Thomas Ian Griffith’s Wife Mary Page Keller: Who Is She? Everything To Know About Her

Thomas Ian Griffin, an actor and martial artist, is married to American actress Mary Page Keller.

An actress known for roles in Beginners, The Negotiator, JAG, and Supernatural is Keller. Between 1982 and 1983, she began her career as a daytime soap opera actress at Ryan’s Hope. She was the cat from Another World, and she later left an effect on many comedy on television.

Keller played Laura Kelly in the Fox comedy series Duet from 1987 to 1989. She was even the star of Open House. In the aforementioned short-lived sitcoms Camp Wilder, Joe’s Life, and Baby Talk, the actress rose to prominence as the main character.

Thomas Ian Griffith

Thomas Ian Griffith

Meet Thomas Ian Griffith’s Wife: Mary Page Keller

Thomas Ian Griffith, an American actor and boxer, is married to Keller. She made her acting debut as Amanda Kirkland in the television film Ryan’s Hope. She additionally made appearances in fifteen episodes of the show.

The film Christmas on the Square’s consulting producer is Keller. In 1988, the actor began her career as a producer. She served as a producer for A Place to Hide and a co-producer for Ulterior Motives and Night of the Warrior.

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Mary Page Keller Married Thomas Griffin Ian In 1991

Eamon Michael Griffith and Connor O’Neil Griffith are the names of the couple’s two boys, who were born to Mary Page Keller and Thomas Ian Friffin in 1991. The couple may have begun dating after they were cast in the television show Another World.

The cast members’ relationship evolved into their romantic lives. Thomas played Catlin Ewing, whereas Keller featured as Sally Spencer Frame, Sally Frame, or Sally Ewing in the film. The actor’s debut cinematic role in 1984 was in this movie.

Kelle participated in the 38 episodes of the show, whereas Griffith appeared in 52. The drama’s authors are William J. Bell and Irna Phillips. Along with Victoria, Constance Ford, Hugh Marlowe, Linda Dano, Beverlee, Stephen, Anna Stuart, Judi Evans, and others, the actor appeared in several films.

Thomas and Kelle had an appearance in the 1988 film A Place to Hide. Additionally, they joined Dana Ashbrook, Arlene Dahl, Bill Erwin, and Chris Lemmon in the main cast. Thomas, Keller’s husband, wrote the story, and Scott Thomas was in charge of the filming.

After 2007, Thomas assumed the identity of Terry Silver in the television series Cobra Kai. But from 2012 to 2017, Kelle appeared in Pretty Little Liars as Dianne Fitzgerald in the episode Hot Water and Stolen Kisses. In 2020, she then worked as a producer.

Mary Page Keller: Age And Height

At this time, Keller is 61 years old. On March 3, 1961, she was born in Monterey Park, California, in the United States. The actress also appeared a little tall. While studying at the Boston Conservatory of Music, she entered the University of Maryland.

Later, in 1982, Keller made his television debut in Ryan’s Hope, an ABC program. She used to perform in a lot of musical theater performances while she was in college. Later, after working in Washington, D.C., she moved to New York. The actress afterwards relocated to California’s Los Angeles.

Thomas, Keller’s partner, was born on March 18, 1962 in Hartford, Connecticut, in the United States. He is 60 years old right now. The pair may have separated by a year. Mary Ann is a dancer, and her son is Thomas. Her mother had previously worked there. The actor’s father is Thomas Joseph Griffith.

At Hartford’s South Catholic High School, Thomas finished his high school education. Later, he enrolled in Holy Cross College. The actor then relocated to New York to further his profession.

Malia Pyles, an actress in the Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin cast who is 22 years old, is of Asian descent.

Thomas Ian Griffith's Wife

Thomas Ian Griffith’s Wife

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Mary Page Keller Net Worth: How Much Has The Actress Made?

The estimated net worth of Keller is $1 million, whereas that of her husband is about $2 million. Their respective worths could vary depending on how active they are in their fields. Keller began her adventure in 1982 and provided commentary for around 38 years.

Keller made her acting debut in Ryan’s Hope in 1982, and she later co-starred in Another World with her husband. She portrayed Holly in the Thank You, Shirley sequence in Kater & Allie in 1986. She played Kate Christopher in Scared Stiff, Janet Coulter in Chain Letter, Ellen Whitely in The Magical World of Disney, among other roles.

Keller had 68 acting credits, including roles in Life Goes On, Perry Mason: The Case of the Ruthless Reporter, Duet, Open House, Revealing Evidence: Stalking the Honolulu Strangler, and Those She Left Behind. A Mother’s Secret, Wildflower, and other examples of deception.

In addition, Keller appeared in three episodes of Pretty Little Liars. She played Sara Carver in La Dolce Vita, Ready or Not, First Person, Bottle of Secrets, Wild Thing, and other films for the television series Chasing Life.

In The Heat of the Night, The Karate Kid Part III, Wiseguy, Rock Hudson, Ulterior Motives, Kill Fee, Excessive Force, Blood of the Innocent, Hollow Point, Behind Enemy Lines, and other films, Keller’s spouse Thomas left a lasting impression.

