A crime-drama movie called “Wild Is the Wind” may be streamed on Netflix. It was written and directed by Fabian Medea, and it takes place in a remote town in southern Africa. As a result of the murder of a little girl named Melissa, there is widespread civil unrest in the general population, and racial tensions rise to the forefront. The investigation is taken on by Vusi and John, two corrupt law enforcement officers with hidden agendas, and they set out to identify the offender.

However, as the inquiry moves forward, the general populace is agitated by a number of different circumstances, and the situation becomes more dire. The movie addresses a variety of touchy topics, including racial prejudice, social stigmas, corruption in law enforcement, and more. Everything you need to know about the conclusion can be found here.

Wind Ending, Explained

Wind Ending, Explained

Wild Is the Wind Plot Synopsis

In the opening scene of the film, Vusi accepts a payment from an unidentified man who is driving too fast and then lets him go. However, he is unaware that there is a kidnapped woman hiding in the trunk of the automobile. After a period of three years, we witness Vusi and John participating in a narcotics bust in which they eliminate all the members of the gang and recover a few kilogrammes of cocaine. Later on, it becomes clear that the two police officers are actually partners in crime who have the intention of selling the illicit chemical to Mongo, the boss of the local drug gang.

Soon after, the two characters have conversations with their significant others about maintaining a stable financial situation. During one of these conversations, Vusi tells his pregnant wife that he wants to live a stable and decent life so that he can provide everything the child could possibly want. On the other hand, John assures his wife that they will be able to prevent the bank from seizing their farmland. In addition to this, Vusi tells John in confidence that after the transaction with Mongo is finalised, he and his wife are going to relocate to Joburg (also known as Johannesburg).

The unfortunate discovery of the death of a young African girl named Melissa leads to an increase in the level of racial tension that exists between the communities that make up the little town. Given that she is the mayor’s niece and that the elections are coming up soon, he has made a reward of 250,000 Rand available to anyone who can solve the mystery. Naturally, Vusi and John decide to investigate the case, and as the story progresses, there are shown to be two major suspects. Vusi and John’s investigation uncovers both of these culprits.

The first one is Hennie, Melissa’s ex-boyfriend who is a white man and who she broke up with because of his rage. Hennie is the first suspect. After getting into an argument with her at a nearby bar on the night she was murdered, he struck her. Hennie is made to feel uncomfortable by the police; nevertheless, it later becomes clear that he is not the offender. The second person under suspicion is a black man named Sonnyboy, who is related to Mongo. He is currently seeing Melissa and was involved in an altercation with Henrique at the pub. Vusi and John choose to disregard the former’s denials that he was the murderer and point the finger at another person who could have been responsible for the crime.

While this is going on, the agreement that Vusi was trying to make goes through; however, Mongo rescinds it because his nephew was arrested. In addition to this, John receives the termination notice for his farm. Although Vusi finds another credible lead and pursues it, his partner decides to go ahead and make Sonnyboy sign a confession document without him realising it because he needs the money to save his farm. Despite the fact that Vusi finds the lead and pursues it, Sonnyboy is unaware that he is being forced to sign the document.

Melissa’s mother shoots Sonnyboy as he is being escorted to court, which causes rioting to break out in the neighbourhood. In the meantime, Vusi keeps pursuing the lead he was given and eventually makes it to the residence of a man named Wilhelm Jooste, where a confrontation results in the death of the latter. The film ends on a cliffhanger, leaving the audience with several unanswered questions.

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Wild Is the Wind Ending: Who Is the Killer?

The real murderer is Wilhelm Jooste, the same one from whom Vusi accepts a bribe at the opening of the movie. He has admitted to the murder of multiple women, while the exact number of victims remains unknown. Before the movie even verifies it, there are multiple strong signs that lead the audience to come to this conclusion on their own. The first clue is dropped right at the opening of the movie, when we witness the murderer speed away, ecstatic that the police officer failed to spot him.

