American actor Nick Prugo, 31, was born in 1991, and is best known for the crime he committed in 2009 while serving as the Bling Ring gang’s leader and mastermind. Records show that the bling ring stole designer clothing, Rolexes, and high-end handbags worth more than $3 million.

Later that year, Prugo revealed many details about crime in an interview with Vanity Fair, including the reason they targeted Paris Hilton as their first victim. Nick claimed that they chose Paris as their first victim because they believed her to be “dumb,” and that the key was hidden under the mat when they arrived at their residence.

According to the police, Hilton’s home was robbed five times. Other famous people who fell victim to Bling Ring heists included Lindsay Lohan, Orlando Bloom, and Rachel Bilson. All suspects were later apprehended after police used CCTV footage to identify them all.

The alleged gang members who are accused of burglary were allegedly becoming wealthy and well-known; for instance, 18-year-old Alexis Neiers appeared in “Pretty Wild,” which aired on the E! network.

Following additional robberies, former child star Nick Prugo (Norgo) saw an increase in his net worth to more than $372,000.

He belonged to the Calabasas, California, gang of thieves known as the Bling Ring.

The American native convicted felon and his gang members stole an estimated $3 million USD in cash, jewellery, and other valuables from celebrities’ homes in 2008 and 2009.

With its newest docuseries, Channel 4 is delving into the actual events that inspired the fictional characters played by Emma Watson and Taissa Farmiga in Sofia Coppola’s The Bling Ring, which was about teenage burglars who broke into the homes of celebrities in the late aughts.

Nick is now a member of the production team for the 2022 three-part mini-documentary series and has access to the gang that committed the burglary.

Nick Prugo

Nick Prugo

What Will Nick Prugo’s Net Worth Be in 2022?

Nick Prugo, a former convicted felon, is thought to have a net worth of USD 372,000, per a Celebs Week report.

Nick has managed to amass a modest amount of wealth for himself despite the fact that the majority of the assets obtained through robbery were either spent or taken by the police. With his newly discovered career in show business, his earnings and investments are anticipated to increase by this year.

Nick Prugo

Nick Prugo

He operates an online store selling daily necessities and home goods on Amazon. He co-owns Porgo Essentials, an Instagram store that sells home goods, with his husband, Per Norgo. The couple reaches out to potential customers for their business using social media sites like Instagram.

They might also make a small income from the affiliate programme, as most online entrepreneurs use affiliate marketing to supplement their income.

Nick Prugo: Who Is He?

Real Name Nicholas Frank Prugo
Net Worth USD 372,000
Education Qualification College Graduate
Husband Per Norgo
Marital Status Married
Sibings Sister: Victoria Prugo
Ethnicity Caucasian
Nationality America
Sexuality Gay
Birth Place Los Angeles, California
Born Date November 15, 1991
Age 31
Known For The Real Bling Ring: Hollywood Heist
Profession Public Figure

Approximately USD 3 million in cash, priceless ornaments, and other belongings were stolen from the homes of celebrities and television personalities by Nick Prugo, one half of the duo behind the Bling Ring housebreaking and burglaries, and his criminal associates.

The former felon was Nicholas Frank Prugo when he was born on November 15, 1991, in Los Angeles, California, the United States of America. He was raised in Granada Hills by middle-class parents. After marrying his boyfriend, he later adopted the surname Norgo.

He initially intended to pursue a career in acting after landing a small role in the 2003 TV quasi-documentary Little Lost Souls: Children Possessed. But while still in school, he gave up acting and became friends with Rachel Lee, who would later take the helm of the Bling Ring. After becoming friends with Nick because of their shared love of social media and fashion, Rachel Lee went on to lead the Bling Ring.

Early Years

Nick Prugo

Nick Prugo

Nick, who was born and raised in Los Angeles, attended Calabasas High School for a short time before being expelled due to a pattern of excessive absences. He transferred to Indian Hills High School after being kicked out of Calabasas High School. He received his first child acting job in 2003, portraying Kenny in Little Lost Souls: Children Possessed. The exorcism of children whose parents thought they were under the devil’s control was the subject of the film.

Nick made friends with Rachel and other students who later joined the Bling Ring while attending Indian Hills High School. He quickly developed a nightlife addiction, enjoyed drug intoxication, and started robbing his parents.

