It’s likely that many Netflix fans are scratching their heads, wondering who Peter Hennecke is; for them, this is a spoiler for the upcoming show Inventing Anna. Peter is none other than Anna Delvey, but with a disguised voice on the other end of the line. In the show, it is revealed that this is the case.

Anna Delvey

Anna Delvey

The show is unlike anything else on television, and on top of that, it is based on a true storey with a dash of fiction added by the show’s creator. The crowd is having a good time watching a young girl con some of the wealthiest individuals in the United States of America.

Inventing Because there are so many questions when moving from one episode to another, Anna has been successful in keeping the audience glued to the television screen. No one, not even Anna herself, can deny that she is a genius, save for the evil one.

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Who is Peter Hennecke, and what is his background?

Certainly one of the most significant financial scams of the contemporary period, Anna Delvey collaborated with a man named Peter Hennecke in order to pull off her con. Initially, the audience will only hear Peter’s voice; however, as the show progresses, more and more information about the man is revealed.

When people ask who was behind that voice, they are often surprised to learn that it was none other than Anna, who was speaking from a phoney sim that sent a German number through the use of a voice changer application.

Given the seriousness of her crime, it is not surprising that she has taken this step as well. Because she has committed so many criminal acts one after another, any rational person would have realised that she was headed nowhere except to prison.

Anna Delvey Family Manager Bio, Wiki

Peter, the manager of Anna’s family, was actually Anna herself, speaking in a man’s voice thanks to a voice-over software tool. Anna just pretended to be Peter in order to represent him as a manager and achieve what she wanted while cheating people out of money.

Later, once a problem was brought to her attention, she was informed that her manager had passed away and that she should avoid all contact with him. She dragged him away from the scene and went on with her scam as planned.

This is disclosed later in the Netflix series, so viewers who have not yet seen that episode will be able to witness it. It is incredible to observe how she managed to carry off all of her fictitious activities with such ease that no one noticed for a long period of time.

The Whereabouts of Peter Hennecke on Instagram

According to Inventing Anna, the man’s given name, Peter, never existed, and hence there is no Instagram account associated with him. As a result, it is possible to conclude that he never created his Instagram account since he was a phoney.

Despite this, there are numerous Anna accounts on Instagram, the majority of which are false and are attempting to increase their follower counts by using Anna’s fame.

When it comes to Peter’s whereabouts, it can be assumed that he is with Anna in prison because Anna pretended to be Peter by using a phoney voice and sim.

Anna Delvey

Anna Delvey

Childhood & Early Life

Anna Sorokin was the name given to Anna Delvey when she was born in Russia in 1991. Her family relocated to Germany when she was 16 years old, and she completed her secondary education at Eschweiler during that time. After receiving her high school diploma in 2011, she immediately enrolled in an art programme at a prestigious institution in the city of London called “Central Saint Martins.” However, after only a few months of studying there, she decided to withdraw from the art school and return to Germany.
Anna started her career in Germany by taking a position as an intern at a public relations (PR) agency in Berlin shortly after her return to the country. In 2013, she uprooted her life and came to Paris, where she quickly found work as an intern for the illustrious fashion and culture magazine known as “Purple.” She was previously known as Anna Sorokin, but after she was accepted into the prestigious internship programme, she changed her name to Anna Delvey.

Anna Delvey

Anna Delvey

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Life in New York

Anna assumed the identity of a wealthy German heiress after relocating to Germany and changing her name. After that, she relocated to New York, where she acted as though she was a wealthy woman with the ambition of establishing a new company in the United States. Through the promise of financial gain, she befriended a large number of people. A concierge by the name of Neffatari Davis, whom Anna had befriended by tipping her with one hundred dollar bills, was convinced of Anna’s ‘rich upbringing.’ According to Neffatari, Anna was well-connected among New York’s most exclusive social circles and knew virtually everyone there. Anna was also friends with high-profile individuals such as Macaulay Culkin and Martin Shkreli, which ensured that her trustworthiness was not called into question by anyone.

In 2016, Anna went to ‘City National Bank’ with a slew of forged documents in an attempt to convince the bank officials to give her a loan in the amount of $22 million. She asserted that the funds would be used to launch her long-held goal of opening a club in the vein of Soho House, for which she had asked for the loan. After that, she contacted a company called “Fortress Investment Group,” which demanded a charge of one hundred thousand dollars to cover due diligence. After Anna was able to successfully negotiate an overdraft amount of $100,000 from ‘City National Bank,’ she withdrew her application for a loan in the amount of $22 million. After that, she used 55,000 of the 100,000 dollars that she had obtained from the City National Bank to spend at upscale hotels, restaurants, and shops.

In 2017, she attempted multiple times to deposit counterfeit checks into her bank account with a total value of 160,000. After that, she pretended to her close friends that she would foot the bill for their vacation to Marrakech, but she actually ended up going there anyhow. Instead, she forced one of her close friends to give her $62,000, with the promise that she would reimburse the money later on. However, she never did. Anna was taken into custody in July as she attempted to depart the ‘Parker Meridien’ hotel in New York without having paid her bill. Because she did not pay her bills at many different hotels, including the ‘Parker Meridien,’ the ‘W Downtown Hotel,’ and the ‘Beekman Hotel,’ she was first charged with three counts of theft of services.

Anna failed to appear in court in New York in September 2017, which resulted in her being detained once more for the infraction. This time, she was taken into custody on multiple allegations of grand larceny, and the amount of damages is estimated to be somewhere about $275,000 total. After her arrest, the media started taking a serious interest in her case, which led to an increase in her level of fame. In 2018, the narrative of Anna was published in the magazine ‘New York,’ and shortly afterward, the rights to the story were purchased by the well-known television producer Shonda Rhimes.

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