A shooting happened in a Taiwanese church in California on May 16, 2022, in which the accused was armed and killed one person while injuring many others. David Chou, who was originally from Las Vegas, Nevada, was named as the suspect. Why did he commit such a heinous crime? What was his motivation for killing innocent people despite being a senior citizen? Let’s learn more about the suspect. The man, who was 68 years old and a US citizen, was born in Chins. In this incident, Davis killed one person, who was identified as a doctor, and injured five others. He despised Taiwanese, and it was this hatred for a race that drove him to do such a foolish and brutal decision. He travelled all the way from Las Vegas to harm the churchgoers.

David Chou

David Chou

Who Is David Chou?

According to reports, the man was heavily equipped and planned to commit a hate crime over the weekend. According to Barnes, the County Sheriff, the individual had numerous notes in his car expressing his disdain for Taiwanese people, and the act was motivated by his hatred of Taiwan as a result of the Taiwan-China tensions. According to the FBI, there will be a hate crime investigation into this matter. The incident occurred at the Geneva Presbyterian Church in the Laguna Woods, where a local minister was honoured, and about 40 people were there. According to Sheriff Barnes, the defendants initially chained the church doors before glueing them shut.

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He then allegedly shot a large number of people. The cops were notified after some brave folks tied him up with a wire. While speaking to the reporters, the Sheriff stated that this was the ugliest part of the demonstration that they could have in the country. He also made a reference to the recent shooting in Buffalo. The accused will be charged with killing one person, injuring four others, and having explosives in a public area, according to the Orange County Attorney. Attorney Todd Spitzer stated that rather than being imprisoned, he was seeking the death penalty.

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He further claimed that the accused went to the church to scope out the area before carrying out his plot. A doctor was one of the victims who attempted to stop him but was shot, yet he heroically instructed the crowd to tie him up and detain him until the police arrived. Chou is investigated, and it was discovered that the man bought the guns in order to murder the people in the church. He hired a place in Las Vegas and stayed there. This was the second mass hate crime-related shooting in the United States.