The Cincinnati Bengals’ Evan McPherson is a kicker. His 52-yard game-winning field goal in the Divisional Round against the Titans advanced them to the AFC Championship game, where they defeated the Jacksonville Jaguars 19-16 to return to the AFC title game for the first time in twenty years. It’s the first time they’ve performed since 1988.
MacPherson is a rookie that was drafted in the fifth round (149th overall) of the 2021 NFL Draft by the Bengals. The kicker began his career at Alabama’s Fort Payne High School before attending Florida State University for two years.

Who is Evan McPherson’s girlfriend Gracie Groat?

The viral popularity of the Cleveland Browns vs. Cincinnati Bengals game on November 12 included Evan McPherson and his girlfriend, Gracie Groat. People were curious about Evan McPherson and his companion, Gracie Groat, after they shut out the Bengals.

Gracie Groat and Evan McPherson

Gracie Groat and Evan McPherson

Evan has been dating Gracie since ninth grade. She is an Auburn University student who has been dating Evan since he was in ninth school. She announced her engagement to Evan on Instagram in July 2021. She has approximately 5,000 Instagram followers, and she has a number of images with Evan.

Gracie Groat, Evan McPherson’s girlfriend, is also an athlete. The 22-year-old Alabama High School graduate is a Fort Payne runner. She has numerous records, including 4-0 in the high jump, 29-3 in the triple jump, 1.05.23 in the 400-meter dash, and many others.

Gracie Groat, Evan McPherson’s fiancée

Evan McPherson has been in a relationship with Gracie Groat for a long time. Evan and Gracie are now engaged, and she just showed off her stunning engagement ring on a special occasion. (Photo courtesy of Gracie Groat on Instagram)

According to sources, she competed in the Alabama Compulsory State Championships in 2012, as well as the Veterans Day Classic, Pirates of the Cahaba, Bounders Beach Bash, and other events.

Gracie is currently pursuing her higher education at Auburn University, where she works as a fitness coach and content developer alongside her sister, Maggie Groat. The Groat sisters have an Instagram account called GoodStuffWithGroat where they post exercise videos.

Evan McPherson’s parents and family history

The Bengals’ kicker, Evan McPherson, was born in Fort Payne, Alabama, on July 21, 1999. Evan McPherson is the son of LaDon and Amber McPherson, and he has loved kicking since he was a child. Evan has always enjoyed soccer and emulates his elder brothers. Logan McPherson, the oldest McPherson sibling, was the first to kick for the Fort Payne High School football team, which influenced Evan. His younger brother, Alex, is also a kicker, which pleases his father, LaDon.

“One of the lads hasn’t kicked for Fort Payne in 12 years,” says LaDon McPherson, who works as a quality manager for a steel business. “From Logan to Evan to Alex,” says the narrator.
Evan’s mother, Amber McPherson, is a social worker who works at the DeKalb County Children’s Advocacy Center as a Forensic Interviewer/Family Advocate. She also works at Fort Payne First Baptist Church as the theatre director.

Evan McPherson and His Girlfriend Were Sweethearts in High School

Evan McPherson has been dating his girlfriend, Gracie Groat, for as long as we can remember. The couple has been together since high school and has always been upfront about their relationship. Evan has never hidden his relationship from Gracie, even though she likes more solitude.

Evan McPherson and his longtime girlfriend, Gracie Groat, are now engaged, although no date has been set for their wedding. Gracie and Evan appear to be getting married based on their social media posts.

Evan McPherson and Gracie Groat have been together for over five years.

Evan McPherson and his girlfriend, Gracie Groat, have been together for nearly seven years. The couple hasn’t specified what their anniversaries are, but Evan has confirmed that they’ve been dating for over seven years.

Evan posted a birthday message to his longtime girlfriend, Gracie Groat, on Instagram on May 8, 2019. The Bengals kicker wrote in the caption,

“Happy Birthday to this lovely lady!! I am very grateful that I have been able to celebrate your last five birthdays with you, and I hope that each year will be even more memorable!! I know the sweetest, funniest, and most loving person I’ve ever met. I wish you a wonderful birthday!! I adore you, G!!”

Evan McPherson and Gracie Groat on Instagram

Evan McPherson and his girlfriend, Gracie Groat, have been open about their relationship in public, as previously stated. The couple frequently updates their social media sites with photos of each other and never misses a major occasion.

Evan McPherson took to Instagram on May 8, 2021, to wish his girlfriend a happy birthday. Bengals kicker Ben Roethlisberger wrote in the caption,

“Happy Birthday to the individual who never fails to bring a smile to my face. You make life so much fun, and I’m thrilled to be able to honour you today! You are deserving of everything, and I hope you are feeling extra special today! I’m smitten with you! ❤️ Congratulations for reaching it to the two-decade mark.”

Evan McPherson also shared a collection of photos from their recent vacation to Alabama. “Verified off-weekend spent nicely with the fiancé!” said the 22-year-old Bengals kicker in the caption.