Bebop and Bebe, a TikTok page with over three and a half million followers, appears to be a regular, eccentric, mother-daughter account at first glance. So, what does this duo do differently to gain such a large audience?

Videos of Bebop, a child who appears to be around eight or nine years old, and her mom, who enjoys using strange cosmetic filters, can be found on the page.

Together, they lip-synch poorly to audios as they dance to songs like Kenny Loggins’ “Footloose” and Louis Theroux’s “Jiggle Jiggle” remix. Typically, this is done against the backdrop of what appears to be a brightly decorated girl’s room, with Bebop showcasing a variety of eye-catching hair and makeup looks.

 Bebop and Bebe

Real Name Of Bebop And Bebe (bebopandbebe)

The real name of Bebop and Bebe is still mysterious, like other information.

In their videos, moms and daughters may be seen the following fashion, lip-syncing to hit songs and sporting complementary or related-colored attire.

Nobody would think it strange if a mother and daughter had fun on a social networking app.

But the account was looked into when investigative journalists saw something suspicious going on.

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Bebop and Bebe Age: Meet Mother-Daughter TikTok Duo

Bebop and Bebe, the mother-daughter duo with a notable age gap, are taking over the internet with their charismatic personality.

The mother seems to be in her early to mid-30s, while the daughter is of preteen age. She appears to be 10-12 years old.

Their significant age gap does not limit them in their creativity.

 Bebop and Bebe

Bebop and Bebe

Where Are Bebop And Bebe From?

Bebop and Bebe are the TikTokers who have grabbed all the spotlight on social media. The pair is originally from the United States.

Their current location after the controversy and conspiracy is still hidden for unknown reasons.

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What Happened To Bebop And Bebe?

Bebopandbebe, a mother-daughter team on TikTok, is allegedly said to be missing. Recently, Bebop and Bebe gained popularity due to the uniqueness of their videos.

Bebop and Bebe have attracted millions of views and tens of thousands of ostensibly worried commenters to their page over the past few months as the focal point of a vast, multi-armed conspiracy theory that has taken chiefly root on TikTok.

At first glance, Bebop and Bebe, a TikTok page with more than two million followers, looks like a normal, if a little strange, family account. The page has videos of Bebop, a girl with straight hair who looks to be about 8 or 9 years old, and her mom, a peroxide-blonde who likes to use ethereal makeup filters, mugging for the camera. Together, they lip-sync badly to audios while dancing to songs like “Footloose” by Kenny Loggins and Louis Theroux’s “Jiggle Jiggle” remix. Most of the time, they do this in what looks like a flashily decorated preteen girl’s room, with Bebop showing off a wide range of impressive hairstyles and makeup looks.

When you read the comments, you get the feeling that something more sinister might be going on. One comment with 1,559 likes says, “Wear green if you’re kidnapped 3,” and another says, “Put a heart next to your next video if you’re in danger.” (In the next video they post, neither Bebop nor Bebe are wearing green, but the title is surrounded by heart emojis. This isn’t unusual, though, since most of their video titles have emojis.) In one of the videos, “That’s Not My Name” by the Ting-Tings, a commenter says, “She’s not saying “hey-hey.” She is asking for help.

In the past few months, Bebop and Bebe have become the focus of a big, complicated conspiracy theory that has mostly taken root on TikTok, bringing millions of views and thousands of supposedly worried commenters to their page. Many of these commenters think that Bebop is being forced to make videos, and they blame Bebe’s brother, who is sometimes called “the Brother” and is sometimes seen in the videos. They also think Bebop has an older brother who has been locked out of his social media accounts because he refused to film with the family (a teenage boy can be seen in some older videos, but his absence can easily be explained by the fact that a teenager may not want to appear in TikTok videos with his mom and little sister anymore.)

