When Rachel Drafta’s body was discovered shot to death in her parent’s driveway, it shook the normally tranquil city of Portage, Michigan. The cops were first baffled, but they quickly learned that Theresa Petto was the name of Rachel’s ex-envious boyfriend’s ex. The documentary “Deadly Women: Hot Tempers, Cold Hearts” on Inquiry Discovery details the horrible murder and demonstrates how Theresa was directly implicated throughout the police investigation. Let’s investigate the specifics of the crime to learn more, shall we?

Theresa Petto

Theresa Petto

Who Was Theresa Petto?

Theresa Petto, a resident of Hastings, Michigan, was no stranger to tragedy. In reality, according to sources, Theresa’s three-week-old child, who was fathered by her then-boyfriend, Brent Kik, was discovered dead inside her apartment under strange circumstances four years before Rachel was murdered. The episode claimed that Theresa’s relationship with Brent deteriorated after the child’s murder and that the two ultimately decided to part ways, despite the fact that the police never pursued any charges against her for the child’s death.

Theresa was unwilling to let go of her ex-boyfriend, despite the fact that Brent eventually moved on and started making plans for a better future. She also developed feelings of jealousy and frequently snapped at her ex if she found out she was seeing someone else. Investigators, according to the episode, think that her jealousy is what drove her to stalk Brent, which is how she found out about his relationship with Rachel Drafta.

She and Brent were somewhat exclusive at the time of Rachel’s murder and even had romantic dreams about one another. They were unaware of the tragedy that would soon crush their aspirations and goals, though. On June 24, 2015, Theresa finally found a gun and went to Rachel’s parents’ house after losing all control over her feelings of envy. When she arrived, she saw the victim in the driveway and started firing carelessly at her. When the police arrived, they discovered Rachel unresponsive while the culprit had disappeared. The victim was moved to a nearby hospital right afterwards by authorities, but Rachel passed suddenly two days later while still receiving medical attention since her injuries were too severe. After an examination, it was found that the bullet wounds were what killed her.

The police quickly learned that Rachel was seeing Brent, who was still being pursued by his ex-girlfriend, Theresa Petto, despite the fact that there were initially relatively few leads to pursue in the inquiry. Detectives discovered sufficient evidence to disprove Theresa’s early denials of involvement in the crime and her insistence on her innocence, and as a result, they arrested the suspect.

Is Theresa Petto Dead or Alive?

Theresa initially entered a not guilty plea when she was called to testify in court, but she soon altered it to guilty but mentally ill. She was thus given a life sentence without the possibility of parole in 2016. It’s interesting to note that Theresa requested a new trial in 2019 and even attempted to retract her guilty plea, but both requests were ultimately denied. Theresa was consequently incarcerated in March 2022 when rumors of her passing started to spread. Although the news was formally announced on March 14, the cause of her passing has not yet been made public!