A video of Marc Daniel Bernardo that was posted on Twitter has stirred quite some debate among the audience.

Dancer and TikTok star Marc Daniel Bernardo is well-known for his dance-related videos.

He has approximately 10 million followers on his marcdanielbernardo account.

He frequently uploads dance videos including his girlfriend Kat Kat. He has more over 155 million followers on TikTok.

 Marc Daniel Bernardo

Marc Daniel Bernardo

How did Marc Daniel Bernardo fare?

On Twitter, a video of Marc Daniel Bernardo appeared and attracted undesired attention.

A Twitter account notorious for sharing gay NSFW content has shared a sexual dancing video of Marc.

Several internet users have expressed a desire to view his footage after it became widely known.

With over 10 million followers, his “marcdanielbernardo” TikTok account is popular. This young youngster is well-liked online thanks to his endearing personality.

Twitter video involving Marc Daniel Bernardo causes controversy

People have been upset with Marc Daniel Bernardo’s Twitter video because they believe it to be a hoax.

The video may be found on the @bladdic33671624 account, though.

Well, the video has drawn viewers due to his notoriety.

Dancer and TikTok celebrity recognized for her dance videos.