A 14-year-old kid and an Australian horse heiress allegedly had intercourse four times in one day, prompting charges against the woman.

On Tuesday, June 28, Savannah Daisley, 45, was charged with child sex assault and appeared in Waverley Local Court in Sydney. The charges against her were “very unsettling,” according to Judge Jaqueline Milledge, who refused to grant her bail.

Police say Daisley sexually assaulted the child four times on May 20 of last year, just before 5:00 p.m. It’s unclear, though, whether Daisley and the kid were acquainted before to the incident. It was a “oath vs. oath” case, according to Daisley’s defense attorney, who claimed that the allegations against the heiress were made “out of hatred.” However, according to prosecutor Daniel Richardson, a police officer told him that Daisley allegedly confessed to kissing the girl on a recording of a phone call.

Savannah Daisley

Savannah Daisley

Savannah Daisley who is she?

The suspect, Savannah Daisley, is a famous horse breeder’s daughter. If she was granted conditional release, Ross volunteered to provide a $10,000 bond to assure that she would appear in court. Choisir, a thoroughbred racehorse raised by the father, won the renowned Royal Ascot races in England and went on to become a world champion.

Daisley is an Australian businesswoman and a mother of two. She is listed as the director of Nulife Cleanse Pty Ltd on her LinkedIn profile and formerly served as the director of The Wellness Factory Pty Ltd. She worked as a lecturer and naturopath at the Golden Door Health Retreat.

She obtained a “Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy” from the Australasian College of Natural Therapies while pursuing her Masters in “Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Health and Wellness, General” at NLP WorldWide. She graduated from University of New England Armidale with a bachelor’s degree in “Health Science,” with a focus on naturopathy.

According to her bio, she is passionate about empowering people to embrace the power of health and vitality through the use of practitioner-grade, gut-focused detoxification protocols like the 14 Day Smart Cleanse, stress management, subconscious reprogramming with NLP, epigenetic principles, and neuroscience. Two books by Daisley have been published: “14 Day Smart Cleanse” and the upcoming “Epigenetics.”

Richardson asserted that Daisley barely remembered the incident after listening to the recording, probably because she was intoxicated at the time. The prosecution reportedly told the court, “But she says, “I believed you were going to call the police on me, I thought we had placed this in a tiny box and thrown it deep into the sea” The phone call was highly incriminating to her, according to the officer’s instructions to me. The truth is that confessions were made, which were recorded during a telephone interception, and it’s a very severe issue.