Tucker Swanson McNear Carlson, an American conservative TV host and political commentator, was born May 16, 1969. He has hosted Tucker Carlson Tonight (Fox News) since 2016.

Carlson started his media career in 1990s writing for The Weekly Standard, and other publications. From 2000 to 2005, he was a CNN commentator and co-host of Crossfire, the prime-time news debate show. He hosted the MSNBC nightly show Tucker from 2005 to 2008. Since 2009, he has been a Fox News political analyst. He appeared as a guest or host on several programs before the launch his current show. Carlson was the co-founder and first editor-in-chief for the right-wing news website The Daily Caller in 2010. He resigned in 2020. Three books have been written by Carlson: Politicians and Partisans and Parasites (2003, Ship of Fools (2018) and The Long Slide (2021).

Carlson, a supporter of Donald Trump’s former president, was described by Politico to be “perhaps the most prominent proponent of Trumpism” and ready to criticize Trump for straying from it. Carlson is also believed to have had an influence on some of Trump’s most important policy decisions including the cancellation in 2019 of a military strike against Iran. Carlson is a prominent voice in white grievance politics. His comments on race, immigration and women, including the slurs that he used between 2006 and 2011, which resurfaced as a 2019 program, have been called racist and sexist and have led to advertisers boycotting Tucker Carlson Tonight. It was the most-watched cable news program in America as of July 2021.

Tucker Carlson

Tucker Carlson

Carlson is an opponent of progressivism, a critic of immigration and has been called a nationalist. He was once an economic libertarian but now supports protectionism. He renounced his support for the Iraq War in 2004 and has been skeptical about U.S. foreign intervention since then. Carlson promoted conspiracy theories on topics like immigration, COVID-19 and the U.S. Capitol attack in 2021.

Tucker Carlson Biography

Television host Tucker Carlson is a conservative political host. He has been on several network shows, including CNN’s Crossfire as well as Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Tonight. Tucker Carlson was born in San Diego. His father was a news anchor, would-be politician and Tucker’s stepmother was the heir to the Swanson frozen food fortune. Carlson went to boarding school in Rhode Island and then attended Trinity College in Connecticut for history. He began his career in journalism in the 1990s after graduating from high school. He worked for the Heritage Foundation in Connecticut and an Arkansas newspaper. He became CNN’s youngest anchor in 2000. This was his big break in television. Carlson, who wore a bow tie, and spoke out about “true conservative” points, was well-known for his role as Crossfire’s anchor until 2005 when his contract was terminated. He’s been a familiar face since then on political talk shows. From three seasons on MSNBC to being a regular panelist on Fox & Friends, he has been a consistent presence. In 2010, he also co-founded The Daily Caller. He also co-founded the website The Daily Caller in 2010.

Tucker Carlson Education and Early life

Tucker McNear Carlson was Carlson’s birthplace in San Francisco, California on May 16, 1969. Carlson is the older son of Lisa McNear, a San Francisco native and artist (1945-2011), and Dick Carlson (1941-19). He was formerly a “gonzo reporter”, and became director of Voice of America and president of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. He also served as the U.S. ambassador in the Seychelles. Carlson’s brother Buckley Peck Carlson (later Buckley Swanson Peck Carlson) is almost two years older and worked as a communications manager, Republican political operative, and later as an ambassador to the Seychelles.

Carlson was adopted by a middle-class couple, Carl and Florence Carlson, who were tannery workers of Swedish descent. His paternal grandparents were Richard Boynton (a teenager) and Dorothy Anderson (a young woman). Carlson’s maternal great grandfather Cesar Lombardi, a Swiss tannery worker, immigrated from Switzerland to New York in 1860. Carlson is also a descendant Massachusetts politician Ebenezer R. Har and a great-great grandchild to Californian rancher Henry Miller. Carlson was named after his great grandparents, J. C. Tucker (and George McNear). Carlson is of English and German ancestry.

Carlson’s parents split in 1976 after their nine-year marriage “turned sour”. Carlson’s brother Tucker and Tucker were given custody by Carlson’s father. Carlson’s mother, who was six years old, left the family to pursue a “bohemian lifestyle.”

