Joe Boever, a 55-year-old Hyde County, South Dakota citizen, was died in an automobile accident on September 12, 2020. Learn more about his tragic death and the case’s impeachment of AG Jason Ravnsborg.

Joe Boever was killed in an automobile accident when Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg collided with him on his way home from a political gathering.

The matter remained unchanged for nearly a year, until the South Dakota House of Representatives finally impeached the attorney general in April of 2022.

Joe Boever

Joe Boever

Obituary Details: Who Is Joe Boever?

Joe Boever was a South Dakota resident who died in an automobile accident on September 12, 2020, according to his obituary.

On the same evening, Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg attended a Republican fundraising event at the Spink County Fairgrounds.

When he finished the training and was on his way home to Pierre, he took Highway 14 westwards.

Jason struck Joe Boever with his car shortly after the town of Highmore arrived.

Joe was strolling on the shoulder of the road, facing traffic, with a flashlight in his hand, returning to his broken truck that needed to be fixed.

It was stated two months after the occurrence that Jason Ravnsborg had a little diversion while driving and took his eyes off the road for a short period of time.

While some think that he was texting while driving, media and the defense team claim that Jason turned off his phone about a minute before the collision.

South Dakota AG Jason Ravnsborg Impeached For Joe Boever’s Car Accident

AG of South Dakota Prior to his impeachment, Jason Ravnsborg, who had been serving at the highest levels of law and justice, was responsible for the death of Joe Boever in a car accident on September 12, 2020.

Jason had a plea deal a year after the accident and was charged with two minor driving violations, but he was never charged with Joe Boever’s death.

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The House of Representatives impeached the Attorney General by a slim margin, and the case has finally seen some signs of real justice after a year.

Find out more about Joe Boever’s car accident

According to a crime scene inspection image, AG Jason had breached or drifted towards the shoulder when he struck Joe, who was safely returning to his truck on the road’s shoulder, holding a flashlight.

Jason called 911 to report that he thought he had hit a deer and that he had searched the area but had not seen a body.

He was charged with two counts of driving misconduct and negligence a year later, and the House of Representatives has now impeached him.