his parents in Utah. His mother is Lisa Neeleman, and his father is known as Michael. His middle name, Kapono, which he inherited from his father and which means “righteous” in Hawaiian, indicates that he is of mixed origin.

He is not just his parents’ child within the family, either. The young footballer has three brothers and two sisters as well. But regrettably, the athlete hasn’t yet mentioned all of their names.

Additionally, David Neeleman, a well-known Brazilian-American businessman and airline entrepreneur, is his nephew. Wilson’s relative is also a co-founder of HealthEquity.

Net Worth Of Zach Wilson As The Quarterback

Zach was selected in the second round of the 2021 NFL Draft and joined on as a player for the New York Jets. His wealth is in the millions of dollars. Although he had not specifically disclosed his fortune, we do know that the young rookie received a signing bonus and a $22.9 million one-year extension option.

The teenage athlete signed a contract on July 29, 2021, with a total guarantee of $35.5 million for the four years he would serve as the team’s quarterback.

Additionally, he received a substantial sum for the fifth-year option. We can predict that he will play for the Jets for at least five years if all goes according to plan and no other team approaches him with a better offer.