If you’re looking for a Techno Gamerz phone number, you’ve come to the right place. This YouTube channel is one of the most popular gaming channels on the internet.

The track has over 23 million subscribers and has become one of India’s most prominent gaming YouTubers. This website also has a toll-free number and a home address for those needing immediate assistance. Toll-free numbers can be beneficial when you need to contact a representative in the United States, as they are not subject to local fees.The number provided is for Ujjwal Chaurasia, a famous gamer from Delhi. His YouTube channel has nearly 19 million subscribers, and he has several social media accounts. You can contact him at his Ujjwal channel if you need any assistance. You can also find his home address, phone number, and email address on his official website. You can also call him via social media for updates and special offers.


Techno Gamerz Biography/Wiki | Phone Number

He has a high net worth and has a girlfriend, but you can’t be sure if you can contact him. The channel’s owner is Ujjwal Chaurasia. The YouTuber is a 19-year-old who streams GTA V. He also has a girlfriend and a very successful income.
If you want to contact Ujjwal, he is the best person to reach. He makes daily game videos and is very popular with the younger audience. His GTA 5 series is a fan favourite. He also has a devoted following. You can contact him by contacting him on his youtube channel. You can also reach him through his mobile phone number. The company has over 100K subscribers. The track is known for its quality content and is a must-watch for technology fans.

If you have a friend who loves Techno Gamerz’s YouTube videos, you can share your news and updates with them. The YouTube channel is a great place to meet other gamers, and you can connect with other fans there. You can also message the track to see if anyone wants to collaborate with him. It is worth a look to see what all the hype is about. And if you’re curious to know more about him, check out his bio! You’ll be happy you listened to this fantastic YouTuber. The video creators have worked hard to become the top Indian gaming stars.

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Techno Gamerz Career | Phone Number

After school, Ujjawal comes home and plays games on his mother’s phone. He was videotaping the game and uploading it to YouTube. At the time, his video had a deficient number of views. Her brother saw some of her videos after they went viral. Ujjawal’s brother then encouraged her to make a video. Then ujjwal began posting videos on YouTube regularly. In 2017, it launched its first YouTube channel. Techno Gamer Divert was the track’s original name, which was later changed to Techno Gamer. This channel features videos about technology and gaming. Currently, ujjwal’s YouTube channel features games such as GTA 5, Hitmen, Free Fire, Minecraft, BGMI, and others. He also participates in a variety of other activities. The GTA 5 series by techno game is top-rated. He recorded himself downloading a Dragon Ball Z game. This video has received 250K views.

Techno Gamerz Youtube | Phone Number

The techno gamerz channel grew significantly as a result of this video. Ujjwal used to make a video of games and app downloads. He began making gameplay videos of various games after boosting his channel. Ujjwal took two years to reach 100,000 subscribers on his main track, Techno Gamerz. On January 20, 2018, he launched his second channel, ujjwal. He streams live games like Pubg, Free Fire, and Minecraft. He uploads videos of GTA 5 and other story-based games on his main channel. Because of his GTA 5 gameplay videos, his channel quickly grew in popularity. In the GTA 5 video, ujjawal tells a storey uniquely. You will feel as if you are watching a movie while watching this video. Each of these videos has a satisfying conclusion that entices you to watch the next one. Children and teenagers make up the majority of Techno Gamerz’s audience. They enjoy watching videos of the GTA 5 storyline.
This storyline video was created by Ujjwal using GTA modes. On all GTA 5 videos, Ujjwal has over 5 million views. He also enjoys games such as Red Dead Redemption 2, Minecraft, Hitman, and Resident Evil. People are becoming more interested in the Techno gamerz channel as more exciting videos of various games are added. You can watch ujjwal’s video if you have a lot of free time. His videos range in length from 30 minutes to an hour, and you will not be bored while watching them. Techno Gamerz’s YouTube channel has a total of 773 videos. The total number of views on these videos is 5 billion. 22.5 million people have subscribed to the Techno Gamerz channel. The techno gamers channel has 289 million subscribers worldwide and 27 million in India.

