Jane Levy is the woman that American actor Thomas McDonell calls his girlfriend. McDonell is in a relationship with Levy. Since 2011, the two have been in a relationship together.

Thomas is an American actor who has worked in both film and television. In addition to being an actor, he also works as a musician and a visual artist.

In addition to his role as Finn Collins in the popular American post-apocalyptic science-fiction drama The 100, he is well-known for his performances in the television shows Twelve, Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist, The Long Road Home, and The Long Road Home.

In addition to that, he had roles in the television programmes Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Good Girls, and LA to Vegas.

His first part was a supporting one in the Chinese-American fantasy kung fu film “The Forbidden Kingdom,” which he starred in alongside Jackie Chan and Jet Li in 2008. The film was released in 2008.

Thomas McDonell and Jane Levy has been together for more than a decade

Thomas McDonell and Jane Levy has been together for more than a decade

Thomas McDonell and Girlfriend Jane Levy Relationship Timeline

Jane Levy, an actress, is currently dating actor Thomas McDonell. She is well-known in the entertainment world for the parts that she has played in movies and television series.

Actor Thomas and his stunning girlfriend, Jane Levy, are making wedding preparations as soon as possible. The relationship between the actor, who is 36 years old, and the actress, who is 32 years old, has been going strong for nine years. The history of the couple’s relationship is detailed here.

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Thomas McDonell and Jane Levy met through the acting industry

It would appear that actor Thomas and actress Jane first connected with one another through the entertainment industry. One and only one information is known, and that is that they met in the year 2011. As soon as they became acquainted, they immediately began collaborating on several film projects. As time went on, their friendship developed into love.

The lovebirds starred in ‘Suburgatory’ and ‘Fun Size’

Both the American television sitcom “Suburgatory” and the American teen comedy film “Fun Size” from 2012 feature both Levy and McDonell in the same episode together. During that period, they maintained the privacy of their connection, and both parties were fully dedicated to the partnership that they had formed.

At the time, Jane was divorced but still legally married to her former husband.

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Thomas McDonell cited Jane Levy Is Cool

Thomas mentioned, while he was working on “Suburgatory,” that he wanted to work on “Suburgatory” because he didn’t know anything about the kind of labour that was involved and because Jane Levy is awesome.

‘During the summer, we worked together on the production of a movie called ‘Fun Size,’ and during that time, we discussed the possibility of my working on her show. I don’t think it should be a big problem because I play the person next door.

Jane Levy and Thomas McDonell together starred in the series Suburgatory

Jane Levy and Thomas McDonell together starred in the series Suburgatory

Thomas and Jane are living together

In their home in Los Angeles, the actor from “The 100” and the actress from “The Zoe’s Extraordinary Playlist” live together.

During an interview with the Inquirer that took place in April of 2020, the attractive actress disclosed, “I got married at a very early age, and the marriage only lasted for a little over a half a year. Nine years have passed since I first started dating my present lover. Therefore, my current relationship feels a lot more like a marriage than the marriage I had when I was 20 years old to the man I married.”

On March 14, 2020, Jane Levy said on Twitter that her boyfriend had advised her that tweets containing the phrase “my boyfriend” do not perform well.

As of right now, Thomas McDonell and Jane Levy are making preparations to wed in the near future, and they are also looking forward to an outstanding future working in the entertainment sector.

Jane Levy Was Married Once

Jane Levy has been married before. It’s possible that this information will come as a shock to you, but it’s absolutely true that Jane has previously been a woman who has been married and divorced.

After marrying her actor spouse Jaime Freitas on March 3, 2011, Levy officially started her role as a wife for the first time. Her husband is also an actor.

After Jaime first talked to Jane Levy in 2011, he continued to conceal their relationship. After that, the couple were married in private and then continued to keep their marriage a secret for seven months.

Jane and Jaime decided to end their marriage after two years of married life together and no longer became husband and wife. According to the court filings, they officially went their separate ways on October 31, 2011. In April of 2013, Jane submitted a petition for divorce citing insurmountable disagreements.

Jane Levy was married previously to her husband, Jaime Freitas

Jane Levy was married previously to her husband, Jaime Freitas

Who is Jane Levy’s ex-husband, Jaime Freitas?

Jane Levy has previous experience with one marriage to her name. In March of 2011, the Evil Dead star tied the knot with actor Jaime Freitas, but the couple divorced in October of the same year. According to TMZ, Levy submitted the official paperwork for a divorce in April 2013, citing the inability to reconcile their disagreements.

So who precisely is this Freitas character? Before making the transition to acting in films in 2003, the Portuguese celebrity, who is now 41 years old, worked as a model. According to IMDb, he has appeared in episodes of the television programmes Belmonte, South, and Conta-me Como Foi. Additionally, Freitas has penned and directed a couple short films in his career. According to the Daily Mail, the two individuals got to know one another while working on the set of an art film named David Lynch – I Know. Even though Levy has never addressed the breakup in a public forum, she did mention to InStyle that sadness is a natural part of the human experience. “Everyone has experienced the pangs of homesickness at some point in their lives.

