Following his breakup with his girlfriend Maya Henry last month, Liam Payne is once again making headlines and creating talk. After his photos with popular model Aliana Mawla were released, the popular star made headlines and created a stir on social media. Liam and Aliana can be seen cuddling next to each other in the photos. Liam Payne and Aliana Mawla’s photos have gone viral and are circulating on social media and the internet.

Aliana Mawla

Aliana Mawla

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According to rumours, Liam and her fiancee Maya Henry have called off their engagement. Last month, a source close to the couple revealed this to the media. The pair has not issued an official statement. The news of Liam and Maya’s breakup was widely circulated on social media. The couple has kept their relationship a secret. Maya issued a statement on her fan page, in which she indicated that she loves all of her fans and begged them to refrain from sending her photographs of her fiance snuggling up to another lady.

Aliana Mawla: Who Is She?

Maya went on to say that it isn’t her and that it is really difficult for her to know what has happened. Enough is enough, she said at the end of her statement. Following this statement, a close friend of Liam’s and Maya’s spoke to the press and issued a statement. Liam and Maya are no longer engaged, according to the statement. Their engagement has been called off. The complaint went on to say that Maya’s use of the name Fiance for Liam was quite confusing.

It was absolutely false, and the use of that word caused confusion. So now these claims from Maya and Liam’s close friends have verified the separation. None of these statements have elicited a response from Liam Payne. He has made no public statements about his and Maya’s breakup and cancellation of their engagement. The One Direction musician was recently seen walking hand in hand with model Aliana Mawla at the London Heathrow airport on Tuesday morning, according to sources. The popular celebrity was reportedly returning from Los Angeles, California, USA.

After dating for more than two years, Liam and Maya got engaged in the year 2020. After learning of the couple’s engagement, their supporters were overjoyed and enthralled. All of the couple’s fans are saddened by the news of their breakup circulating on social media. Keep up with us for all the newest national and international updates, news, and information.