The second piece of information can be found in the scenario in which Melissa and Wilhelm run into each other in the butcher shop owned by her father. There is a shot of him staring in a seemingly hostile manner at her jewellery and then at her face, and the shot is shown in slow motion. A third piece of information is provided by the forensic specialist, who informs Vusi and John that the strike pattern seen on Melissa’s body suggests that her murderer is right-handed. On the other hand, the individual who was in their care at the time, Sonnyboy, is left-handed.

After some time has passed, when Sonnyboy is being questioned in the interrogation room, he thinks back to everything that took place after he and Melissa left the bar. He recounts how they were followed by a bakkie, and despite his insistence that he stay with Melissa until she reached her destination, Melissa left him behind and continued on her own. Sadly, this doesn’t seem to be enough to convince the two police officers. Vusi and Sonnyboy both recognise the bakkie that appears on the surveillance tape that was taken of the parking lot outside the bar. Consequently, the officer follows the car to the suspect’s residence and obtains a hair sample from the vehicle.

Vusi hands over this hair sample to the forensic officer, who examines it alongside the skin found underneath Melissa’s fingernails, and determines that there is a match. It has come to light that Wilhelm Jooste, the individual Vusi let go of three years ago, is the one who committed the murder. After coming to this realisation, he attempts to share it with his business partner John, but it is already too late. The latter convinces Sonnyboy to sign a confession without his knowledge in order to collect the reward for solving the case. This is the only way for him to save his farm, thus it is important to him. Therefore, despite the fact that John is aware that Sonnyboy is innocent, he nevertheless brings him to court and disregards Vusi’s pleadings.

At the courthouse, Melissa’s mother shoots Sonnyboy, which sparks riots between the black people and the Afrikaans. Vusi, who is unable to take the injustice any longer, travels to Wilhelm’s home and makes the decision to fight him. During this, the person who was responsible for the murders admits his guilt, and a montage shows how he carried out the murder of Melissa. Both the police officer and the killer sustain life-threatening injuries; nonetheless, Vusi is able to put an end to the murderer.

Vusi then transports Wilhelm’s body to the town, but when he arrives there, he learns that it is already too late to save Wilhelm. He notices that the roads are deserted and he sees a burning barrel. In the distance, he hears the sounds of gunfire. He has come to the conclusion that the riots are out of control. At the same moment, he realises that he is losing a significant amount of blood, and then he goes out. Shortly after that, the sound begins to fade, and the movie comes to an end. In this manner, it is demonstrated that Wilhelm is the criminal, but the spectator is still in possession of a few unanswered issues.

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Will Wilhelm Jooste Ever Be Revealed as the Real Killer?

There is a good chance that the public will never learn that Wilhelm Jootse is the person responsible for the murder. This is due to the fact that the riots have already gotten out of control, and the general atmosphere in the city is hostile. The populace has gone beyond the point where it is possible to resume normalcy in their lives. The primary reason for this is that the tension between the groups is not only the result of a single homicide. Instead, Melissa’s passing serves as a catalyst that sets in motion a series of subsequent happenings. It just goes to show how easily people’s opinions may change and how deeply entrenched problems with racial stereotypes are in the psyche of the general public.

It’s interesting to note that the closing track, a song by Johnny Cash called “The Man Comin’ Around,” effectively summarises these aspects of the movie. The song begins with a revelation verse taken from the translation of the Bible known as the King James Version. The song is full of biblical allusions. The apocalypse and the conclusion of the world as we know it are portrayed in this passage. The song most likely represents how the town’s civilian society is on its way to total anarchy and collapse, which also indicates that Wilhelm Jooste will never be identified as the genuine perpetrator of the crime.

Does Vusi Die at the End of Wild Is the Wind?

At the conclusion of ‘Wild Is the Wind,’ Vusi most likely meets his end. During their struggle, Wilhelm comes dangerously close to killing the police officer, but the latter’s overconfidence and Vusi’s fast thinking save his life. However, by the time Vusi gets to the town, he has already lost enough blood to be a concern. As we listen to the gunshots and the background noise, the sound begins to lessen, and Vusi’s eyes begin to close. This suggests that he has most certainly passed away, and there is no one who can put an end to the rioting at this point.

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