Thelma Christoforou (CrossFit) Age & Birthday

Thelma Christoforou was born on 11th June 1987 and her age is 33 years old.

Thelma Christoforou (CrossFit) Height

Thelma Christoforou’s height is 5 Feet & 8 Inches.

Thelma Christoforou (CrossFit) Biography/Wiki

Cyprus’ National Champion, Thelma Christoforou used to be frightened of peaks and swimming in open water. That’s why she loves cross-fit.It might appear contradictory at first, but Thelma employs the activity as a method to confront her phobias; what she really enjoys the most about it is that she is capable of accomplishing things she never thought she could do. Thelma was declared fittest in Cyprus every year since 2016. She won every single workout of the 2019 Open within her country and ranked within the top 100 global.


thelma christoforou

First name: Thelma

Last name: Christoforou

Gender: Female

Age: 33

Weight: 60kg (132lb)

Height: 168cm (5ft 6in)

Place of birth: Greece

Date of birth: 11.06.1987

Country: Greece

Thelma Christoforou (CrossFit) CrossFit Journey

Before taking on CrossFit, the Cypriot athlete was described as a pro volleyball player. She started CrossFit at a period when nobody knew anything about the game in Cyprus or what this brand new gym was around.


thelma christoforou crossfit

A friend encouraged her over at 2012 as means to enhance her fitness for volleyball. After a year of training and, for the next three years, Thelma competed in either. She participated in the Open for the first time in 2016 and, despite the fact that she was crowned Fittest in Cyprus, her global rank was above the 2000 s.

Since then her operation has improved somewhat, which year she finished 87th in the planet.

A total of 21 Cypriot women participated from the great outdoors in 20-19, even though Thelma says the sport is rising and growing very fast in Cyprus. “As life here has a slow pace, the athletes turn into good athletes very fast, because they’ve got more time to teach compared to, as an example, athletes at Athens.”

Thelma engaged at the Meridian Regional at 2018.

Qualifying for the Games this summer was her along with her coach’s target from the beginning of the growing season.

“In case it hadn’t happened I would feel frustrated, I really devote a tricky effort to reach it.”

Thelma Christoforou (CrossFit) Competition & Challenges

Thelma Christoforou really loves competing in high ranking events contrary to top athletes. She’s travelled and strove to compete alot, especially at Cyprus and Greece.


thelma christoforou_in_crossfit competition

“Competitions have built my character as a athlete, the longer you compete, the more you know on your own; not to be scared, not to be so nervous during the competition. You get used to it when you compete a lot and it can help so much later on.

Cyprus is the island in the Mediterranean with a population estimated at 1.2 million in 2019. The official languages are Greek and Turkish. According to the Official Cross-fit Affiliates Map, you will find just seven Boxes from the Nation.

Cyprus is the third largest and third most populous island in the Mediterranean.

Thelma Christoforou (CrossFit) Body Measurement

Thelma Christoforou has a decent height of 5 feet 6 inches. She has a well-maintained, fit body that weighs around 60 kg. Her blonde hair and dark brown eyes provide a perfect complement to her stunning beauty.


thelma christoforou crossfit body

Height Approx: 5 feet 7 inches

Weight Approx: 59 Kg

Eye Color: Dark Brown

Hair Color: Blonde

Shoe Size: 6 US

Thelma Christoforou (CrossFit) Early Life

Thelma’s parents are both Cypriot, but she grew up in Greece after her parents had to leave their house island. They started a new life in Greece, therefore that she has the Cypriot and Greek nationalities. Nevertheless, she’s always reflected Cyprus in sports it’s really a place her family has ever been close with their hearts.


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A new volleyball contract in 2012 supposed that Thelma had the possibility to move back again to Cyprus. “It’s a small island and I really love my life ,” she said. “I am Cypriot and I am very proud to reflect the title of Cyprus in game.”

She trains in CrossFit Limassol, Cyprus’ first Box, which she obviously says could be your most effective one.

She’s also a fitness expert there and suits her courses between her workout sessions. She does not follow a specific nutrition program and admits that she can eat more. “I feel like I don’t have enough time to simply have a rest and eat. I always want to coach plus it ought to be with the feeling of an empty stomach, I can’t train feeling like I have food in my belly.”

