Yash Anand is a really famous social media influencer and gym character. He’s extremely talented and is well famous for his incredible body. With his adventures, he guides individuals to change their physic and inspire them during his YouTube stations. Yash Anand has his own YouTube channel where he has gained 1.81M subscribers and gives health and fitness tips . Because of his YouTube videos, he has also gained 227k followers on his Instagram account.


Yash Anand

Yash Anand Age

Yash Anand was born on  18 August, 1993 and his age is 27 years.

Yash Anand Height

Mr. Gwalior, Yash Anand’s height is 6 Feet.

Yash Anand Biography/Wiki

Yash Anand is a famous bodybuilder from Mumbai Maharashtra. Yash Anand is a star, known as a fitness instructor. Yash Anand loves his fans really much and takes very good care of his health, his entire body will be now very much like him and he also takes care of his entire physique. He is also Mr. Gwalior.


Yash Anand Bodybuilder

Name: Yash Anand

Birth Name: Yash Anand

Nickname: Yash

Date of Birth: 18 August, 1993

Age: 23 years old

Birth Sign: Libra

Place of Birth: Gwalior

Occupation: YouTuber, Fitness Enthusiast

Marital Status: Unmarried

Nationality: Indian

Yash Anand Career

He started fitness when he was 15-16 years old and changed 19 years old with an extremely skinny guy to a handsome hunk, in a span of 3 years that he gained knowledge about fitness, diet, and exercises. Now with his adventures, he guides individuals to change their physic and inspire them throughout his YouTube channels. He pushes challenging gainers to not stop and guides .

Yash Anand Body Measurement


Yash Anand Body

Height: 5 feet 3 inches

Weight: 55 kg

Age: 23 Year old

Chest Size: 42 Inches

Weight: 16 Inches

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Black

Looks: Smart and Handsome

Yash Anand Early Life

Yash was born 18 August, 1993 at a humble family of town Gwalior. He was skinny from his childhood and not readily mix-up with anyone. He wanted to be a version and combined an academy, in which he had been mocked by designer and people for his lanky body. He had been totally broken from inside and decide to bring an alteration to redefine his character among the entire world.

Yash Anand Gymming

Yash Anand Gymming

He joined the GYM and follows the exact instructions of the coach. With the mix of hard work & patience he begins seeing the changes in your own body. He pushes himself into the GYM and oversees the diet to attain a desirable body equilibrium. Month by month passes and here 1 year completed.
Finally, a hard-work payoff.

Yash Anand Present Life

Today Yash Anand possess it YouTube station together with 500K Subscribers with millions of total views. He was one of the very known body builder who is educating thousands of new comers and intermediate with its year transformation exercise program and diet around India.

He’s the reason to alter the life of every man who’s educated of their physical appearance. His videos are receiving tens of thousands of perspectives every month which allow him to save around 40-50K INR per month.

Last week, Yash introduced a new sports bicycle R15 together with his YouTube money. He also published a video on YouTube station with title, “My New Bike from YouTube Money.”

Yash Anand Popular YouTube Videos

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FOREARMS Workout | Top 3 Exercise for Forearms | Yash Anand.

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Yash Anand Contact Details

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INSTAGRAM: @@theyashanand

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YOUTUBE: @channel
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TIKTOK: @theyashanandd
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EMAIL ADDRESS: [email protected]
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Yash Anand Interview

Going back a few of years, all I can recall is the simple fact I was bullied. So much so it gave me severe body image problems and demolished my confidence. I was underweight, looked somewhat weird and above all, lacked the confidence to manage the world. The highlight of my school life has been bullied. This led me down a road of isolation and I distanced myself. Because of this, I barely had some friends and did not have the courage to stand up for myself, possibly. I hated going to school as it turned out to be a painful and difficult endeavor.

Yash Anand Youtuber

Yash Anand Youtuber

Forget about a girlfriend, I didn’t even have one female-friend to speak to. Unsurprisingly, she did not pay any heed to my improvements. And that was how it went!

I cleared my 12th and got to engineering and I soon understood I wasn’t constructed for this. Therefore I dropped out of college. To be able to improve my personality, I combined a style institute. I paid the charges and proceeded to Guwahati. There was a fashion show which we had to model for and I was very excited at the possibility. As my turn arrived, the choreographer didn’t let me even get on stage and also made a comment that’it seemed like the garments were hung on a hanger’. Folks around me laughed as my heart smashed. I went and cried out my heart

Did I really look this bad and was I good for nothing? A whirlwind of ideas came crashing down onto me. Following this insult, so I couldn’t remain at the institute and moved back to Gwalior. I was 18, skinny, depressed and despairing. As I had nothing to do, then I joined a gym. Naturally, individuals told me as well. I ignored them and continued lifting. In a few months, I saw some changes in my physique. People who originally made fun of me started speaking to me in regard. This strengthened my self respect and inspired me to work more difficult.

I eventually found something that I was good at but as fate would have ita month or two later, I came back with jaundice and was bedridden for weeks. Whatever gains I made were lost. However , this time I knew what I needed to do once I regained. During my time in bed, I always watched bodybuilding videos that are inspirational. This kept me from becoming depressed and thinking bad. Soon I was back into the grind and gave 200% when coaching. I had been focused not just on my training but my diet, sleep and even supplementation. Three decades of natural bodybuilding and things changed radically.

As my body changed, so did my life. The identical woman who did not talk to me in high school sent me a petition on Instagram. That same choreographer is currently offering me multiple style shows. I decided to share my journey with everybody and posted a transformation video on YouTube that got more than a million views. Life is not supposed to be easy. There will be no denying, insults along with a slew of setbacks. But you aren’t here to whine and cry about it. You’re here for much larger things. Much, much bigger! All of us are capable of accomplishing something good. We only need to discover that something. I discovered mine and do not stop till you find yours.

FAQs About Yash Anand

Who is Yash Anand?  

Yash Anand is an Indian fitness YouTuber best known for his fitness and health-related videos. He has more than 1.5 million subscribers on his YouTube channel.

Where is Yash Anand from?

Yash was born on 18 August, 1993 in a humble family of city Gwalior.