We have all experienced what it is like to have something important taken away from us “Regarding her part in Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist, she had this to say.

“And I think that we truly explore those topics and feelings in a very true way, and music is such a lovely tool in order to access those pieces of humanity,” she said. “And I think that we really explore those themes and emotions in a very truthful way.”

Following the conclusion of his marriage to Freitas, Levy had a romantic relationship with actor Thomas McDonell. “When I was still quite young, I was married, and the marriage only lasted a few months. Nine years have passed since I first started dating my current lover “she revealed this information to the Inquirer in April of 2020. Therefore, I would say that my current relationship seems a lot more like a marriage than the marriage I had when I was 20 years old to the man I married.

Actress Jane Levy is currently in a happy relationship with Thomas McDonell

Actress Jane Levy is currently in a happy relationship with Thomas McDonell

Details On Thomas McDonell’s Girlfriend Jane Levy

Jane first started a relationship with actor Thomas McDonnell in 2011, and the two have been together for a solid nine years now. Thomas, who was born in May of 1986, comes from a family that has a distinguished history. Terry, Thomas’ father, is an editor for Sports Illustrated, and Joanie, Thomas’ mother, is also a writer. Thomas is the son of Joanie and Terry. The same may be said about Nick, Thomas’ brother, who is also a screenwriter.

Thomas has a distinguished acting record, which includes a co-starring role opposite Eliza Taylor in The 100, which airs on the CW. The Forbidden Kingdom, in which he appeared alongside Jackie Chan and Jet Li, and Twelve, in which he co-starred with Chace Crawford are among his other acting credits. Thomas also performed the lead role in the movie “Prom” that was released in 2011.

It seems that Thomas and Jane first became acquainted through their shared involvement in the sector and later began collaborating on projects. Their developing relationship quickly developed into love for one another. On the show Suburgatory, starring Jane, which has since been cancelled, Thomas appeared as a guest star. When he first started making appearances on the show, Jane was already divorced but still legally married to her then-husband.

Thomas Hunter Campbell McDonell is a well-known American actor

Thomas Hunter Campbell McDonell is a well-known American actor

Thomas McDonell Bio

Thomas Hunter Campbell McDonell is a well-known American actor who was born on May 2nd, 1986. He is most recognised for his part as Finn Collins in the post-apocalyptic television series The 100, which airs on the CW.

McDonell spent his childhood in Manhattan, New York, but went to boarding school in Andover, Massachusetts. McDonell is a native New Yorker. He completed his education at New York University. His mother, Joanie, is a writer and is of Jewish origin, while his father, Terry McDonell, is the editor of Sports Illustrated. Both of his parents are writers. Nick McDonell, another author, is his brother.

Name Thomas McDonell
Nickname Thomas Hunter Campbell McDonell
Gender Male
Date of Birth 2-May-1986
Age in 2022 36
Birth Place Manhattan, New York, U.S.
Country United States
Nationality American
Height 1.76 (m)
Weight Unknown (KGs)
Profession American Actor
Famous as And Actor

In the post-apocalyptic television drama The 100, McDonell played the role of Finn Collins. In addition, he had a part to perform in the film The Forbidden Kingdom, as well as in the film Twelve. McDonell gave a standout performance as Jesse Richter, the lead character in the teen movie Prom, which was released in 2011. On the television show Suburgatory, he has appeared in the role of Scott Strauss, Tessa’s lover. He is the band Moon’s lead singer and also plays guitar in the band. McDonell is a visual artist who has shown his work all over the world and has also curated a number of exhibitions, some of which include a video art show at a Best Buy in New York, a monochrome painting exhibition at the ArcLight Hollywood movie theatre complex, and a tunnel exhibit at the historic Southwest Museum site in Los Angeles. His conceptual fashion editorials and images have been published in print and online in magazines such as the Marfa Journal, Teen Vogue, and F Magazine. Other journals that have featured his work include Buffalo Zine and F Magazine.

Thomas McDonell’s Net Worth

When it comes to the amount of money that Thomas mc Donell has in his bank account, it is clear that the acting work he has done over the course of his career has helped him achieve a lot of success. As of the year 2022, Thomas’s net worth is nineteen million dollars. Today, Thomas is living a happy life, thanks in large part to the significant impact he made with his acting career. In addition to his career as an actor, he has also established himself as a musician and an artist. With the help of this career, Thomas has amassed a significant amount of wealth. Thomas is very content with the way his life is going.

FAQs about Thomas McDonell

Some FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) about Thomas McDonell.

What is the Net Worth of Thomas McDonell?

The Net Worth of Thomas McDonell is $100,000 -.

What is the Height of Thomas McDonell?

The height of Thomas McDonell is 1.76.

Where is the birthplace of Thomas McDonell?

The birthplace of Thomas McDonell is Manhattan, New York, U.S.

What is the Date of Birth of Thomas McDonell?

The birthday of Thomas McDonell is on 2-May-1986.

Is Thomas McDonell Married?

The marital status of Thomas McDonell is: Yet to update.

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