Darren Bailey, a politician, is running for governor of Illinois right now. On June 28, 2022, he will be up for election in the Republican primary.

American politician Darren Bailey is a Republican senator from Illinois’ 55th district. His first day in office as president was January 13, 2021, and his final day will be January 11, 2023.

Prior to joining the Senate, the 109th District Representative served as Illinois’ representative in the Illinois House for one term. He spent 17 years, the last 12 of which he presided over, on the North Clay school board before becoming a senator.

Bailey is vying for the job of governor of Illinois. He will be up for election in the Republican primary on June 28, 2022. There are six contenders in the Republican primary for governor of Illinois; Darren and Richard Irvin have dominated fundraising and media attention.

When serving in the state senate, he has also stressed his favor for Donald Trump, his support for police enforcement, and his opposition to Governor J.B. Pritzker. Additionally, he has advocated for tax cuts and lower government spending.

 Darren Bailey

Darren Bailey

Cindy Stortzum the wife of Darren Bailey who she?

In 1986, politician Bailey wed Cindy Stortzum. They remain together today and have been content in their relationship ever since. Together, the couple has four kids and numerous grandchildren.

The pair is also quite active in their church and neighborhood. They founded Christian Academy in Louisville. Darren belongs to numerous organizations and is a Rotarian, Gideon, and other memberships.

Darren Bailey Age Difference With Wife Cindy Stortzum

Cindy Stortzum is believed to be between 50 and 60 years old at this time based solely on appearance. Her actual age hasn’t been made public yet, though. On the other hand, Darren once disclosed that his wife’s birthday is on July 4.

Darren Bailey is currently 56 years old. On January 13, 2021, he was born in Louisville, Illinois, a country in the United States.

Their age gap isn’t very great, based on Cindy’s appearance and that of her companion. Cindy’s age appears to be in the middle of the range of ages indicated.

In 2022 what will be Darren Bailey net worth?

The estimated $5 to $10 million net worth of Darren Bailey. The annual salary of an Illinois senator is around $67,844. He might produce something similar as well. He hasn’t disclosed to the public his most recent earnings or income.

Additionally, Darren is now campaigning for governor of Illinois, so if he wins, there is no question that his salary will also rise. The governor of Illinois earned $177,412 annually in 2019, ranking ninth among the governors of the 50 states, according to financial data and media sources.

Kids of Darren Bailey

Zach (32), Cole (30), Abigail (27), and Manson (9) are Darren Bailey’s four children with his devoted wife Cindy (21). Darren’s children, who are now adults working in their different careers and starting families of their own, are just briefly mentioned in many sources.

Darren also has 10 grandchildren that are related to him through his children.