Wes Freed, one of the most influential artists of all time, has died. The name of the Southern rock band Drive-By Truckers became inextricably linked with the visual artist’s work. The band’s publicist was the one who shared the disheartening piece of information with the press. Let us also emphasize that earlier this year, a GoFundMe campaign was started in order to assist Freed in meeting the financial obligations associated with the medical treatment of his colon cancer diagnosis. It has recently come to light that the artist passed away at the age of 58, leaving his loved ones in a state of intense mourning after his passing. Please let us know in the story what ultimately transpired with Wes Freed.

According to the various accounts available, Freed was battling colon cancer, which ultimately resulted in his passing at such a young age. As previously said, a GoFundMe website was also established in order to enable the visual artist to get any and all assistance possible in covering the costs of his medical care. Freed was given the most finest treatment that was available; but, he was unable to recover and ultimately passed away as a result of the illness. As of right now, tributes and notes of grief have inundated the internet. It has come as a shock to those who appreciated both Wes Freed’s art and him as a person to learn of his untimely passing. The loss of his life is being mourned by all of those around him.

Wes Freed

Wes Freed

Who Was Wes Freed?

Wes Freed, a visual artist, was born on April 25, 1964 in Shenandoah Valley, which is located in the state of Virginia, United States. It was his work on the album covers of Lauren Hoffman and a number of other American rock bands, such as Drive-By Truckers and Cracker, that brought him widespread recognition. Throughout his career, it is said that he developed more than ten different covers for the band that was mentioned earlier. It has been established through several sources that the members of the band first became acquainted with one another while they were attending the University of Alabama. People are writing touching messages about his passing on social networking sites like Twitter and other social networking sites, and they are expressing their deepest condolences to his family.

In addition, Drive-By Truckers shared the message on their Twitter account. The band emailed saying they are aware that the news has spread and that they will post anything as soon as they are able to do so. In addition to this, it was also mentioned that they are just too dang depressed right now to explain anything else. In addition to them, Freed’s supporters and members of the general public have lamented his passing on various social media platforms. It appears that no one is willing to accept the truth that the gifted visual artist has departed away. Because he had only been alive for 58 years when he passed away, the loss of his life is all the more tragic. Its group extends our most sincere condolences to his family and friends. I pray that God would grant him eternal rest. Keep up with us here for further updates.

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Who was Wes Freed? Drive-By Truckers artist died aged 58

Wes Freed, the visual artist most known for his illustration work for Drive-By Truckers, has died at the age of 58. Freed, an outsider artist, was diagnosed with colon cancer in January. Earlier this year, the band Drive-By Truckers revealed that Freed was having treatment for cancer.

Following the revelation, a GoFundMe effort was created to help pay for his care. By definition, outsider art is work done by self-taught artists with often little or no contact with the conventions of the art industry.

Drive-By Truckers frontman Patterson Hood, in a message on social media, wrote:

Freed grew up in the Shenandoah Valley and went on to study painting at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond.

Freed, in a 2011 interview, said that with his paintings, he attempts to to convince himself that a location in his youth exists someplace, maybe in a metaphysical sort of sense.

The Richmond, Virginia-based artist was also a musician. Wes Freed played for various local bands including the Shiners, Dirt Ball, and Mud Helmet.

In 2019, Freed produced a coffee-table book called The Art of Wes Freed: Paints, Posters, Pin-Ups & Possums, showing a wide range of his work. The book showcases a selection of his paintings, along with album covers that Wes Freed has done for Drive By Truckers, as well as other bands including Cracker and artist Lauren Hoffman.

In 2019, Freed told the journal No Depression that he encountered Drive-By Truckers by coincidence at the annual roots music event Bubbapalooza in 1997. They became friends and crashed at Freed’s home with him and his then wife, Jyl Freed. Soon after, the band requested him to collaborate on the Southern Rock Opera double LP. Patterson Hood’s sister Lilia, also worked with Wes Freed to finish the album presentation.

He initially collaborated with Drive-By Truckers when he designed the cover for their third album, 2001’s Southern Rock Opera. The band’s 2001 double LP featured a red-eyed owl flying over a burning field. He also produced posters, t-shirts, backdrops, and other stuff for the band. Freed also created a Cooley Bird character for the band that became visually identifiable with the band and guitarist Mike Cooley.

Freed went on to collaborate with Drive-By Truckers on seven of their albums. He also worked with the band on their 2020 album The New OK and their current album Welcome To Club XIII, which was published in June this year.

Wes Freed

Wes Freed

Wes Freed Bio

Wes Freed was an American outsider artist. He was born on April 25, 1964 and passed away on September 4, 2022. His artwork was included on the album covers of various American rock bands, including Cracker and the Drive-By Truckers. Lauren Hoffman was another artist whose work was featured.

Early life

On April 25, 1964, Freed was conceived in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia and delivered there. When he was a senior in high school, he was elected to the position of secretary for the Future Farmers of America chapter at his school. He had always dreamed of making a life for himself as an artist in New York City. However, in 1983 he uprooted his life and moved to Richmond, Virginia, in order to attend Virginia Commonwealth University and study painting and printmaking. In the end, he did not move from Richmond until the day he passed away.

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Before he started his career in the arts, Freed was a member of the alternative country band Dirt Ball, which was based in Richmond. Since 1986, he has been serving as the band’s lead singer. Aside from playing with Dirt Ball, he was also a member of local bands such as Mudd Helmet, the MagBats, the Mutant Drones, and Shiners, which were all spin-offs of Dirt Ball. When Freed was in Dirt Ball and Mudd Helmet, he designed show posters using a “outsider” aesthetic, which would go on to have an impact on his later works.

When Freed and the Drive-By Truckers (DBT) were both performing at the Bubbapalooza Festival in 1997, Freed was able to meet and become acquainted with the DBT. Four years later, on the recording of their album Southern Rock Opera, he collaborated with the band for the first time. In the end, he was responsible for designing all 10 of the Truckers’ album covers. In later years, he decided that the artwork on the cover of The Dirty South (2004) was his all-time favourite. Freed’s work was mainly done on wood and featured marker, watercolour, and acrylic paint. Aside from designing goods for DBT such as posters, T-shirts, backdrops, and other items, he was also responsible for the artwork included in the documentary about the Truckers that was released in 2009 and titled The Secret to a Happy Ending. The cover he designed for the band’s final album, Welcome 2 Club XIII, may be found here (2022).

Freed has worked with a number of artists, including Lauren Hoffman and Cracker, in addition to his work with DBT. In 2019, he published a coffee table book titled The Art of Wes Freed — Paints, Posters, Pin-ups and Possums, which was a compilation of his most noteworthy works.

Personal life

Freed was once married to Jyl Freed, but the couple has since split. As a result of this, she was awarded a portion of the original artwork that he had created for his album covers as part of the settlement.

Freed passed away on September 4, 2022, at the age of 58, nine months after being informed that he had colon cancer. He had the disease for nine months.

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