On May 23, 2022, Mommy Farmer, a well-known farmer at Twin Pines Farm, lost her dog Boone. She shared the news on Tiktok, claiming that Boone was murdered on purpose and that she had witnesses.

Mommy Farmer is a popular YouTube and TikTok personality. She has almost 2.3 million TikTok followers. Her likes have now topped 79.8 million.

Her videos are centered on her agricultural property as well as time spent with her children and animals. She enjoys working on the farm and has around 50 animals at the moment. Ducks, cats, geese, pigs, goats, and a variety of other creatures are among her many possessions.

Mommy Farmer

Mommy Farmer

On TikTok, who is Mommy Farmer?

Rebecca Pyle, aka Mommy Framer, is a TikTok star who regularly makes movies about her farms and the animals who live there. She also owns Twin Pines Farm in Jackson County, Missouri, which is a historic hidden gem.

Built in the 1860s, this Missouri farm survived the Civil War’s horrors. Twin Pines Farm, a hidden jewel in Missouri history, continues to share stories from the past.

In 2019, Chris and Rebecca purchased the farm with the goal of restoring Twin Pines to its previous glory. They also welcome everyone to come play with the farm animals and relax in the countryside on their farm, in the hopes that others can discover delight in simpler times.

They offered you Goat Yoga, in which you will be accompanied by amusing goats during your yoga session. The goats are there to assist you with yoga poses or to prevent you from undertaking any hard exercise.

The Pyle family is doing small events and open houses on the farm in order to renovate the ancient barn and improve the place for tourists. Rebecca’s “MommyFarmer” YouTube and TikTok channel highlights daily farm activities and animal antics.

The Pyle family is still studying the farm’s history, according to her website, and will be pleased to share anything they find as soon as they have more information.

At Twin Pines Farm, they also have a two-hour Farmyard Experience for Kids, which involves learning, exploring, and interacting with the animals. They encourage kids to pet, feed, and groom their animals, and the best part is that they’re mostly miniatures.

Her farm is thriving, according to her social media platform, and people are enjoying the unusual and enjoyable activities that they and their children may partake in.

This enables a child to learn a lot without needing to have a live animal. It can also assist mentally challenged children in communicating and expressing themselves.

Death Of Mommy Farmer’s Dog Boone Has Shocked Her Followers

On TikTok and Instagram, Mommy Farmer shared some devastating news about his dog Boone’s death. We were shocked, as were many of you, to learn that her dog had been deliberately killed on May 23, 2022.

She alleges there were witnesses to the assault, but they were powerless to intervene. She notifies her fans that she will be staying away from social media for the time being.

She commented, “Please pray for those who are suffering in this world.” Her entire family is devastated by the death of such a wonderful person.

She also added that she will not provide any details about the incident in order to safeguard the privacy and rehabilitation of her family.

Her supporters back her up, demanding that the villain who killed the puppy face nothing but pain and imprisonment.

The Video Of Mommy Farmer Grieving Her Dog Is All Over Twitter

Mommy Farmer’s video of her grieving her dog has gone viral on Twitter. Netizens are shocked at how heartless a person could be to butcher such an innocent creature.

May Boone’s soul rest in peace in heaven.

one individual stated, “I wanted to watch some Tiktoks to cheer myself up, but the first video is about Boone (Mommy’s Farmer dog). And how was he murdered on purpose?! Right now, I’m bawling. What makes people so bad?”

Another person said, “I’m upset to my stomach because someone killed one of mommy farmer’s dogs, Boone. Imagine slaughtering a beloved family pet and spreading misery to millions of people.”

They want the assailant to perish in hell.

Another follower highlighted Gracie, her second corgi, and Scout, who has never been without Boone. How tough it would be for them to bear the loss’s agony.