Carlson’s father moved Tucker and his brother Tucker to San Diego, California when he was in the first grade. They raised them there. Carlson was educated at La Jolla Country Day school and grew up with the view of La Jolla Beach and Tennis Club. His father owned property in Nevada and Vermont as well as islands in Maine, Nova Scotia, and Maine. His father challenged Roger Hedgecock, the incumbent Republican mayor of San Diego in 1984 but was defeated.

Carlson’s father, Gilbert Carl Swanson, married Patricia Caroline Swanson in 1979. She was the daughter of Gilbert Carl Swanson and a niece of Senator J. William Fulbright. Although Patricia was a beneficiary of his family fortune, the Swansons had sold it to Campbell Soup Company in 1955. They did not have it at the time Carlson’s father married.

Carlson was briefly enrolled in College du Leman, which is a boarding school located in Switzerland. But he claims he was “kicked-out”. He completed his secondary education at St. George’s School in Middletown, Rhode Island. There he met his future wife, Susan Andrews. After graduating from Trinity College in Hartford in 1991, he received a BA degree in history. Carlson is described in his Trinity yearbook as a member the “Dan White Society”, a reference to the American political assassin that killed San Francisco Mayor George Moscone, and Supervisor Harvey Milk. Carlson applied to the Central Intelligence Agency after college. However, his application was rejected. He decided to pursue a career as a journalist with the encouragement and support of his father.

Media career of Tucker Carlson

Carlson started his journalism career as a fact-checker at Policy Review, a conservative national journal that was published by The Heritage Foundation. Later acquired by The Hoover Institution. After that, he was an opinion writer for the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette newspaper, Little Rock, Arkansas. He later joined The Weekly Standard newsmagazine in 1995.

+interviewed George W. Bush in 1999 for Talk magazine. He mocked Karla Faye Tucker, who was executed in Bush’s Texas state. He also used the term “fuck” quite a lot. Bush’s 2000 presidential campaign suffered from bad publicity due to the piece. Bush claimed that Carlson “misunderstood, mischaracterized” him. He is a great reporter. However, he misunderstood the severity of that. I take the death penalty seriously. Carlson’s piece was praised by liberals. Bob Shrum, a Democratic consultant, called it “vivid.” Carlson stated that he thought he would be ridiculed for writing such a long piece. My wife said that people will think you are looking for work in the Bush campaign.

Carlson continued his career as a journalist in print. He was a columnist at New York magazine and Reader’s Digest. Carlson was working on a story about the Taliban for New York when he and his father were involved in an airplane crash on the runway of Dubai on October 17, 2001. Carlson’s 2003 Esquire profile about his trip to Liberia with Reverend Al Sharpton, civil and political rights activists, would earn him a nomination for the National Magazine Awards.

Carlson wore bow-ties in his early television careers. This was a tradition he picked up from boarding school and he kept it on the air until 2006.

Fun Facts About Tucker Carlson

  • He says that he began wearing his signature bow ties in ninth grade. However, he discontinued wearing them in 2006 when he was in his thirties.
  • While attending prep school in Rhode Island, he met his wife, Susie.
  • She was the headmaster’s daughter
  • He began his journalism career at Little Rock’s Arkansas Democrat-Gazette in 1993. There he was an editor.
  • After a heated 2004 Crossfire exchange with Jon Stewart, CNN was shut down; Crossfire was broadcast on MSNBC in 2005.
  • Participated in the 2006 reality TV show Dancing With the Stars.
  • 2009: Becomes a senior fellow at Cato Institute, a libertarian think-tank in Washington, DC.
  • He is a huge Grateful Dead fan.

Family of Tucker Carlson

Brother: Buckley Carlson

Daughter: Dorothy Carlson

Daughter: Hopie Carlson

Daughter: Lillie Carlson

Father: Richard W. Carlson

Great-uncle: J. William Fulbright

Son: Buckley Carlson

Stepmother: Patricia Caroline Swanson Carlson

Wife: Susie Andrews