SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS: A distraught police officer requested assistance at the scene where a truck full of migrants’ dead bodies was discovered in Texas, complaining that there were “too many bodies” to handle.

The plea was made as San Antonio police were utilizing police radios to look for the tractor-eluded trailer’s driver. The unnamed cop reportedly said, “I have too many bodies here.”

According to the San Antonio Express-News, Homero Zamorano, the driver at the time of the accident, was apparently “quite high on meth,” and one of the officers aired his description during the hunt for him. Heavily built Hispanic man. He might have on a dark shirt,” the officer stated. According to a different officer, the driver may have a rabbit and a teardrop tattooed on his neck, as well as a teardrop on his cheek.



Zamorano, who was afterwards detained, was recognized by his black shirt with stripes. He had previously gone through an immigration checkpoint, and a hat he was sporting matched a recording made there. The motorist could be seen grinning in a social media snapshot leaning out of the driver’s side.

Authorities were informed by Christian Martinez, 28, who they believe to be his accomplice, that Zamorano was unaware that the trailer’s air conditioner had broken down. Martinez allegedly used code to ask Zamorano, “Where you at,” in text exchanges between the two that were retrieved. “Wya, bro,” the message apparently said.

On Monday, June 27, a tractor-trailer containing at least 46 deceased migrants was discovered on a Texas highway. On San Antonio’s Quintana Road, the 18-wheeler’s interior contained the bodies. Up to 16 survivors were first taken in various states to local hospitals, however some of them later passed away. Over 51 people have now passed away.

Marcelo Ebrard, the foreign minister of Mexico, and Ruben Minutti-Zanatta, the consul general of Mexico, have stated that the authorities have so far identified at least 27 Mexicans, seven Guatemalans, and two Hondurans. The other victims’ nationalities have not yet been determined. Officials have revealed that there are 21 women and 39 males among the dead migrants. Carla and Griselda Carac Tambriz, sisters from Guatemala’s Colcajá canton, Nahualá, and Sololá, perished in the vehicle that was transporting approximately 100 passengers from Mexico to the US.

Authorities caught the truck driver in a neighboring area after he initially tried to get away. Federal authorities have taken charge of him. Two more suspects have been detained, one of them, according to the authorities, is an American citizen. First responders claimed that as they got closer to the car, they discovered “stacks of bodies” that were supposedly covered in steak seasoning to mask the smell of the migrants’ decomposing corpses.

The 18-wheeler, which apparently lacked refrigeration and air conditioning, was where the survivors were rescued. San Antonio experienced a high of 103 degrees on Monday. First responders determined that the patients had heat stroke.