Trev Alberts (UNL Coach) Wife: Who Is Angela Dewire? Net Worth In 2022

Trev Alberts, the director of athletics at UNL, and his wife Angela Dewire are blessed with a family and a happy marriage.

Former linebacker for football, Alberts was selected with the fifth overall choice in the 1994 draught. He has participated in 29 NFL games, making 69 tackles, three forced fumbles, and one interception while starting seven of those games.

After years of broadcasting, he only began working as an athletic director in 2009. It is no surprise that he has succeeded in modern society given the encouragement and support of his wife and family. Let’s explore the way of life of a charismatic American sports administrator.

Trev Alberts

Trev Alberts

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Meet UNL Trev Alberts Wife Angela Dewire

Trev Alberts, a director of athletics at UNL, is wed to his devoted wife Angela Dewire. On February 18, 1996, the pair exchanged vows, and they have been together ever since.

Alberts used to play for the Indianapolis Colts at the time he wed Dewire. He retired from sports because of an injury around a year after getting married. Nevertheless, he and his wife created a lovely family and benefited from everyone’s love and support.

In addition to being considered as Trev’s better half, Angela is renowned for her ability to support her family with kindness. She was born in Omaha, Nebraska, on March 16, 1970.

She was one of her parents’ six children. Her father worked as a truck driver and was an avid supporter of the Indianapolis Colts and Detroit Tigers. Sadly, Hamilton, Indiana saw the death of Angela’s father in 2015.

Approximately 26 years have passed since Angela and Trev started dating. The pair has remained together during those times, getting through both good and bad times.

Trev Alberts: Family

It comes as no surprise that the couple is regarded as one of the most influential and well-liked couples in society. Dewire has always preferred to support her family anonymously, but she still attends press conferences and makes an appearance to inspire her husband in front of the cameras.

Three grown children who are currently pursuing their passions and aspirations are a part of Angela and Trev’s family. They dated for about five years before getting married and beginning new chapters in their lives.

Despite being well-known, Alberts’ wife has always kept to herself and led a low-profile life. The fact that the followers can still recall their lavish wedding strengthens their closeness. His wife and children, who are well-known public figures, lived in the glitz and glory while living with Trev.

Angela was able to support her spouse by showing up to conferences and gatherings despite keeping her own lifestyle private. Although she may have made a few public appearances, her photos are still accessible online.

She also supports her family by volunteering for various non-profit organisations and has a good heart. Dewire has kept her actual professional life out of the public eye, but despite this, she must have been making a respectable income.

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Inside Look Into Trev Alberts Salary

Trev Alberts, a former football linebacker and American sports executive, must have made a fortune with his respectable pay. He is currently employed by the University of Nebraska–Lincoln, where he will soon take over as athletic director.

Since UNL made their statement on July 14, 2021, Alberts has only recently begun working for the university. He has now agreed to a contract to work as an athletic director, which includes a base pay of around $800,000 and a potential bonus of about $150,000 if his team were to win the College Football Playoff.

And fortunately, Trev will receive a bonus of almost $500,000 if he stays in the post and continues to serve UNL through 2026. Since he began working for the team a little over a year ago, he must have made a good amount of money thus far.

Trev Alberts Salary Before Retirement As Player

Trev Alberts used to play linebacker for the Indianapolis Colts before transitioning into the role of athletic director. He was selected in the 1994 NFL Draft, but two years later, owing to injuries, he had to retire.

In 1997, he participated in three seasons of American football before retiring. The Indianapolis Colts currently pay their players an average wage of more than $80,000. His earnings may be a little more than the average athlete given that they were made in 1994.

Trev participated in college football and played for the Nebraska Cornhuskers football team before beginning his professional American football career. From 1990 to 1993, he was a member of the squad, and in his senior year (1993), he even won a prize.

Few of Trev’s player numbers are available because he couldn’t have sustained a professional career for very long. Even yet, he was able to make an impression on the field in just two years and establish himself as one of the top linebackers in football.

Additionally, he played collegiate football for years, so those who followed him are familiar with his talents and style. He undoubtedly made more money than the typical football player during that time, there is no doubt about that.

Trev Alberts Salary After Retirement As Player

Trev Alberts transitioned into sports broadcasting after ending his professional football career and began covering college football for CNN/SI and Sports Illustrated. Contributors to CNN Sports make over $30,000 on average.

Considering that, Alberts might have been contributing more than $30,000 to college football. He started working as an in-studio commentator for the ESPN network later in 2002, when he earned an estimated average salary of over $80,000.

Trev began serving as athletic director at the University of Nebraska-Omaha in 2009 following a long career in radio. He will continue in this role at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln starting in 2021.

