Yisra 2200, a TikTok female star and content creator, has a large fan base on social media. Find out more about her.

yisra 2200 is a female TikTok celebrity and social media personality. She gained popularity through her funny TikTok videos. She loves to make jokes and most of her videos are hilarious.

She uploads funny and new content to her TikTok every day. Her TikTok viewers love her unique uploads and want more. She usually makes videos alone, but recently she has been able to make videos with her friends.

yisra 2200

yisra 2200

Who is Yisra 2200 from TikTok?

yisra 22200 is a female TikTok Star and Content Creator. Most of her content is funny and original.

As @yisra2200, she is active on TikTok and has over 308.5k followers as of October 2021. Her TikTok videos total have 3.3M views to date. Her bio states: Hey, I’m Yosra Brother most of what I do is a joke

Yisra enjoys making videos about new content. She has made a video in the Squid Game costume of Squid Game recently on Netflix.

MASHAKEL is an eyelash product that costs between $9 and $36. She is also an entrepreneur. She designs all of the products and sells them through her online shop.

Yisra Age: What is She Like?

Yasra 2200’s age details for 2021 are still to be revealed.

We have no information about her birth date, birth-place or other details. We do know that she is between 25 and 30 years old based on her TikTok videos.

The public is not privy to her nationality, ethnicity, or other personal details.

Her most recent videos were made on 2200 because it seems that some viewers bullied her and made fun of her body.

Yisra 2200 Instagram Biography

yisra 2220 is dynamic on Instagram under username @yyisraa

She only started using Instagram four weeks ago with her first post. In a very short time, however, she has gained more than 20.3k followers on her Instagram account.


HUHHHH ##foryou ##yissra ##tiktok

Original sound – Yaisra 2200

It’s all thanks to her TikTok videos that have made her famous on social media. Six of her posts have been uploaded to date. Four are photos and two are videos.

Reddit: Find yisra 2200

Yasra 2200 can’t be found on Reddit. However, her unique contents are openly discussed on the platform.

Reddit users have shared her creative content and kept both positive and negative comments. She is also available on Snapchat under @Yissra