Tangmo Nida Patcharaveerapong’s Body Was Found On Telegram – Death Cause and Melonp’s Real Name: The news of Thai actress Tangmo Nida Patcharaveerapong, popularly known as Melonp, passing away has taken the Internet by storm. We recently learned of the death of a beautiful Thai actress, which left us speechless for a short time, but delivering authentic details and official reports to our readers is our first priority, and this article was written with a heavy heart as it was difficult to believe this news at first, but that is how the cookie crumbles. Continue reading to learn more about Tangmo Nida Patcharaveerapong, as we have covered every crucial aspect of this story. Readers will discover about her cause of death, age, and personal information in this section.

Tangmo Nida

Tangmo Nida

Cause of Death for Thai Actress Tangmo Nida Patcharaveerapong

People are understandably distraught after hearing this awful news, and they are now anxious to discover more about her cause of death. According to reports, the actress fell from a speedboat at the Pibul Songkhram 1 dock in Nonthaburi, but two days later, on Saturday, rescuers discovered Tangmo Nida Patcharaveerapong’s body running in the Chao Phraya River. Tangmo’s body was discovered in the Chao Phraya River, and her brother, Dayos Detjob, identified her. Learn more about her adventures during her career in the next section.

She has acted in a number of TV shows and films throughout her career, including the 2006 film Ghost of Mae Nak, which was based on one of Thailand’s earliest ghost legends. Furthermore, photos of the actress have appeared on the front pages of nearly 50 periodicals. Move on to the following paragraph of this article to learn about her age, real name, husband, and Instagram account.

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Melonp’s Real Name and Official Instagram

According to rumors, she married Pakin Kumwilaisuk, another actor, in 2013, but the pair divorced in 2015. She was also active on Instagram, where you can find her under the pseudonym “@melonpveerapong.” She was a middle-aged woman, 37 years old at the time of her death, with a birthdate of September 13, 1984, and a birthplace of Thailand, but her parents’ identities are unknown, and she is not listed on Wikipedia. Keep in touch with us for additional information.

According to accounts, Tangmo fell into the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok, and rescuers discovered a dead body that was deemed to be that of Thai actress Tangmo, but her mother believes there is something fishy about the inquiry. Panida, Tangmo’s mother, stated that Tangmo was on the boat with her five friends for a supper, and one of her five friends was her manager. Tangmo was dressed up differently, as though she was dressed up for a shoot, and she said, “I want to know who held the photo shoot at the boat.”

The actress’s dead body was originally identified by her clothes, according to her brother. Dayos Detjob is her brother’s name. The death of Tangmodia was initially verified as a rumor on Facebook. However, it was later confirmed that Indonesian actress Tangmondia had passed away. After hearing the news, her supporters and admirers are devastated. All of her fans are paying heartfelt homage to her by posting images and videos of her on social media networks. Despite her celebrity, she is not listed on Wikipedia. She appeared in television shows such as Bai Mai Tee Plid Plew and others in addition to films. Tangmondia died on March 1, 2022, at the age of nineteen. May her soul find eternal rest.

Since the news of Tangmo Nida’s death surfaced, the internet has been flooded with heartfelt condolences to the actress. She died recently after an accident caused her to fall from a boat. Tangmonida was an Indonesian actress who rose to prominence in the entertainment industry. Nida Patcharaveerapong is her true name. She worked on a number of projects, including Pard 888 and The Flying Leaf, and she was ready for his huge showbiz endeavor. But, since she is no longer alive, perhaps fate had other plans for her.

Tangmo Nida

Tangmo Nida

The Bangkok police have decided to charge the boat driver with not being careful enough.

Right now, we don’t know the full name of the speed boat driver. He is only known as “Mr. Por.” The name of the driver was given to the Bangkok Police by someone they didn’t know. Investigators have talked to Mr. Por, and he has agreed to be questioned about any charges for his carelessness and lack of care.

The Thai actor Tangmo Nida Age, Bio, Family, Husband, Cause and Reason of Death, Accident

Her real name was Nida Patcharaveerapong, and she was 37 years old. Panida Sirayootyotin, who is 67 years old, was her mother when she was dating Stonerbkk, who is known on Instagram as “Green Man” and runs an online store where he sells mostly bags. Just recently, the couple had been together for two years.

