The real estate agent Tammy Soglanich, who became well-known after making an appearance on the TV network program Luxe Listings Sydney, has piqued people’s interest. About her, these are some details.

At Cohen Handler, Soglanich is a prominent real estate agent in Sydney’s eastern suburbs. In addition, she is the breakout star of “Luxe Listings Sydney,” the most popular Australian series ever on Amazon, which is accessible in 240 nations and territories.

The television show achieves the ideal fusion of lavish mansions, wish fulfillment, stunning elegance, and, of course, a splash of drama.

Tammy rapidly won over the hearts of her fans, and for good reason—she excels in business thanks to her poise, drive, and high standards, as well as her characteristic elegance and impeccable sense of style.

Tammy Soglanich

Tammy Soglanich

Tammy Soglanich’s Net Worth Update 2022

The estimated net worth of Tammy Soglanichh is in the tens of millions of dollars. The extremely wealthy real estate agent is in her 30s. She makes money in a number of different industries, including real estate, modeling, and as the star of “Luxe Listings Sydney,” the most watched Australian series on Amazon.

According to Indeed, a real estate agent in Sydney’s Easter Suburbs can expect to make about $125,765 year. As an estate agent, Tammy might carry out identical tasks. She works in the same industry.

Tammy oversees a number of roles at Cohen Handler. She works as an assistant, associate, and buyers agent for Simon Cohen.

Tammy also enjoys modeling and has done work for agencies like Chic Management and Wilhelmina International. She worked at LUNAR Sydney as well.

Tammy, who has worked in real estate for seven years—more than five of those with Simon Cohen in the premium division—is a highly qualified addition to the Cohen Handler brand. Tammy has a background in design, so her keen eye for detail is quite useful when it comes to helping her clients find exceptional homes.

Because of her ability to thoroughly appreciate the needs of her clients and match them with the suitable properties, Tammy’s strength as a member of the strong team is one of the key elements in the success of The Cohen Handler Prestige service.

Additionally, Tammy’s expertise is widely displayed in the hugely popular Amazon Prime series, in which she showcases her real estate expertise in Sydney’s most prestigious neighborhoods. Both the real estate business and working as a buyer’s agent are not for the timid.

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Full Name Tammy Soglanich (Bennett)
Profession Real Estate Agent, model, star of “Luxe Listings Sydney
Net Worth $10 million
Salary $125,765 per year (real estate estimates)

Tammy Soglanich Age Revealed

Tammy Soglanich is most likely 30 to 35 years old. She and her better half reside in Sydney and are of Australian ancestry.

She has been able to find work as a model because to the lovely real estate. She is a model and is a tall woman, standing at about 5 feet 5 inches.

She is quite secretive and self-conscious about her looks and body. In a similar vein, Soglanich has managed to keep her weight at 55 kg.

Age (2022) 30 to 35 years old (estimates)
Nationality Australian
Height 5 feet 5 inches (approx)
Weight 55 kg (appox)

Tammy Soglanich Early Life

About Tammy Soglanich’s personal life and formative years, not much is known. She understands real estate well. She understands real estate well. Her LinkedIn page has a few data about her academic background.

As a student at TAFE, Solganich pursued a career in fashion while attending Loreto Kirribilli. Later, in 2013, she began working as Jamie Ashkar’s design assistant.

Like Tammy, who has relocated with agencies like Chic Management and Wilhelmina International, Tammy is a gifted model. She worked at LUNAR Sydney as well.

Living in the Eastern Suburbs, Tammy has an extensive network of contacts, unmatched local market knowledge, and great chemistry with the local agents to back it up.

She represents the Cohen Handler brand, which focuses on providing clients and customers with extraordinary, results-driven experiences.

Tammy’s knowledge, commitment, and work ethic ensure that her clients have an efficient and painless experience when buying a property, whether it be a first house for investment purposes or a luxury purchase.

Fashion career Loreto Kirribilli, TAFE
Fashion agencies Chic Management, Wilhelmina International, LUNAR Sydney
Design Assistant Jamie Ashkar (2013-2014)

Meet Tammy Soglanich Husband

James Bennett, a real estate broker, is the husband of married woman Tammy Soglanich.

James has sold residences on Sydney’s lower north shore for more than $1 billion over the course of his more than ten-year real estate career. Without a doubt, Bennett has earned his spot among the best experts in his industry.

James has consistently received recognition as one of Belle Property’s top-performing sales professionals nationwide, according to real estate.

James has a team of equally dedicated real estate experts who provide an unparalleled degree of customer service, specialized attention, and high-quality service. This continues to be a unique combination when coupled with the upscale Belle property brand.

James also has a presence on Instagram, where his username is @sydneyrealestateagnt. He has over 4,000 followers on the network and has published about 300 posts so far.

Marital status married
Husband/spouse James Bennett
Husband’s profession Real Estate Agent

Tammy Soglanich Wedding

In December 2020, Tammy and James Bennett were married on the private 124-acre estate. According to Vogue, Mona Farm served as the inspiration for both the bridal gown and the pink-centered wedding theme.

Photos from James and Tammy’s lovely outdoor wedding are available.

Tammy and James spent their time apart looking for one another before they started dating. Call it fate or a bond; Tammy herself describes their encounters as a kind of indication.

Before meeting in May 2007 while watching a rugby match, the two already knew each other. The couple had grown up competing in tennis tournaments in Australia.

Their 13 years of “constant laughter,” which Tammy now sees as the core to their romance, began when they realized they shared interests during a conversation.

However, Tammy, a property buyer’s agent and the star of the reality television series “Luxe Lustings Sydney,” and James, a real estate agent, continue to complement one another in various ways.

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Find Tammy Soglanich on Instagram

The Instagram account @tammysoljanic belongs to real estate agent Tammy Soglanich. The estate agent has approximately 500 posts published and 31.2k followers on the platform.

Her wedding photos are all over her Instagram account, and she and her better half Tammy and James flaunt their relationship publicly.

Tammy is pictured updating her personal life as well as living life to the best. The real estate agent doesn’t appear to be active on any other social media networks besides Instagram, including Twitter, Facebook, and others.

Tammy Soglanich with her husband James Bennett

Tammy Soglanich with her husband James Bennett

Some FAQs

What is Tammy Soglanich’s net worth in 2022?

Tammy Soglanich’s estimated net worth in 2022 will be $10 million or such. She earns money from a variety of jobs, including acting, modeling, and hosting “Luxe Listings Sydney,” the most popular Australian series on Amazon. She also gets money through real estate.

What is Tammy Soglanich’s age?

Tammy Soglanich, a real estate agent, is thought to be between 30 and 35 years old. She is an Australian citizen.

Who is Tammy Soglanich’s husband?

James Bennett, a real estate broker, is the husband of married woman Tammy Soglanich. The couple was married in December 2020.

Is Tammy Soglanich active on Instagram?

Instagram user @tammysoljanic is the handle for Tammy Soglanich.

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