David Grr, a well-known social media influencer from New Zealand, is currently under investigation. He’s allegedly been accused of sexual misconduct.

In a split conviction, a social media influencer was found guilty of sexually abusing teenagers, according to the NZ Herald. He has been found guilty, but his sentence has yet to be determined.

 David Grr NZ

David Grr NZ

Who is David Grr NZ and where did he come from?

David Grr, from New Zealand, is a well-known social media influencer. Although his Instagram account is secret, he has over 60 thousand followers.

His LinkedIn profile states that he graduated from Auckland University of Technology with a bachelor’s degree. He majored in graphic design and worked as a stylist for the Indie Home Collective.

He has, however, been charged with sexual assault and is contesting the charges in court. He was charged last year, but the first trial was postponed due to an increase of covid instances due to the Delta variation.

Despite the fact that many believe he is the one who has been charged with these crimes, the media has not made his name public. His name will be kept hidden until he was sentenced, they said.

He has entered a not guilty plea and rejects all of the allegations. In a split verdict, the jury found him not guilty of one count of sexual violation.

Is David Grr a well known social media influencer arrested and charged with a crime?

According to the New Zealand Herald, a well-known social media influencer was found guilty of preying on two adolescent boys while they were unconscious or sleeping. He is accused of having sexual relations with them.

Despite the fact that the media outlet stated that his name will be kept under wraps until his sentence, many people believe it is David Grr. He was found guilty of five counts of sexual assault by use of an unlawful sexual relationship.

Jurors, on the other hand, ruled him not guilty of one sexual assault charge, three blackmail charges, and two counts of aggravated hurting by stupefaction.

After three weeks of testimony in Auckland’s High Court, the 11-member panel took five hours to reach a split ruling. Judge Rebecca Edwards, on the other hand, remanded him in detention until his sentencing next month.

What Was David Grr Role?

David Grr is accused of having sexual relations with two boys without their consent. The first complainant told police and jurors that he first met the defendant in 2015, when he was 16 and trying to break into the same industry as the influencer in his late twenties.

They became buddies, and their social media posts suggested that they flirted occasionally. The kid, on the other hand, said that he made it clear to David that he was not gay and that all he desired was friendship.

He claims David blackmailed him by spiking his drink on two occasions and threatening to damage his name or reveal photographs if he did not stop engaging in sexual activities. David, on the other hand, denies all of the charges and claims that all of their sexual acts were voluntarily.

The second complainant stated that he was 18 years old when he awoke in David’s bed after two nights of heavy drinking to find the man performing a s*x act on him.

He, like the other complainant, acknowledged to flirting with the defendant, but said he was not gay and had never consented to any sexual activity.