Nida’s parents split up when she was young, and Dayos Detjob was her older brother.

Tangmo Pattaratida was born on September 13, 1984, and graduated from Rangsit University’s College of Social Innovation with a bachelor’s degree in leadership in society, business, and politics. Her birth name is Tangmo Patcharaveerapong, but she has changed it twice, first to Pataratida and then to Nida.

She went into the entertainment business when she was in the seventh grade and had just finished fourth in Miss Teen Thailand 2002.

Tangmo Nida and five other friends were taking a speed boat from Bangkok’s Krung Thon Bridge to Rama VII Bridge. There were three men and two women in the boat. A local police chief said that five of her friends have talked to the police and will give statements as proof. The investigators noticed that the toilet on the speed boat wasn’t working.

Someone said that Tangmo went to the back of the boat to use the bathroom, and it was thought that she fell off the boat by accident. Her mother said she wasn’t wearing a life jacket when they were traveling.

Tangmo Nida Instagram

The glass and red wine stains were also found on the boat by the police. The owner of the warehouse where the speedboat is kept said that the six friends were taking a relaxing trip down the river to Pathum Thani. The mother of the Thai actress Tangmo says that she has always been a good swimmer and can’t die if she falls into the water.

Tagnmo Nida’s body was floating in the water near the Pibul Songkhram 1 pier. Police sealed off the area to give Tangmo’s family and friends some privacy and to keep the media staff from coming in large groups. The police then took the actress’s body to the Central Institute of Forensic Science of the University Thammasat Hospital for an autopsy to find out what caused her death.

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Tangmo Net Worth

As of 2022, it was thought that Tangmo Nida’s net worth was around $1 million.

Age and Early Life of Tangmo Nida

Thursday, September 13, 1984, was the day Tangmo Nida’s parents brought her into the world. She was born in the Thai city of Bangkok. Let me tell you about her upbringing in Bangkok. Tangmo was given the name Nida Patcharaveerapong when he was born. Some of the other names she goes by are Patcharawirapong, Tangmo Pataritda, and Melon. Reports say that she gave birth at Prometheus Hospital. Nida went to Pensmith School for her first grade through eighth grade. She then went to Ramkhamhaeng University to keep learning. Tangmo Pataritda is also a graduate of the School of Social Innovation at Rangsit University. This school is where she got her bachelor’s degree in Social Leadership. Besides that, she studied to become a nurse. She then got a job in the entertainment business.

Tangmo Nida

Tangmo Nida

How did Tangmo Nida Die?

The Bangkok Post said that Nida Patcharaveerapong fell off a speedboat on Thursday night while he was enjoying a ride down the river. She did not have a life jacket on at the time.

The local police are looking into her death right now. But they did say that the driver of the speedboat did not have a license.

The manager of Patcharaveerapong was one of the five people on the boat when it sank, and they all went to the local police to help with the investigation.

The actress’s mother, Panida Sirayutthayothin, thinks that her daughter’s death may not have been an accident. She said, referring to Patcharaveerapong’s fan name, “Tangmo,” that it was possible that someone wasn’t happy that he was there.

Patcharaveerapong’s last Instagram post, which has 1.7 million followers, was published right before she died on Thursday. She wrote “The sun sets to rise again” as the caption for a picture of herself relaxing on a beach in Phuket.

Who is Tangmo Nida?

Tangmo Nida was a Thai actress who was in a number of movies. Tangmo has been in movies and TV shows like Melody of Love, Pard 888, Oun Ai Ruk, The Law of Mouth, XYZ, Ghost of Mae Nak, The Guardian of the Heart, and more.

Tangmo’s first job in Thailand’s entertainment business was as a model in beauty pageants about 20 years ago. Tangmo was one of the stars of the TV show The Fallen Leaf (2021).

Nida was born in Bangkok, which is the capital of Thailand. Tangmo died in 2021, when he was 37 years old. Tangmo was born on September 13, 1984, and she went to school in her hometown all the way through high school.

Tangmo went to a good school. No one knows what kind of people Tangmo is. In 2002, Patcharaveerapong took part in the Miss Teenage Thailand contest.

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