Who is the spouse of Veena Sood? What is Known About the Canadian Actress of Kenyan Origin

His partner J Johnson is married to well-known actress Veena Sood, who is best known for the 2006 film Nina’s Heavenly Delight.

On November 21, 1980, Veena Sood was born in Nairobi, Kenya. Scorpio is her horoscope sign. As on August 3, 2022, she will be 42 years old.

Her mother was a nurse, while Veena’s father was a doctor. She and her actor brother Manoj Sood grew up in Canada after their immigration there when she was only seven years old. A musician who previously wed Sarah McLachlan is her cousin’s brother.

Early in her childhood was when Sood started her performing career. She was a dramatic actress who acted in a number of movies, including The Accused, The Women of Marwen, and Loyalties.

The actress has also worked in Hollywood entertainment, and English-language films have included her artwork. Veena has also made guest appearances on numerous television programmes, including Yoga Town, Ghost Wars, Corner Gas Animated, and The Indian Detective.

Veena Sood Husband

Veena Sood Husband

Who Is the Husband of Veena Sood?

On August 30, 2008, Veena Sood and J Johnson were united in marriage.

However, despite our best efforts, there is currently no information available on her husband, J Johnson, on social media or the internet. She has kept her husband’s identity a secret from the public.

Additionally, the actress might prefer to keep her marital status off the Internet and social media, similar to other famous people. She has 1083 followers, 520 followers, and 107 posts on Instagram under the handle @Veena Sood.

The actress has also posted numerous photos of her travels to other locations on her social media accounts. She appears to enjoy travelling and discovering new locations.

In addition, their marriage has been in existence for approximately 14 years. Both married couples appear to be enjoying their relationships.

Find Out More About Veena Sood’s Family

Born into a middle-class family, Veena Sood. She was conceived by her mother Narinder Sood and his father Brij Sood.

From the actress’s Instagram post, we learn that her mother is 86 years old and that her father, Brij Sood, is currently 93 years old. Her parents appear to be in good health despite their advanced age.

Although she hasn’t posted any content or photographs on her social media, the actress is married to J Johnson. Both spouses have not yet made public the online reports about their kids.

Furthermore, the Internet and social media don’t have much information about her family members.

Veena Sood’s ethnicity and religion

Veena Sood, a Kenyan actress, has kept her religion and ethnicity a secret on the web and in social media.

However, after conducting an internet check, we discovered that she is of Kenyan nationality. Her many personal details, in addition to her ethnicity and religion, have been kept confidential.

The actress also appears to prefer to keep her personal and professional lives off the internet. She also prefers to keep family details private from the outside public.