Vinod Shantilal Shah Adani, an Indian businessman and elder brother to Gautam Adani who is the head of Adani Group, is Vinod Shantilal Shah Adani. He is a director at Trident Trade and Investment Private Ltd., Pride Trade and Investment Private Limited. Radiant Trade and Investment Pvt Ltd. Ventura Trade & Investment Private Limited. Adani Power Pte Ltd., Adani Shipping Pte Ltd. and Adani Power (Overseas) Limited. Adani Global Limited. Adani Enterprises Ltd. Adani Global FZE and Adani Bunkering Pte. Ltd. The Adani Group attempted to distance itself from media reports that it was linked to offshore entities in Panama Papers.

Vinod Adani

Vinod Adani

Vinod Adani Biography

Vinod Shantilal was born into a North Gujarat Jain family. He is the oldest member of the family. He survived hardships in his childhood but he was able to inherit and nurture the family’s values. These values remained the foundation of his professional and personal life.

He believed in keeping his word. This is a value that he nurtured, nurtured, and now it is the first thing Vinodbhai Adani defines. Vinodbhai can keep a promise if he has kept it.

Vinodbhai Adani’s ability to see opportunities and take advantage of them is another characteristic. Vinodbhai Adani, a graduate of the USA’s Masters in Engineering, set up his own business in 1976. He was inspired by his father and started V. R. Textile in Bhivandi. A postgraduate from the American University, with fluent English, technical skills and the natural ability to make friends and deal with strangers, was able to drive the business to success. The trading company added new commodities to their portfolio by 1989 and opened a Singapore office. Vinodbhai was responsible for trading operations in Singapore and later moved to Dubai in 1994 to expand his business into Middle-Eastern nations.

Vinodbhai started new ventures in Dubai. Vinodbhai would purchase thousands of tonnes of sugar and oil from grain-producing countries, and then sell it to countries in need. He would sometimes buy scrap iron, copper, and aluminium.

Vinodbhai, who resides in Dubai, manages trading companies in Singapore, Jakarta, and Dubai.

Vinodbhai enjoys reading books and keeping occupational journals. His wife, Mrs. Ranjanben Abani, also enjoys reading books and trying out different types of exotic cuisines. She is active in Jain social organizations and women-oriented activities.

The entire family attended Samit Shikhar’s 2006 spire travel. This family sponsored the travel, boarding and food costs, as well as the entertainment, food, health, and entertainment for 1200 people who were accompanied by them.

Without any recognition, the family has given away crores of rupees. They kept their word both in business and personal transactions. Vinodbhai Adani and Ranjanben Abani are both interested in Yoga. Vinodbhai Adani, the ever-smiling Vinodbhai Adani, is always available to help and understand others.

Vinod Adani Career

Adani, a young man, began his entrepreneurial journey in India by starting power looms, VR Textile, in Mumbai. Adani soon expanded his trading operations to include more commodities such as metals and sugar and established global operations in Singapore, the Middle East, and Malaysia.

He is now a top executive at The Adani Group, an Indian conglomerate worth billions of dollars, which is headed by his older brother Gautam Adani. He was born to a Jain family from Gujarat. He completed his engineering post-graduation from the US.

Adani Global Investment is based in Dubai and specializes in management and commercial enterprises.