Christopher Briney is a New York City-based actor and director who plays Conrad in the romance television series The Summer I Turned Pretty.

Briney is a novice to the acting world, with roles in Dali Land and The Summer I Turned Pretty under her belt. He has received praise for his portrayal of Conrad in the seven episodes. The filmmaker worked on the film Paix as an editor, cinematographer, writer, and director.

In addition, in 2022, he had a cameo appearance in the television series Burning Questions. This is one of the short films in which Briney starred as Benjy in 2020.

Christopher Briney

Christopher Briney

Is Christopher Briney British? Where did he come from?

Briney is a Connecticut native. He grew up in a mixed coastal city in southern New England, in the United States. Perhaps he has thrived in a little part of England with his parents. As a result, the actor could be British.

Briney has also spent a significant portion of his life in his hometown. He later left his hometown to get a bachelor’s degree at Pace University. The actor has had a strong passion to act since he was a child, and he has worked hard to realize his dream. He has a degree in entertainment and has worked on a variety of films, television shows, voice-overs, and commercials.

The actor spent his formative days playing baseball and riding around his area. As a result, he excelled at sports when he was younger. He established his acting profession and discovered his true objective and passion after enrolling in the Waterbury Arts Management School.

Outside of the cameras, the actor remarked that in his spare time he watched a movie. In addition, the actor enjoys taking photographs and participating in sporting events. He may be found pitching for the Men’s Baseball team in New York City.

Meet Parents Michael Briney & Kelly Briney

Christopher’s parents are Michael and Kelly Briney. He was born to loving parents who encouraged him to persevere through the difficult times in his life. Briney’s mother, however, is unable to accompany her son to work. She could, however, be bestowing heavenly blessings on her child.

Michael, his father, embraced and celebrated his son’s accomplishments. The actor appeared to have a close relationship with his father. On Father’s Day, Briney published a post about his father. He has stated that his father does not approve of the photograph of himself. The actor has lauded his images as a son.

Furthermore, the musician has stated that he is the best guy on the planet. He expressed gratitude to his father for the love and attention he showed for his mother.

Christopher’s grandfather is Richard Briney. Richard married Dolores Colopy after the death of his biological mother. On January 5, 2010, his step-grandmother passed away. The actor’s aunt is Carol Nasby. Bruce Nasby was her husband.

What Is Christopher Briney Age and When Is He Born?

In the current scenario, Briney is 24 years old. On March 24, 1998, his parents welcomed the gifted actor into their family. In addition, the artist has offered joy to a member of his family. Michael, his father, was born in January 1958. He is 64 years old right now.

Briney appears to have a birthday celebration with a pal. On Instagram, the actor shared some photos from his wedding day. He is a novice to the entertainment industry who rose to prominence after appearing on the television show The Summer I Turned Pretty.

Briney made his acting debut in the short film Under the Covers in 2018. In the film, he is known as The Shadow. In addition, after beginning his performing career, the actor directed the short film. In 2019, he worked on Paix.