On the evening of July 12, 2015, when Tiffany Valiante mysteriously vanished without a trace being left behind, no one could have ever anticipated that she would pass away as a result of being struck by a train at some point in the future. Nevertheless, as discussed in the episode of Netflix’s “Unsolved Mysteries” entitled “Mystery at Mile Marker 45,” it is, unfortunately, still unknown if Tiffany was brutally murdered or committed suicide, as the authorities suspect she did. But for the time being, if all you want to do is find out more about her doting parents — the people who have been shouting the loudest for what they consider to be justice in this scenario — we’ve got you covered.

Tiffany Valiante Parents

Tiffany Valiante Parents

Who Are Tiffany Valiante’s Parents?

Dianne Schmidtke, a single mother of two children named Jessica and Krystal, first met Stephen Valiante in the year 1989. Almost immediately after their initial encounter, Dianne and Stephen had a profound bond that was unlike any other. Therefore, they soon sealed the marriage, relocated to New Jersey’s wonderful suburban-rural Mays Landing as one big happy family, and then unexpectedly welcomed Tiffany into the world in the year 1997. In the version that was originally available on Netflix, Dianne frankly confessed that “we did not anticipate to get pregnant.” “But when we finally got a look at her, it was if we had died and gone to heaven. She was simply stunning in every way.”

According to reports, Tiffany had her childhood in an environment that was both extremely doting and supportive. This was the case up until 2014, when she and her mother, Dianne, began having severe problems and arguing with one another. Not only did the latter party once strike her kid so hard that the blow left a bruise in the aftermath of an argument, but Child Protective Services also visited the family three times during the same calendar year before suggesting that they seek professional help. After making that discovery, the therapist concluded that despite being a “stable” family, the mother and daughter had “difficulty communicating,” which inadvertently made it easier for Tiffany to come out as homosexual in early 2015.

Nevertheless, everything changed once more in July 2015, particularly when Tiffany suddenly vanished into thin air just a few moments after getting into a minor argument with Dianne – while she was on her way to get Stephen. This was the turning point. Her family immediately began searching for the college volleyball player, who was 18 years old, but unfortunately, only her body, which had been mutilated and covered in blood, was found on the train tracks several hours later. Even though the premier investigative team from New Jersey Transit came to the conclusion that Tiffany’s death was a suicide pretty quickly, neither her parents nor any of her other family members accepted it for even a single instant.

Since Tiffany was a really happy teenager who was looking forward to college, freedom, and her life in general, it is not even possible that she would have considered ending her own life. According to their stories, however, Tiffany did end her own life. This conviction was only strengthened when, two weeks later, Dianne discovered her daughter’s headband and shoes one mile from their family home. This discovery suggested that her daughter did not walk to the train tracks on her own will. As a result, the Valiantes launched their campaign to achieve justice for their daughter by initiating legal proceedings to further investigate the case, employing private investigators, and keeping the public focused on the topic – all of which they continue to do to this day.

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Where Are Tiffany Valiante’s Parents Today?

From what we can learn, Dianne and Stephan have not moved out of their childhood home in Mays Landing, New Jersey, where they continue to raise their family and do everything in their power to ensure that the memories of their late daughter are not forgotten. In addition to the volleyball court that the patriarch had previously stated he would construct for Tiffany as a graduation present, he has really constructed a memorial garden in their backyard. Additionally, the pair makes a daily pilgrimage to the shrine that was built in her legacy along the railroad lines. Their main objective at this point is to see to it that those responsible for their daughter’s passing are made to answer for their actions.

In an episode of ‘Unsolved Mysteries,’ Stephan highlighted that “We demand justice.” “Is it difficult each and every day? Sure. The act of waking up each day is a laborious task. Every every day, in order to get some sleep. But I have no choice but to continue doing it until I discover who is responsible for what happened to our child. On the other hand, his wife once shared the following sentiment: “People deserve to know what we’ve gone through, and what we’re currently going through. Simply put, all we ask is for [the authorities] to carry out their duties as intended. You are obligated to conduct an inquiry, and you are expected to conduct an investigation in the correct manner.

“The proof is there, but they don’t want to admit that they screwed up,” the Administrative Secretary of Hamilton Township Public Schools remarked as well. They were unable to help my daughter. They have let down my loved ones. Dianne and Stephan Valiante are well aware that they must act as their daughter’s voice, and they have vowed to never shy away from this responsibility. Because of this, they are currently offering a reward of $40,000 for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of the possible person who killed her. If you have any information on this case, please do not hesitate to contact the police at (609) 927-0001.

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