Kal Penn is a well-known actor from America and former White House staffer under the Barack Obama administration. His newest memoir tells of his life, from acting to politics to his love for Josh. Kal Penn, an actor, was also famously known for his work in the White House. Kal Penn, an actor who famously worked in White House, is also known.

Kal Penn’s partner Josh

Kal Penn’s partner Josh

Kal Penn Biography

Kal Penn was born April 23, 1977. After beginning his acting career in 1999, he decided to take a break and become the Principal Associate Director at the White House Office of Public Engagement under former President Obama.

Penn joined the White House staff as a 2009 intern. This caused Dr. Lawrence Kutner to be written out for House.

Penn left the White House after his time there was up. He then went back to acting, appearing as Kevin on How I Met Your Mother from 2011 to 2014.

Penn famously returned to the White House in 2016 by joining Netflix’s Designated Survivor cast, playing the role of Seth Wright (a White House speech writer).

Who is Kal Penn’s Partner Josh?

Penn has maintained a private life over the years. However, Penn released You Can’t Be Serious which gives fans inside information about his first date with Josh. Josh has been with Penn for 11 years.

Although not much information is available about Penn’s fiancee, Penn recalls their first date and reveals that they met while Penn was living in Washington D.C.

“I have always been open with everyone I’ve interacted with. Penn spoke out to PEOPLE before the book’s release.

“I am really excited to share my relationship with readers. Josh, my partner and my parents and my brother are the closest people in my family. They aren’t attracted to attention and avoid the spotlight.

Penn shared his story about Josh’s first date. He brought an 18-pack Coors Light to his apartment and then turned on a NASCAR race.

He recalled that he thought “This clearly isn’t going to work out”, to the media outlet.

“I have one-day off from The White House, and this dude unironically watches cars go around making left turns?” It’s been several months, and now we watch NASCAR every Sunday. It’s like, “What’s the deal?” “I wanted the reader to be able to feel the love and humor in all those stories.”

Josh is private and no other information about him is available, including his last name.

What did Kal Penn have to say about his engagement?

Penn was also present when Penn announced his engagement.

He said, CBS Sunday Morning, that he and Josh have been together for 11 year. Our 11th anniversary was in October. For me, it was a very difficult thing to write about.

He then spoke to PEOPLE about his sexuality.

He told the media outlet that he discovered his sexuality late in life than many others.

This stuff doesn’t have a time limit. Different people figure out their s*** at different times in life, so I’m glad that I did it when I did.”

It is not yet clear when the couple will tie the knot.

Penn revealed that he was now engaged to Josh in October 2021. He has been dating Josh for 11 years.

Penn revealed that he was now engaged to Josh in October 2021. He has been dating Josh for over 11 years. Credit: AP

When will Kal Penn’s book be released?

Penn’s book will be published on November 2, 2021.

According to his publisher’s website it will be available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble for $28

You can also purchase it directly from Simon & Schuster’s publishing website.