Lewis West is Tyler West’s older brother. Lewis West is also a West. A single mother brought up both of the boys all by herself.

The current season of Strictly Come Dancing features Tyler as a contestant. Within the competition, he will be competing alongside Dianne Buswell.

Because he paid tribute to his mother during his performance, he has recently become quite popular on the internet. The radio and television host is eager to break out of his routine and try something new by dancing at the party.

Tyler West

Tyler West

Quick Facts About Tyler West

Name Tyler West
Birthdate April 1, 1996 (age 26 years)
Mother Debbie Mitchell
Father Mike West
Brother Lewis West
Zodiac Sign Aries
Profession Tv and Radio Host, DJ

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Tyler West Is Younger Than His Brother Lewis West

Debbie Mitchell has two children, a son named Lewis who is the oldest and a daughter named Tyler. The daughter is the younger of the two. Tyler is a host for both radio and television. In 2020, he presented the Celebrity Ex on the Beach podcast for MTV and also co-hosted the live broadcast of the red carpet at the EE BAFTA Awards, which was done in cooperation with Facebook.

Flat Out Fabulous was an interior design program that debuted on BBC Three in 2021 and was co-hosted by the singer and interior designer Whinnie Williams. In a same vein, he is presently competing in the twenty-first series of the competition broadcast on the BBC known as Strictly Come Dancing.

Lewis Owns A Business

In Epsom, Surrey, where he is based, Lewis manages the online bakery shop known as West Bakes. Together with his fiancee Yasmin, he runs the business.

Their shop makes cookies in the New York manner from scratch and sells and delivers them all across the United Kingdom. They provide services for a wide variety of gatherings and events, such as one-time gifts, birthdays, weddings, and corporate packages.

They claim to have worked with the largest sugar manufacturers in the UK, supplying them with 8000 biscuits, and they boast of their ability to customize their offerings for large-scale events.

The West family includes him as Tyler’s older brother. In addition to his occupation as a baker, he is also a singer and songwriter. His Instagram page features video recordings of him performing cover songs, and he is 31 years old. He uploads videos of himself singing to a different Instagram profile, which he uses.

Lewis Owns A Business

Lewis and his longtime girlfriend, Yasmin, have been engaged for a number of years at this point. They are highlighted on each other’s social media sites, but there is no information about their romantic lives that is publicly available.

They have been partners in both life and business, but it is not known when they will start planning for a wedding. However, they have been spending a lot of time together. In their joint venture, an online bakery business, Lewis and Yasmin are working together.

On the other side, Tyler has not yet committed to a partner. On the other hand, he shared that while he is working hard to improve his dancing abilities on Strictly Come Dancing, he also hopes to find a partner to share his life with. Additionally, he mentioned that there had been a limited number of persons sliding into his DMS.

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Tyler West Mother Debbie Raised Him As A Single Parent

The love of Tyler West’s life is his mother. Even in his appearance on Strictly Come Dancing, he made sure to honor her in some way. It is reported that she is a nurse and that she works for NHS.

Debbie Is A NHS Worker 

Debbie has twenty-one years of experience in the nursing profession. She was a single parent, and she was responsible for her two children. She was having trouble making ends meet, but she never discussed her predicament with her two sons.

Growing up in Croydon, which is located in South London, Tyler was exposed to prejudice throughout his childhood. Even though there was a high rate of criminal activity in the area where they were staying, his mother guided him and his brother in the correct direction.

He Dedicated His Performance To His Mom

Tyler claimed that he was performing the dance for the most important woman in his life — his mother. After their father deserted the family when they were young, it was up to her to raise both of them on her own.

She is a great supporter of the project, and even Tyler has relocated back in with his mother so that he may continue working on the show. Additionally, he has used social media on multiple occasions to convey the depth of his affection for his mother.

Aside from that, he also mentioned that attending the concert would be a step outside of his comfort zone, but that he is equally enthusiastic about it, and that it is something that means a lot to both him and his family.

She Was Rushed To Hospital Last Month

When Tyler’s mother became ill all of a sudden a month ago, he was forced to call an ambulance for her. At first, he prepared himself for the worst and was terrified of being separated from her. He stated that he was quite concerned and went on to say, “When you’re racing a million miles an hour, it’s that reminder to take a moment, give a phone call to that loved one.”

He conveyed how helpless he felt at that particular moment in time. It turned out to be an infection, but thankfully, her health is now back to normal, and he is thankful for that. At that time, he had uploaded a picture of his narrative from the waiting area of an emergency medical facility.

He had not disclosed anything at that time, but he assuaged the concerns of his followers by assuring them that he was in good health and that he was in the hospital due to a family situation. However, Mirror only lately disclosed the fact that his mother is currently being treated in a medical facility.

Tyler West Family

Tyler West spent his childhood in South London, where he also spent time with his mother and older brother. His older brother, Lewis, is incredibly pleased of his younger sibling, who has accomplished a great deal for his age.

Presenter on both radio and television, as well as a DJ, Tyler is. During the week, he can be heard on Kiss FM hosting the afternoon show.

His Father Belong To Jamaican Heritage 

Mark, the boys’ father, moved out when they were little children, leaving Lewis and Tyler behind. Their mother brought them up by herself. Despite this, the children continued to communicate with their father. According to the images that are uploaded on their respective social media accounts, both sons spend a lot of time hanging out with their father.

Their father is likewise of English nationality, but his family is originally from Jamaica in the West Indies. He was born in England. Tyler admitted that he has been the target of racist comments and behavior since he was a child, but he insisted that his upbringing has only served to fortify his character.

The fact that Tyler had a complicated family history caused him to battle with his identity from an early age. When his children used to tell her about things they went through, his mother, who is originally from the United Kingdom, was at a loss for words and did not know what to say to them.

Lewis West with his fiance Yasmin in a vacation

Lewis West with his fiance Yasmin in a vacation

Some FAQs

Who is Tyler West?

Television and radio host on the English side of the Atlantic Ocean is Tyler West.

How Old Is Tyler West?

Tyler West was born on April 1st, 1996, making him 26 years old currently.

Does Tyler West Has A Girlfriend?

The man known as Tyler West does not currently have a girlfriend.

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