Techno Gamerz, don’t hesitate to ask for his phone number. His videos have millions of subscribers, and his net worth is estimated at several crores of rupees. The Techno Gamerz phone number is easy to find if you wonder about the latest information. This popular YouTuber is highly responsive and has a great phone. If you’re trying to contact him, you’ll find him by searching for his name on YouTube.
The phone number for Techno Gamerz can help you contact him if you have any problems with their videos. The channel has a WhatsApp number and a contact telephone number. You can reach the creator of a video by calling them. This is a great way to follow Techno Gamerz and learn more about his work. The video creator has two youtube channels, one for beginners and another for experienced gamers.

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Techno Gamerz Relationship & Girlfriend | Phone Number

For those who are looking for Techno Gamerz phone number, there’s nothing more exciting than watching him play video games. He has over twelve million subscribers on his first channel and three million subscribers on his second. He has received more than 10 million views for his videos, and he’s been ranked the top Indian gamer on YouTube. In addition to his popularity, Ujjwal Chaurasia has been dating his long-time girlfriend since 2013. Though he hasn’t revealed any details of his relationship, he’s been married to the same woman for quite some time.

Techno Gamerz

Techno Gamerz

Techno Gamerz Facts | Phone Number

  • Ujjwal Chaurasia’s favourite game was Swordigo.
  • Ujjwal Chaurasia started his YouTube channel at 15 when he was still in school.
  • Ujjwal used to transfer recordings using various strategies to download a specific game for his clients by compressing the documents.
  • After reaching 1000 subscribers on his main channel, he created a new track called “Ujjwal Gamer,” He started transferring Clash of Clans recordings before moving on to PUBG Mobile.
  • He’s met several well-known gamers, including Soul Mortal, Kronten Gaming, Beastboyshub, etc.
  • The clash of clans and sword go games were first played in Ujjwal Chaurasia.
  • Since he was 15 years old, Ujjwal has been making YouTube videos.
  • When Ujjwal reached 1,000 subscribers on YouTube, he informed everyone in his neighbourhood and school that he was making a video.
  • Ujjwal creates videos during the school day to download games for his friends.
  • He launched his second channel, “ujjawal gamer,” after reaching 1000 subscribers on his first.
  • Ujjwal revealed his face after reaching 8 lakh subscribers.

Techno Gamerz Personal Life | Phone Number

Real Name: Ujjwal Chourasia

Nickname: Techno Gamerz

Profession: YouTuber

Famous for: His Gaming Channel ‘Techno Gamerz’ on YouTube

Date of Birth: 12-01-2002

Age: 19 years

Birthplace: New Delhi, India

Hometown: New Delhi, India

Nationality: Indian

Religion: Hindu

Zodiac Sign: Tauras

Hobbies: Traveling, Gaming

Maritial Status: UnMarried

School Adarsh Public School: Delhi

College/University: N/A

Educational Qualification: 12th pass

Techno Gamerz Family | Phone Number

Siblings : Ankit Chaurasia (Brother)

Techno Gamerz

Techno Gamerz

Techno Gamerz Physical Appearance | Phone Number

Height (approx.) : 5’ 7”

Weight (approx.) : 55 kg

Eye Colour : Black

Hair Colour : Black

Techno Gamerz Favorite Things | Phone Number

Favorite Actor: Akshay Kumar

Favorite Actress: Rasmika mamdana

Favorite Song: Chand vala mukhada

Favorite Game: GTA 5

Favorite Youtuber: Bhuvan Bam

Favorite Food: pizza

Favorite Movie: Metrix

Favorite Cricketer: Dhoni

Favorite tv show: KBC

Favorite web series: money heist

Techno Gamerz Net Worth | Phone Number

As of April 20, 2019, Techno Gamerz’s net worth is estimated to be around $4 million. The channel has over 19 million subscribers and over 320 videos. There are about 20,000 subscribers to his channel, making him the second-most popular gaming channel globally. The number of fans is constantly growing and is often difficult to trace. If you want to contact him, you can try his phone number. This is the best way to get him.

Net worth in INR: 16 Crore Rupees

Monthly Income in INR: 16 Lakh Rupees Monthly

Income Sources: YouTube Advertisements, Super chats, and Sponsorships

Techno Gamerz Phone Number & other Contact Details

Phone Number: +91-726-334-XXXX

Email Id: [email protected]

Twitter: ujjwalgamer

Instagram: ujjwalgamer

Facebook: Technogamerz

Youtube: TechnoGamerzOfficial

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