After learning where his tools are in The Sandman Season 1 Episode 2, Morpheus’s mission officially starts in the third episode when he locates Johanna Constantine to get his pouch of sand.

In the episode, Jenna Coleman plays Johanna Constantine, a Neil Gaiman creation that initially debuted in The Sandman #13 and is a distant relative of Alan Moore’s character John Constantine. In the Netflix adaption, Johanna is a professional exorcist who practises occultism.

Morpheus learned a valuable lesson about humanity from Johanna in addition to assisting him in finding his sand pouch. Her wit and perceptive instincts create a fun dynamic with Morpheus. The Patton Oswalt-voiced crow Matthew was another new character in this episode.

The Sandman Season 1 Episode 3

The Sandman Season 1 Episode 3

The Sandman Season 1 Episode 3: Dream a Little Dream of Me

Before Johanna arrived at the church to officiate a wedding, the episode opened with a peek of her unsettling dreams. She was supposed to perform an exorcism on the bride, a princess from the royal family. The groom, who was viciously torn apart for the demon to emerge, turned out to be the one who was possessed by the demon.

When Morpheus arrived, he recognised Agilieth as the demonic presence and convinced him to reveal where his tools were in exchange for Johanna sparing him the exorcism. He begged her to listen, but she disregarded him and sent him back to Hell.

After realising she had left the pouch in her ex-place, partner’s Johanna and Morpheus set off on the journey together. When she got there, she only discovered that Rachel and herself were together in a dream. Morpheus shook her awake, and she discovered Rachel on her deathbed with the pouch keeping her alive.

Johanna responded by reprimanding Morpheus and demonstrating to him what it felt like to care about a loved one after Morpheus grabbed the pouch and accused her of being responsible for her friend’s condition. He was moved by her conviction and gave Rachel a little sand before letting her slumber in peace.

At the meantime, Ethel’s reunion with her son in the mental institution did not go as planned. He disclosed that he had changed the ruby so that it only functioned for him. He also refused to reveal the location of the stone in spite of his mother’s concerns that the Sandman would pursue him.

Ethel gave her son the Amulet of Protection toward the end of The Sandman’s second episode so he wouldn’t pursue the ruby. She soon started to appear her age, and then she died right in front of him. After their attempts to shoot John backfired due to the amulet defending him, facility guards shattered into shreds of flesh.

The Sandman continues to amp up the gore with the third episode

Due to its depictions of self-harm, violence, gore, and nudity as well as its use of drugs and other substances, The Sandman is only suitable for adults. After Corinthian’s eyeless sockets were shown in the first episode, Episode 3’s violent gore increased with the explosion of the mental hospital’s guards and the demon tearing into Kevin’s body.

Matthew, the raven’s entrance also provided an intriguing contrast to Morpheus’ depressing demeanour, and the two’s interaction is sure to keep viewers entertained in the next episodes.

Overall, the show’s graphics continued to astound viewers. With the wide range of religious, historical, and philosophical topics investigated in the fantasy play, Gaiman’s influence was still clearly discernible in the adaptation.

Netflix now offers streaming access to all of The Sandman’s episodes.