But the rumors go a lot further than that. Many people think that Bebop and/or Bebop and Bebe are being trafficked because they often film in a room with a lock. Some people have said that the bedroom is actually a set (something Bebe herself confirmed in a Live, though recording from a set is not uncommon among content creators). Some people have said that BeBop is not a real child because she sometimes looks like an adult. Instead, they think she is an adult or teenager who is forced to act like a child, like Gypsy Rose Blanchard. Some (but by no means all) of Bebop and Bebe’s content is really disturbing. For example, in one video, Bebop wears a low-cut police uniform that’s usually seen on older women, and in another, she wears a collar that’s common in the kink community. This has made this thread go viral.

Bebop and Bebe

Bebop and Bebe

The most sinister part of this story, though, is the idea that Bebop is really a missing child named Aranza Maria Ochoa-Lopez. Aranza is a four-year-old girl from Vancouver, Washington, who was in foster care before her biological mother, Esmerelda Lopez-Lopez, allegedly took her away. Lopez-Lopez was arrested in 2019 and pleaded guilty to second-degree kidnapping and robbery and first-degree custodial interference. As a result, he got a 20-month sentence, but Aranza is still missing and is thought to be living with relatives in Mexico.

Bebop and Bebe keep making content without directly responding to any of the worried comments on their page. This has made the situation “the TikTok sleuthing project of the month,” says Abbie Richards, an internet culture researcher who focuses on TikTok conspiracy theories. The Bebop and Bebe account has sparked the interest of armchair detectives, YouTube commentators, and true-crime TikTokers who like “digging up missing people” and “picking apart the videos as proof that they’re trapped.” I mean, the story they’re making up is really scary,” Richards says.

People who have made videos about the account on YouTube and TikTok don’t necessarily believe all of the specific conspiracy theories they explain. Some say they are speaking out about Bebop and Bebe because “something is clearly not right,” says Hannah, a full-time content creator on YouTube who goes by the handle @hannahthehorribleyt. More than 210,000 people watched her YouTube video about Bebop and Bebe that talked about the different theories about the channel.

DramaKween, aka YouTuber Kaytlyn Stewart, has more than 250,000 subscribers. She has made four videos about the Bebop and Bebe conspiracy theories. (A company that makes plastic roses paid for one of the videos.) She found Bebop and Bebe on TikTok a few months ago when she searched for “creepy TikTok account” while looking for content for a video. “I think the number of conspiracy theories about it is what makes it so interesting,” she says. “There’s a mother and child on a set making TikToks together. They haven’t told us where they live. We don’t know for sure how old the child is. So many strange things go together. Why is there a door in this set? Why are there speakers in the corner of this bedroom? It’s so interesting to me because there are so many unanswered questions.”

In reality, it’s not that hard to find out who Bebop and Bebe really are. Rolling Stone won’t print Bebop’s real name or the name of her mother because she is still a minor. However, she is a regular on the pageant circuit in the southern United States, where she goes by a stage name, which isn’t that unusual. (It’s also not hard to figure out how old she is. A Facebook post from a competition she won last year says that as of June 2021, she was between the ages of four and eight.) On her Pageant Planet profile, she lists the pageants she’s been in and says that she and her mother are “social media influencers.” Last summer, a man who seems to be a close family member based on his social media posts registered her stage name as an LLC.

According to the contact information in their bios, Bebop and Bebe are managed by an agency called Six Degrees of Influence Talent. This is a marketing agency for influencers that is registered in Calabasas, California (though unlike many agencies, Six Degrees of Influence Talent does not list its clients on its public website). Bebe, Six Degrees of Influence Talent, and the man listed as the registrant of Bebop’s LLC didn’t respond to Rolling Stone’s calls and emails asking for comment, but the public footprint left by the family members in their roles as influencers suggests that this is at least not a case of criminal trafficking.

The idea that Bebop is really the missing child from Washington State in disguise is another theory that is easy to disprove. Bebe’s social media posts show pictures of Bebop as a toddler with her mom and siblings from 2017, which is a long time before Lopez disappeared. When asked for a comment, people from the Seattle FBI’s public affairs office said that the agency had looked into tips from “armchair detectives” that suggested this, but that “the theory that Bebop might actually be Aranza is something our investigators have looked into and found to be false.” We do appreciate the help of the public in this case, but the search for Aranza is still going on.” (The office wouldn’t say how many of these tips they had gotten.)

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