Trevor Dooley, 80, pleaded guilty to manslaughter and was convicted in connection with the fatal shooting of a basketball court 11 year ago. He was sentenced on probation.

A plea agreement has been reached in the case of a fatal shooting that occurred on a Valrico basketball court eleven years ago.

Trevor Dooley, 80, pleaded guilty Tuesday to the murder of David James (41), at a Valrico basketball court. According to the state attorney’s offices, Dooley was convicted for manslaughter using a weapon.

Dooley will be serving an additional three-year probation in addition to the two years he already spent in prison.

Dooley is currently under court supervision and cannot travel without permission. He shot and killed James on Sept. 26, 2010, during an argument over a skateboarder teenager.

Trevor Dooley

Trevor Dooley

Dooley was convicted by a jury of manslaughter in 2012. He was sentenced to 8 years imprisonment followed by 10 years probation. Dooley appealed the conviction and spent more than two years in prison, before being allowed to be released while his appeal was reviewed.

A 2019 appeals court affirmed his conviction. It ruled that Dooley’s Stand Your Ground defense was valid and that the jury should have been instructed by Dooley to consider Dooley’s Stand Your Ground claims in determining whether he is guilty.

Dooley was to be tried again in the next few weeks. However, Tuesday’s plea ends the case.

Trevor Dooley Biography/Wiki

Trevor Dooley Lives in Valcaro park. He was fond of playing basket ball. He is 80 years old. He is a ex-military officer. He was recently been convicted of david james murder after 11 years. He was sent on probation.

Trevor Dooley Convicted in David James Murder Case

Dooley lived in the Valrico park, where Danielle James and David James were playing basketball. He had started a dispute over a skateboarder using the opposite side of the court. According to James’ family testimony and witnesses, Dooley shot James in his chest.

Trevor Dooley Age

Trevor Dooley is 80 years old.