A drag queen from Philadelphia is said to have passed away after fainting onstage while performing at a pub, as reported by the police and the establishment. Let’s get into the specifics of what happened to her and the Philadelphia drag queen’s cause of death.

Valencia Prime

Valencia Prime

How did Valencia Prime die?

On Monday evening, the transgender woman Valencia Prime passed unexpectedly. She was known as “Philadelphia’s Plus Size Dancing Diva” on Instagram. According to Philadelphia police Lt. Eric McLaurin, who spoke with USA TODAY, the woman fell while she was in a bar near to the Midtown Village neighborhood of the city.

According to Jeffrey Scotland, the proprietor of Tabu Lounge & Sports Bar, who talked with NBC News, Prime, who was 25 years old, passed out while performing on stage.

According to McLaurin, the local hospital was told that a woman had fainted at the pub, and that it was medical staff who carried her there, where she was later declared dead. McLaurin also stated that the woman was taken to the hospital by medical professionals.

Philly drag queen cause of death

According to the announcement that was made by McLaurin on Friday, the Philadelphia Medical Examiner will do an autopsy in order to determine the reason for her passing away. Asia Monroe, who is also a performer, asserts that she was made aware of the situation as soon as it occurred since friends who were there at the performance witnessed what took happening. Asia Monroe was of the opinion that the atmosphere in Philadelphia will never be the same again. She was a wonderful lady who was sensitive and loving toward others.

The atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease that Prime suffered from was listed as the cause of death by the medical examiner in Philadelphia. This particular form of cardiovascular disease affects the heart. The coroner’s office determined that the deceased had died of natural causes.

Valencia Prime die

Valencia Prime die

What did Asia Monroe Valencia Prime’s friend say?

Valencia Prime, a Philadelphia drag queen, was at the pinnacle of her career when she was 25 years old. She presented herself to the public as a trans woman while also advertising herself as “Philadelphia’s Plus Size Dancing Diva.”

Asia Monroe made the observation that she seemed to be present everywhere. You haven’t experienced Philadelphia drag if you weren’t familiar with Valencia Prime. Prime passed out on stage at the Tabu nightclub in Center City while she was doing what she enjoyed most: performing. If you weren’t familiar with Prime, you haven’t experienced Philadelphia drag.

She had stopped breathing, and when the emergency medical services arrived, Asia Monroe stated that.

According to the findings of the medical examiner in Philadelphia, Prime died as a result of atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease, which is a type of cardiovascular disease. According to the findings of the office, the cause of death was determined to be natural.

The lives that Valencia Prime lived are what her friends and family remember most about her, rather than how she died. Asia Monroe lauded Valencia for “really stepping up to the plate” and being “that person” to assist others through a difficult moment.

Prime is said to have played a motherly role in both the drag community and the transgender community, according to her friends. Nikita Sinnn Monroe remembered, through tears, how “she was the first person to assist me in discovering that I was trans.” [She] was the first person to help me learn that I was trans. Despite the void that will be left in their lives, the friends of Valencia Prime have promised that they will respect her both publicly and privately.

Asia Monroe shared her sentiments, stating, “Just knowing that she’s up there and watching over us, we’re going to keep performing because I know that’s what she would want us to do.” Through the use of a GoFundMe page, more than $11,000 in donations had been collected for Valencia’s family. On Monday evening, Tabu will be the location of a benefit performance in favor of Valencia Prime.