On NCIS, what became to Breena Palmer and her career? Her relationship with Dr. Jimmy Palmer, a medical examiner, did not last long, and viewers will not get another chance to watch the two of them interact together on film.

Fans of the long-running procedural drama “NCIS” on CBS have been forced to suffer through the tragic exits of a large number of cast members over the course of the show’s history, with each departure being more heartbreaking than the one that came before. There was, however, one death that was not shown on film that served as a metaphor for the tremendous tragedies that many people in real life across the country and around the world have experienced.

The charming bond between the team’s medical examiner, Dr. Jimmy Palmer (Brian Dietzen), and his wife, Breena (Michelle Pierce), was only temporary, and viewers will not be able to see them together onscreen again in the foreseeable future.

Breena Palmer

Breena Palmer

What Happened To Breena Palmer On NCIS?

During the height of the COVID-19 epidemic, it was fascinating to see how various shows dealt with the outbreak of the virus. They didn’t waste any time getting to the meat of the matter on “Grey’s Anatomy,” depicting onscreen every safety measure as well as the great loss and anguish felt by the medical community. Meredith was even administered COVID, and she spent the most of the 17th season in a coma.

We saw Maks on “NCIS,” but the episode took a more understated approach because the show isn’t set at a hospital like most medical dramas are. The authors of “NCIS” decided to conceal Breena’s passing from viewers, leading them to infer that she had passed away based on Jimmy’s actions.

The Death of Dr. Jimmy Palmer Wife

Dietzen made clear in an interview with ET that the wife of his character on NCIS had passed away as a result of COVID-19.

Even though the viewer isn’t shown what happened to Breena, her death is acknowledged when Jimmy thanks Elenor Bishop (Emily Wickersham) for the team’s support after the death of his wife. Breena’s death is acknowledged when Jimmy thanks Elenor Bishop for the assistance after the death of his wife.

Why Is Breena Palmer Quitting Her Job?

Recently, Michelle Pierce, who portrayed Breena on “NCIS,” left the show to pursue other opportunities. On the other hand, some viewers could be interested in knowing the reason why she left. Breena, Jimmy’s wife, has only appeared in a select few episodes during the entirety of the show’s run. After being revealed to be his girlfriend in the seventh season’s premiere, she continued to make appearances in the following five episodes. Two of the most significant moments in the show were when the couple got married and when their daughter Victoria was born.

Breena Palmer on NCIS

As a direct consequence of this, everyone was taken aback when she left the show in the seventh episode of the 18th season. The most recent installment skips ahead many months in order to reflect events that have occurred during COVID-19 more recently. Actor Dietzen claims that a plot option was the primary factor in the decision-making process.