Tully Smyth was a contestant on a reality show, Big Brother Australia, in 2013. Now, she is appearing on Big Brother AU in its new season as a royalty contestant alongside her ex-boyfriend Anthony Drew.

Anthony Drew & Tully Smyth

Anthony Drew & Tully Smyth

Tully Smyth is a Melbourne-based social media influencer and reality TV star. She rose to fame after appearing on Big Brother in 2013 and dating Anthony Drew on-screen while remaining dating her off-screen lover, Tahlia Farrant.

After the show, the couple continued to date. Their relationship, however, was short-lived, and they broke up in January 2014. According to Tully, the reason for their breakup was due to her sudden celebrity after the program and the additional concerns of her breakup with Thalia.

Who Is Tully Smyth New Boyfriend? Anthony Drew Ex-Girlfriend

Tully Smyth, Anthony Drew’s ex-girlfriend from Big Brother AU, has been dating Daniel Parisi since June 2021. By publishing a series of photos with her beau, she made their relationship official.

Daniel is the son of Nazario Parisi, the CEO of Nazario Parisi and Sons, a well-known Australian men’s wear brand. With his wife Mergay and their four boys Matthew, Daniel, Lewis, and Lawrence, he owns this well-known brand.

Aside from this piece of information, little is known about Daniel. Tully, on the other hand, routinely updates her Instagram account with photos of herself and her partner. It appears that the couple enjoys romantic trips. Meanwhile, Daniel keeps his personal life to himself. His Instagram account is likewise hidden. Furthermore, there is little information on Tully’s partner Daniel on the internet.

Tully Smyth Age 2022: How Old Is She?

Tully Smyth was born in Melbourn, Victoria, on October 18, 1987. As of 2022, she is 35 years old. She produces digital content and hosts her own show.

She formerly worked as a marketing manager at Keystone Hospitality and as a social media manager at Clemenger BBDO. STA Travel’s UK Adventures, Pedestrian TV’s Cook Islands Adventures, and Contiki’s USA Adventures are among the many online travel programs she has hosted.

What Is Tully Smyth Net Worth?

Tully Smyth became well-known after appearing on Big Brother in 2013. Tully hasn’t said how much money she makes. It might, however, be in the millions. With 211K followers on Instagram, she is a model and social media influencer.

In 2022, the reality star will return to Big Brother as a royalty contender. Various clothes and cosmetics firms work and partner with her, according to her Instagram profile.