The death of a woman in the early hours of the morning during a home invasion horrified Chesapeake City in Maryland in November 2009. Terri McCoy, her parents, and her partner were inside the house when four teenagers broke in with the intention of stealing them. She was caught up in the invasion and one of the invaders shot her right away. Murder Comes To Town: The Dangers of Success on Investigation Discovery meticulously examines all the details and perspectives of the case, showing viewers what precisely transpired in the early hours of that crucial day that permanently altered the McCoy family. We have the information you need if you are interested in the case and want to find out who committed the crime and where they are now. So let’s just get started.

Terri McCoy Murder

Terri McCoy Murder

How Did Terri McCoy Die?

The McCoy family was sleeping inside their house at 3700 Augustine Herman Highway on November 4, 2009, when four armed and disguised teenagers came in about one in the morning. Terry McCoy, 63, was awakened by the commotion and initially believed it might have been her daughter Terri Ann McCoy falling from a low blood sugar state. He tried to keep the door to his bedroom, which he shared with his wife Geraldine McCoy, 62, closed when he saw masked boys with rifles and realized it was someone breaking into his house. However, he was outmatched, and one of the invaders pistol-whipped Terry, permanently damaging his eye. Three trespassers burst in fast, and one of them held a terrified and scared Geraldine at gunpoint. Terry was brought to the living room by the other two burglars, who were looking for cash and jewels.

Terri Ann McCoy, the couple’s 40-year-old daughter, was awakened by all the ruckus and went downstairs to find out what was going on so late at night. At the second-floor landing, Terri was shot five times by the fourth invader, who was stationed at the kitchen door keeping watch. Terry had been forced to open the safes by the invaders and then lay face down. Terry heard gunshots while he was on the ground, but he had no idea that his own daughter had been shot.

The burglars broke in, stole jewels valued at $500,000, and then fled the scene after emptying the safe. As the burglars fled, Terri’s 10-year companion Tara McCoy, 33, sprang to her aid. Terry reportedly heard her daughter say, “I’m dying” as she hurried to her. Terri was declared dead from numerous gunshot wounds at Christiana Hospital in Delaware after the emergency personnel alerted the authorities and brought her there.

Who Killed Terri McCoy?

Seth Dallas Jedlicka, the group’s youngest member at the time and 16 years old, wore simply war paint while the other three intruders wore ski masks. Geraldine took this risk by carefully observing Seth’s face and memorizing every feature despite being in the middle of a fatal home invasion. According to court documents, she swore to commit the face to memory with such precision that it later aided the detectives in creating an exact composite drawing of Seth. The investigators came up with four suspects in the house invasion with the aid of that and the tracking of the jewelry that the trespassers sold for $30,000 to a jeweler in Philadelphia, one of whom was Seth of Middletown.

Seth was missing when the authorities raided his home in February 2010, and according to reports, his family did not know where he was. Police in Miami, Florida, detained Seth and another one of the four suspects on March 15, 2010. Seth allegedly implicated himself on March 24, 2010, while speaking on a phone that was being recorded in the county jail. Seth was apparently named as a participant by 6 witnesses. Seth was found guilty of Terri’s murder and robbery thanks to all of this supporting evidence and the assistance of one of the invaders who had accepted a plea agreement.

Where is Seth Jedlicka Today?

Seth was accused of being the meanest and abusive throughout the trial by the McCoy family, even as the victim was on the ground after being shot several times. As he took valuables out of the bedroom safe, he flashed a “cocky smirk.” The couple’s other daughter, VanCulin, even claimed that Seth had stripped her father of his dignity by making him parade around the house in only his underwear. The State sought a conviction for felony murder rather than claiming Seth was the gunman. He was found guilty of theft over $100,000, armed robbery, first-degree burglary, use of a handgun in the commission of a felony, first-degree assault, first-degree felony murder, and conspiracy to commit the substantive offenses. The court noted that his flight to Florida was an admission of “a consciousness of his own guilt.” Seth was given a life sentence for first-degree murder by visiting Judge Christian M. Kahl, but all but 60 years were later suspended. The court sentenced Seth to a total of 60 more years in prison for the other offenses, which would run concurrently with his murder conviction.

He is currently detained at North Branch Correctional Institution in Cumberland, according to court documents, where he must complete the entirety of his sentence—at least 30 years—before being eligible for parole. Seth appealed his sentence reduction on August 29, 2017, however his appeal was rejected.