Who were the Five Assamese YouTubers are Killed in a Car Accident with a Truck?

On Sunday, five people died when their vehicle collided with a truck traveling in the opposite direction along the National Highway-15. The accident happened in Assam’s Darrang region. The accident occurred as a result of the vehicle colliding with a truck coming from the opposite direction on the National Highway-15 in Assam’s Darrang district. All five victims were YouTubers returning from a shoot.

Locals claimed that the vehicle was first seen overtaking a truck, before hitting another.

Faridul Islam and Azad Ali, from Shyampur were the deceased. Saniya Akhtar, her mother Monowara, begum from Daypam.

the car of the deceased youtubers

the car of the deceased youtubers

The accident occurred on Sunday at dusk, on a sharp bend in the NH15.

Sania was hired to film the video shoot while Islam, Azad, and Ibrahim Ali were on their Youtube Channel SR Official. Her Youtube Channel is called ‘SH Product.

The five Youtubers had all launched their channels six month ago and the growth was rapid.

Others with injuries were treated first at the Mangaldai Civil Hospital and then transferred to the Guwahati Medical College and Hospital. They are all said to be in critical condition.

Locals claimed that they have been requesting from the district authorities to reduce accidents in this particular area of the National Highway 15.