Tina Peters is running for the job of Secretary of State in Colorado. On June 28, 2022, she will be on the ballot for the Republican primary.

In 2018, she was chosen to be the Mesa County Clerk. Tina was a businesswoman before she got into politics. When she ran for clerk four years ago, she promised to reopen DMV offices that had been closed.

Tina Peters

Tina Peters

Who Is Tina Peter’s Husband?

Tina Peters is running for the GOP nomination for secretary of state in Colorado. Last year’s local elections couldn’t be run by her because a judge told her she couldn’t do it.

Clayton College of Natural Health gave Tina a Bachelor of Arts in holistic nutrition. She has worked as a flight attendant, a nutritionist, and an independent marketing contractor in the past. Peters was in charge of people and money for Tom Peters Construction as of 2022.

On November 8, 2022, the next Secretary of State of Colorado will be chosen at the 2022 Colorado Secretary of State election. Jena Griswold, the Democrat who is already in office, can run again.

Tina became a hero to people across the country who don’t believe in the election because she believed the false theories of election fraud that Trump and his supporters were pushing.

Who Is Tina Peter’s Husband?

Tina Peter hasn’t said who her husband is. She hasn’t said whether or not she is married now. But her ex-husband, Thomas Peters, filed another suit against her.

The lawsuit says that Tina Peters used “deceit and deception” to get Thomas Peters to sign a quick-claim deed to give her ownership of a home in the Spyglass Ridge neighborhood.

The couple legally split up in June 2017, but the marriage was not over until November 2021.

Belinda Knisley, who worked for Tina Peters, was also charged with six counts. These included trying to influence a government official, not doing what she was supposed to do, and planning to commit a crime.

Who Are There In Tina Peter’s Family?

Tina has not told anyone in the public about her family. She has chosen to keep her private life mysterious.

Since Tina Peter has been in office, she has become the most talked-about person in her county. Months after the 2019 election, which was her first as a clerk, staff found that hundreds of ballots were still in the box in front of the office. This led to a failed effort to recall the product.

After that, she was charged with ten counts of tampering with election equipment and misconduct for trying to find out if the Dominion Voting Systems machines in the county were being used to cheat.