Year Estimated Net Worth
2022 $1 million

Mary Page Keller Ethnicity Details

Keller is a native American. She might have been born in California to her loving parents. In the film industry, the actress is well-known for her work on Ryan’s Hope, Another World, Duet, Baby Talk, and Chasing Life.

At Toby’s Dinner Theatre, Keller had her early training from Toby Orenstein. The actress later started her career in daytime soap operas. In Baby Talk’s second season, she played the series’ protagonist.

In the 1990s, Keller made guest appearances on the TV shows Ellen, The Practice, NCIS, Criminal Minds, 24 as Sarah, Mad Men, Castle, The Closer, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Supernatural, Pretty Little Liars, and Scandal. She also played Lt. Commander Michaela “Micki” Shields on NCIS and Leslie Clyborn on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

As Julia Bishop on Cybill, Beth O’Neil on JAG, Brigid Scofield on NYPD Blue, Andrea Hall on Nip/Tuck, Commander in Chief, and Hart of Dixie, among others, Keller had recurrent roles.

Some Quick Facts About Mary Page Keller

Born Monterey Park, California, U.S.
Birth Date March 3, 1961
Age 61
Occupation Actress, writer, and producer
Husband Thomas Ian Griffith ​(1991)
Children 2

Fast Facts About Mary Page Keller

  • Mother was an animator for Disney Studios
  • Played Laura in The Glass Menagerie while at University of Maryland
  • Was cast on soap Ryan’s Hope while still in college
  • Met her husband, Thomas Ian Griffith, when he was cast as her on-screen love interest on Another World
Thomas Ian Griffith

Thomas Ian Griffith

Early years

Griffith was born in Hartford, Connecticut. His parents, Mary Ann (née O’Neil) and Thomas Joseph Griffith, both worked at a dance studio.

Griffith went to high school in Hartford at South Catholic High School. Then he went to College of the Holy Cross, where he made the dean’s list. After his junior year, he left to try to “make it” as an actor in New York.


Griffith became obsessed with Tae Kwon Do in high school, and when he was 18 he got his black belt. His knowledge of Tae Kwon Do helped him get the role of Terry Silver, a rival martial arts expert who tries to turn Daniel LaRusso against his friend and teacher, Mr. Miyagi, in The Karate Kid Part III, which came out in 1989.

Griffith and Tia Carrere both had roles in the 1996 movie Hollow Point. Griffith played DEA agent Max Parish, and Carrere played FBI agent Diane Norwood. Griffith has also worked with John Carpenter, who is a director. He played Jan Valek, the head vampire, in the 1998 movie Vampires. Along with John Carpenter and Sandy King, he also made the comic book series Asylum.

Griffith played Agent Jim McGrath in the film XXX, which came out in 2002.

Catlin Ewing, a character he played on the soap opera Another World from 1984 to 1987, was his first TV role. In 1999, he starred with Reba McEntire in the TV movie Secret of Giving. Earlier that year, he was in Reba’s music video for the song “What Do You Say.” In 1990, he played Rock Hudson in a TV movie called Rock Hudson. He has been a guest star on several TV shows, such as “In the Heat of the Night,” “Wiseguy,” and “One Tree Hill.”

From 2013 to 2017, Griffith wrote for the NBC TV show Grimm and worked as a story editor. In 2015, he also became a co-producer.

In the fourth and fifth seasons of Cobra Kai, in 2021 and 2022, Griffith played Terry Silver from The Karate Kid Part III.

Timeline Of Thomas Ian Griffith


Since 2013, Griffith periodically wrote and worked as a story editor for the NBC television series Grimm and became a co-producer in 2015.


In 1996, Griffith starred in the film Hollow Point alongside Tia Carrere, as DEA agent Max Parish and FBI agent Diane Norwood respectively. In the film, they try to find a money launderer who hired a hitman (Donald Sutherland) to kill Diane’s FBI partner in revenge for a wedding gone wrong, which resulted in the death of a Russian mobster’s son. He also appeared in the 1998 John Carpenter film Vampires as head vampire Jan Valek, and in the 2002 film XXX, in which he portrayed Agent Jim McGrath.


Griffith is married to his former Another World costar Mary Page Keller since 1991, and has two sons. He holds black belts in kenpo karate and tae kwon do.


Griffith’s first feature film was 1989’s The Karate Kid Part III, in which he played Terry Silver, a rival martial arts expert who influences Daniel LaRusso against his friend and mentor, Mr. Miyagi.


His first TV role was on the soap opera Another World, as Catlin Ewing, whom he played from 1984 to 1987. In 1999, he starred in the TV movie Secret of Giving with Reba McEntire; earlier in 1999, he had appeared in Reba’s video for the song “What Do You Say”. He also starred as Rock Hudson in a 1990 TV movie Rock Hudson about Hudson’s life for which he received critical acclaim. He has made guest appearances on a number of television shows, including In the Heat of the Night, Wiseguy, and One Tree Hill.


Thomas Ian Griffith (born March 18, 1962) is an American actor, producer, writer and martial artist who has starred in films and on television.

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