Her favourite WODs have leg-work; she enjoys squats, step ups and overhead squats, but what she enjoys the most is a heavy catch.

Thelma Christoforou At the Greatest Stage OF Cross Fit

About visiting the Games and also her expectations,” Thelma stated: “I have always needed to visit through the united states, I have never been. The combination of going and competing is a rather big deal for me personally.


thelma christoforou in competition

“I’m really excited to have such a long trip together with my team and trainer and friends and family, which I love because I’ll have support there. I’m very excited to find exactly the workouts, should they’ll fit me, if I will like them, exactly what it will likely be like to see most of the very best athletes and also be close to them.

“I am not going there for fun; I am not going there just because I capable and now it’s fun — I wish to give my best and leave saying that I have done everything I could. I really don’t want to express I could have done better or didn’t push myself .

“I’m confident that if I train hard might work will show — I hope .”

Thelma Christoforou (CrossFit) Interview 

1) Whois Thelma Christoforou? (where are you from, what do you do, a little about yourself (hobbies, and so on )

I was born and raised in Greece, Athens and that I currently reside in Cyprus, a tiny beautiful greek island where my parents where born.

2) How many years are you training? (Just like how you have started, and so on )

I have been training in cross fit approximately 6 years. I had been a pro volleyball player and then I started Crossfit in order to become more healthy and strong for my sport. Finally I felt in love with it and soon begun to compete in local contests.

3) Whats become the very challenging/hardest part of your travel so far? And just how do you overcome these (setbacks, rejections, harms, virtually whatever difficult that you have had to over come )

Until today, Thank God I didn’t have any big difficulties throughout my own journey. Some injuries but that’s from the match and I have learned to be patient and stay positive.

4) Exactly what exactly does your normal workout/diet pattern look like? (With some specific protocols you rate)

I spend more than 4-5 hours per day for training and I know I will eat more food than I do. It is extremely tough for me to organize my meals because I also work between my sessions and finish my own job late at night therefore prep for a day later does take time and I dont consistently orginize it well. I start my day having a conditioning session and eat my morning meal instantly then, Then I work for two or three hours at the gym as a fitness expert.

As so on as in finish using workout I’m having a bite maybe then break for an hour plus that I start my own weightlifting session. After that I continue my training with some workouts after which lunch which is some pasta or grow with poultry and veggies. After that I have other lessons before nighttime once I go eat my dinner pretty much similar with the lunch. Some carbs and some veggies and protein – This is my every day story.

5) What new knowledge have you heard over this past year regarding training, lifestyle and nutrition? (And has it changed your focus to your future).

Of these years of fitness and training I’ve learned that you can achieve your wildest dreams if you are a hard worker! However, you also have to respect your body and take care of it. Rest when you want to so as to avoid harms!

6) Whats your preferred cheat/Treat meal?

My fav cheat meal will soon probably be unquestionably something sweet such as chocolates and ice creams!

7) Whats one nutritional supplement that you could not live without?

Perhaps one of the main supplements for me personally are electrolytes and bcaa. I normally have bcaa within my training they allow me to feel livelier and electrolytes specially at summer time (which is veeery sexy here in Cyprus!) I feel that my body requires fluids and hydration!

8) If you had to start your travels from scratch with your wellness & body that which will you do differently and why?

I really don’t believe I would change whatever within my journey before now. I worked hard to reach goals I have set and collaborate with people that I admire and also learned things from every coach I have caused.

9) Who would you look upto in the fitness industry and the reason why?

I follow a lot of athletes, trainers in the fitness industry and sometimes share knowledge, thoughts, programs which I find very trendy!

10) If you had to offer one bit of information for people beginning exactly what could that be?

My advice to people they start today would be to have patience and do not rash things. Set little goals and attempt to reach one at a time.

1 1 ) What new goals do you really have coming?

My closer goal right now is to bring the best of me at Crossfit Games 2020. I know the groundwork will soon probably be hard but I always enjoy the process of me becoming fitter!

12 ) Where can people find you? (website, Social Networking accounts)

I love to get in contact with people who want to understand me as a individual and athlete and also share my travel with them! I motivated me! People may find me in Instagram: @thelma.