Due to his notoriety and popularity, he has been involved in controversies numerous times. In 2011, he attracted attention when he decided to discontinue football and wrestling in favour of trying to move UNO to the Summit League.

Trev Alberts Net Worth In 2022 As Athletic Director

The anticipated range of Trev Alberts’s net worth in 2022 is $1 million to $5 million. He currently makes his living as an athletic director, with an annual salary of about $80,000.

In addition, he enjoys a wealthy and comfortable lifestyle with his family in their lovely home thanks to his long and successful profession. Additionally, he is the owner of expensive homes, vehicles, clothing, and real estate.

The athletic director can also be required to hold his own stocks in the market. In addition, he oversaw Omaha Athletics with his squad while creating Omaha Sports Properties and collaborating with Learfield.

With three academic All-Big Eight selections and the highest accolade given by the NCAA, his impressive life shines even more. He also had a happy upbringing with his parents.

His football career was further enhanced by his three sacks for the Heisman Trophy.

Trev Albert: Career Earnings

Trev Alberts began playing football in college in 1990 and played professionally until his retirement as a linebacker in 1997. Despite having retired, he went on to work as an athletic director and a sports broadcaster.

Trev has largely retired from his career in recent years. He has always tried to keep his life private, despite his fame and popularity. He must have earned over a million dollars during his playing career as well, having played professionally for more than two years.

After retiring, he continued to work in broadcasting and worked for a number of well-known networks, including CNN, ESPN, CSTV, and CBS, bringing his lifetime earnings to a few million dollars.

His career as an athletics director began in 2009 with Nebraska-Omaha, and in 2021, he joined UNL. Just based on his UNL average pay of over $800,000, he has already amassed a little over $1 million from his current employment.

This new chapter in my life will be exciting for me and for my family. I had an amazing experience as a college athlete. For several years now, I’ve wanted to return to college athletics and give something back. This position at UNO is a privilege. At the time, Trev said, “I believe the potential for UNO’s athletic programmes is unlimited.

He might be hired for business appearances, speaking engagements, meet & greet endorsements, and online events, according to He charges between $10,000 and $20,000 per engagement.

Who Are Trev Alberts Children?

Chase, Ashtynne, and Breanna are the three children that Trev Alberts and his wife, Angela Alberts, have together.

When their eldest and only son, Chase, was born in 1997, Alberts and his wife took their first step toward motherhood. His son served in the 3rd Infantry division after graduating from West Point in 2020.

In addition, Chase has a romantic relationship with his sweetheart Cassidy Noble, with whom he got engaged in late 2020. He is in his mid-20s and has made a great life for himself.

Chase and his partner had been together for a while. In the same year that he graduated in 2020, the couple got engaged. Trev Alberts, Nebraska’s athletic director, will miss Saturday’s Purdue football game at Memorial Stadium to attend his son Chase and Cassie’s wedding, Mitch Sherman tweeted later in late 2021. “I had a wonderful talk with my wife,” Alberts said, “and she informed me that I would be at the wedding.

On November 5, 1999, Alberts gave birth to a daughter named Ashtynne, who is now 22 years old and will turn 23 in a few months. Ashtynne is an athlete who has competed in three volleyball seasons for Clemson.

Apart from their firstborn and secondborn, the Alberts welcomed the youngest family member, Breanna, into the family in 2004. She is currently a teenager who is focusing on her education at Clemson University. Ashtynne is currently pursuing her aspirations and focusing on her job.

Ashtynne Alberts, who has over 2k followers on social media and goes by the moniker @ashtynnealberts, is one of the closest siblings in the family and shares a deep link with them.

The eldest sibling Breanna is also on Instagram with the account @breanna alberts and has more than 2k followers, while Chase is also accessible there with the identity @chase alberts and has over 1k followers, though his social media has been kept secret.

Trev Alberts With His Wife And Children

Trev Alberts With His Wife And Children

Trev Alberts Gains Full Support From His Family

Alberts is now 52 years old and has formed his own family with his wife and children.

His parents continued to support him as he pursued his education at Northern University High School, the University of Nebraska Omaha, and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln as he grew up, realising his dream while receiving his degree from these institutions.

At the time, Trev said, “I was incredibly happy today, but I was also really, really sad. During my journey to achievement, I lost my mom. My mother passed away last year, so she won’t be in New York in December to share this distinction with the family.

She exuded pride to the point of being annoying. She would identify herself as my mother as she strolled through Cedar Falls, Iowa. I’m just sorry Mom won’t be here to celebrate this award with us because I can imagine how proud and thrilled she would be. For me, that was the day’s most emotional moment.

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