UC Davis Water Polo Teacher, Daniel Noble was arrested in connection to a child porn investigation. Here is everything you need to know.

Daniel Noble

Daniel Noble

Daniel Noble is perhaps best known for his tenure as the water polo coach at UC Davis. On the other hand, he has recently been mentioned in the media due to the fact that, according to the sources, he was imprisoned in a child [ron investigation.

In addition, Daniel Noble, also known as “The Ginger” online, is suspected of having shared numerous recordings of young children engaging in sexually explicit behaviors.

An assistant water polo coach at the University of California, Davis, was taken into custody on Thursday morning by federal agents who forced their way into his office. An undercover investigation was conducted into a child pornographic group conversation that took place on Kik, which led to the arrest.

Water Polo Coach Daniel Noble, Aged 26, Arrested

Daniel Noble, a water polo coach who is currently 26 years old and was arrested for his involvement in child porn, was arrested for his involvement in the illegal activity. It would appear that he did acknowledge sharing the explicit movies and obtaining sexual gratification from them; however, he fiercely denied doing anything “hands-on” and even offered to submit himself to a polygraph test to back up his claim. There was not a single polygraph examiner in the area who could come to his house.

In March, a user who went by the name “The Ginger” joined the Noble-related Kik chat. This prompted an investigation. In the beginning, the individual commented on films that other people had uploaded, responding with facts to a comment that a movie of two prepubescent girls falling in love with an adult guy was wonderful.

The investigation into the secret chat held by the group is still taking place. The undercover agent from Florida who initiated the probe has also been jailed, as has the administrator of the website. In order to assess whether or whether he engaged in sexual misconduct in relation to his coaching responsibilities, the university has begun an investigation into the matter.

Daniel Noble Wife And Children Details Explored

It is likely that Daniel Noble has never been married, and he does not currently have any children. In addition, for reasons of discretion, the information regarding his immediate family members and other relatives has not been published on the internet as of yet.

On the other side, the fact that Daniel Noble was involved in such illicit behavior might have wreaked havoc on his entire family as well as his close acquaintances. It is a terrible disappointment for him and for the rest of his family. The room of Daniel Noble, who was said to have lived at a property on Sycamore Lane in Davis with a large number of other people, was searched by federal investigators, who took many electronic devices, one of which being a laptop computer. On a federal hold, he was transported to the county jail, and he is scheduled to make an appearance before a judge on Friday.

Right before the start of the fall season for the men’s team, Noble, who is 26 years old and a water polo coach, joined the Aggies’ coaching staff. He was a vital contributor to the team that went on to win the Western Water Polo Association championship and progress to the quarterfinals of the NCAA tournament that same year. He formerly served in the capacity of coach for the 12-and-under teams at the Davis Water Polo Club. Noble admitted that he was the only person who used the Kik account numerounoginger, which was associated with the display name and user name The Ginger.

Is Daniel Noble Available On Facebook?

At this time, you won’t be able to find Daniel Noble on social networking networks like Facebook or TikTok. In point of fact, he distributed pornographic material aimed at children on a different site known as Kik.

He seized control of the account and immediately began posting footage of prepubescent children engaging in sexually explicit behavior. In a number of tapes, it was claimed that minor girls could be seen kissing one another, using sex devices, and virtually piercing one another. Another video claims to show a youngster having oral sex with an adult male. This time, the alleged incident takes place in a bathroom.

Later on in that month, additional films were made available online. These included one from a series depicting a girl wearing a Mardi Gras mask being raped, a straight-shot video of a prepubescent girl wearing a clown mask, and a 45-second movie of four young people, one boy, and three girls, participating in group sex.

A subpoena issued by Kik, which disclosed Noble’s IP address, was responsible for the connection between Noble and The Ginger. On May 9th, they set up camp outside of his residence and followed him to the UC Davis Aquatic Center. It is alleged that Noble logged into Kik multiple times while he was on the UC Davis campus.