Timeline of the Bling Ring Robbery, as told by Nick Prugo

The Bling Ling gang’s leader, who was in charge of robbing $3 million from the homes of famous people like Paris Hilton and Orlando Bloom, said that he “never in his wildest dreams” imagined that heists would “reach the levels of criminality it did” in a new documentary that aired on Channel 4.

At the age of 18, Nick Prugo became well-known for organising several celebrity home invasions by Calabasas teenagers.

Seven members in total

The robbery gang initially consisted only of Nick Prugo and Rachel Lee. Before moving on to bigger prey, the two started small by robbing cars from wealthy neighbourhoods.

A total of seven teenagers and young adults are said to have participated in the crime after they started enlisting more accomplices.

The Seven Hollywood Thieves Who Make Up The Real Bling Ring

Neiers, a particular member, asserts that Lee started it all. The seven individuals who occasionally robbed the homes of celebrities during the crime spree included Neiers, Courtney Ames, Diana Tamayo, Johnny Ajar, and Roy Lopez Jr. in addition to Nick Prugo and Rachel Lee.

Eight famous people reported home burglaries

Prugo and Lee first pursued the Paris Hilton estate as a celebrity property. With the help of gossip websites like Perez Hilton, they were able to obtain Hilton’s address and determine when she would be away from her house. Prugo and Lee used information they learned from using Google Earth to plan the most direct route to Hilton’s home to successfully steal items valued at thousands of dollars on their first try.

The Bling Ring also stole from other famous people, including Audrina Patridge, Orlando Bloom, Miranda Kerr, Rachel Bilson, Brian Austen Green, Megan Fox, and Lindsay Lohan.

Repeat Bulgary at the Same Celebrity Residence

Apparently, the robber gang Bling Ring felt that robbing a celebrity just once wasn’t sufficient, as evidenced by the fact that the Bling Ring committed numerous thefts from the same celebrity.

Between three and six times, the group made an attempt to break into Rachel Bilson’s house, as well as multiple times at Hilton’s house. Lee and Prugo were compelled to sell a sizable portion of Bilson’s clothing and accessories because they stole so many of them from her home. They lacked the room to keep everything by themselves.

The A24 Production Presented Alexis Neiers As The Bling Ring’s Mastermind

The Bling Ring, a film by A24 production company, is based on the teen burglars. Israel Broussard plays Prugo in the movie, and Emma Watson plays Neiers. In the film, Neiers is portrayed as the mastermind behind the robberies, but she and Prugo dispute the claim that she was the one who first put the gang together. Prugo’s invitation to Neiers to join him in a heist was the only thing that brought her into the crime wave.

Nevertheless, Alexis was found guilty and given a prison term. Unexpectedly, she discovered that she was in the same cell block as one of her victims. In an interview with Online, Neiers bragged about living close to one of her victims. Just before Neiers’ sentence ended, Lohan was put in the same cell block as him.

Nick Prugo is currently where?

As of right now, Prugo is wed to his Swedish businessman love, Per Norgo. According to reliable sources, Nick and his spouse were wed on a Carmel beach on November 28, 2017. The pair is well known for taking an outspoken stance in favour of the rights of LGBTQ+ people. For more information about Nick, visit his Instagram account.

Cooperating With Police, Nick Prugo

Nick made the decision to assist the police in resolving the case after being apprehended. He attempted to make amends with each victim and early accepted responsibility for his crimes. He gave back to the celebrities everything he had in his possession.

Some of his former friends and gang members called him a rat, but he responded, “If accepting responsibility for my crimes and attempting to assist the police makes me a rat, then so be it. Simply put, I’m attempting to right my wrongs.

Some FAQs

What is Nick Prugo’s age?

Nick Prugo is 31 years old.

Does Nick Prugo have a girlfriend?

No, Nick Prugo doesn’t have a girlfriend.

Who is Nick Prugo married to?

Nick Prugo is married to his boyfriend Per Norgo.

How long did Nick Prugo serve in prison?

Nick Prugo served two years in prison.

Who were involved in the Bling Ring robberies?

Rachel Lee, Nick Prugo, Alexis Neiers, Diana Tamoyo, and Courtney Ames.