Viktoria Kashirina is a Russian schoolteacher, Pole Dancer, and social media star. Her work as a teacher was terminated by the school when her Instagram photo went viral.

Viktoria Kashirina

Viktoria Kashirina

Viktoria Kashirina Wiki/Biography

Viktoria Kashirina is a Russian teacher and part-time pole dancer who earned a Bachelor’s degree in Visual and Studio Arts from Russian State Pedagogical University.

Viktoria Kashirina is a TikTok star, social media personality, model, and Instagram influencer.

She is a fitness enthusiast who regularly visits the gym and has an extremely stunning voluptuous shape; she worked as a teacher after graduating from university.

Meanwhile, she was practising Pole Dance and had an Instagram account where she shared videos and photos. She earns money as a social media influencer by advertising various brands on Instagram and other social media platforms. Her appealing social media photo has a large number of followers, and she has accounts on many social media platforms such as Facebook, Tiktok, and Twitter.

Victoria Kashirina Career

Viktoria Kashirina is a Russian schoolteacher, Pole Dancer, and social media star.

Victoria Kashirina Age

Victoria Kashirina is a 23-year-old Russian actress who was born in 1997/1998.

Victoria Kashirina’s Net Worth

Victoria Kashirina’s net worth is believed to be between $50k and $100k USD.

Viktoria Kashirina’s Height and Weight

She was born in the Russian Federation. She also works as a teacher and is regarded as such. She is one of Russia’s most well-known dancers. Her height is approximately 5 feet 8 inches, and her weight is unknown.

Viktoria Kashirina Controversy

Viktoria Kashirina was expelled from her high school.

Viktoria Kashirina was a Russian literature instructor at School No. 1, a private online educational institution situated in Moscow. She used to teach pupils from kindergarten through sixth grade.
She is a pole dancer, which is why she made a risqué video that went popular on social media. The parents of the school pupil complained to the administration, and the school dismissed her.
According to one of the student’s parents, “Please do not publish such e**licit films, and keep your social media accounts closed.) My daughter is watching it, and you’re certainly getting popularity – but not as a teacher.”
“I’ve been pole dancing for several years and dreamed of filming a video for a long time,” Viktoria Kashirina said.

Viktoria Kashirina’s Dance Video

Defending herself Victoria Kashirina stated that she did not publish it and that it was merely an artistic side project for her. After being surrounded by controversies, the 23-year-old adorable Russian teacher is still defending herself. It has even become a trend that she should not have been done that after all, she has some responsibilities, especially when she has small children around her, and doing this does not soot her, netizens who are against her stated that it is too saucy for a teacher, especially when she has minor children around her.

The teacher said in an interview that what happened to her was unfair because she had some obligation to do what she was being criticised for, and now that she has been fired from her teacher’s designation, she is threatening to sue the online school. She became a teacher at the onset of the coronavirus pandemic.

Viktoria Kashirina Personal Information

Real Name : Viktoria Kashirina

Nickname : Viktoria

Profession : Dancer, Teacher

Marital Status : Unmarried

Age : 24 Years

Height In Kilograms : 5 ft 8 inches

Date of Birth : 1997

Birth Place : Russia

Zodiac sign : Leo

Nationality : Russian

Source Of Income : Teaching, Dancer

Net Worth : $50k – $100k (approx)

Viktoria Kashirina’s Surprising Facts

  • She’s a well-known Russian dancer.
  • She has a sizable Instagram following.
  • She adores and adores her mother.
  • She enjoys dancing and travelling.
  • She is from a Christian family.

Viktoria Kashirina’s Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 What is the name of Viktoria Kashirina?

Viktoria Kashirina is a Russian school teacher, Pole Dancer, and social media star.

Q.2 What is Viktoria Kashirina’s age?

She is 24 years old.

Q.3 What ethnicity does Viktoria Kashirina belong to?

Viktoria Kashirina is of Christian ethnicity.