The alleged criminal and serial killer Bharat Kalicharan, also known as Akku Yadav, was executed in a courtroom in Nagpur, India, and the lynching is the subject of the documentary series ‘Indian Predator: Murder in a Courtroom,’ which is available on Netflix in three parts. The programme includes interviews with a variety of people who resided in Kasturba Nagar in Nagpur and who were subjected to Akku’s atrocities for more than a decade. These people lived in constant fear of Akku. Vilas Bhande was one of the people who was questioned, and he was also charged with being a participant in the lynching. So, in case you were wondering what became of him after that, this is what we know about his current situation.

Vilas Bhande

Vilas Bhande

Who is Vilas Bhande?

Vilas Bhande spent his childhood in Kasturba Nagar, and before Akku Yadav became involved in criminal activity, the two were good friends. During the show, Vilas reflected on how, when they were younger, they got into all sorts of mischief and would pass the time by committing crimes, gambling, and playing video games. The two shared a close relationship; in fact, Akku was the one who taught him how to swim. But in 1991, a traumatic event occurred that caused a 180-degree turn in their approach.

Vilas claims that he, Akku, and a few other people went to a building that was still under construction with the intention of stealing anything from there. They spotted a pair over in that direction. Vilas claimed on the television that his only intention was to steal money; nonetheless, Akku sexually assaulted the girl, and the police arrested him shortly afterward. While he was behind bars, he struck up friendships with a number of other inmates, many of whom started coming to Kasturba Nagar after he was released.

Over the course of time, Akku’s reign of terror continued to have a profound impact on the residents. It was alleged that he had sexually assaulted over 40 women and young girls, some of whom had been gang-raped in broad daylight. In addition to that, it was alleged that Akku was responsible for the deaths of three other people. According to the content of the presentation, one of them was a buddy, while the other was a woman who he considered to be a risk. Up to one particular incident on August 1, 2004, Akku continued to threaten individuals, steal from them, and sexually assault women.

Following Akku’s threat against Vilas’ sister-in-law, Usha Narayane, the rest of the community banded together against him, which ultimately resulted in Akku turning himself in to the authorities on August 7, 2004. Prior to that, Vilas sought assistance with the search efforts from the police; however, he said that they did not take him seriously when he made his request. The same held true for the various forms of media. After afterwards, Vilas said that the individual who had Akku detained was actually Akku’s friend. They soon found out that he had a bail hearing scheduled for August 13, and they were all concerned that he would be released and continue to commit crimes after that day.

Vilas revealed on the show how the community gathered together in the days leading up to the lynching and considered doing something about Akku’s impending release. This discussion took place before the lynching. At the time, they were all under the impression that he would murder them if he were released from jail. Therefore, on August 13, 2004, a number of ladies went to the courthouse, and as a result, they ended up stabbing Akku to death after striking him in the face with chilli powder.

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Where is Vilas Bhande Today?

Vilas claimed on the broadcast that he didn’t see anything in the courtroom that day, but he was aware of who was involved. The investigation led to the arrest of numerous other individuals, bringing the total number of suspects to 21. Initially, the authorities detained five women. Vilas stated that the lynching occurred because the police persistently rejected their appeals for help; he believed that it wouldn’t have progressed to this point if the authorities had taken them seriously and prevented it from getting to this point.

Although Vilas was one among the 21 people who were accused of the murder, in November 2014, all of the defendants, including Vilas, were found not guilty. During that time, he made the following statement: “Only if the government and police had taken cognizance earlier, the tragic occurrence would have been avoided.” Earlier, the mob had revolted numerous times and attempted to convince the police about the acts of the feared criminal. The current residence of Vilas, his wife, and their two children is located in Kasturba Nagar. He is an attorney there and things appear to be going quite a bit better for him these days.

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