American entrepreneur and television personality Tami Roman first gained notoriety in 1993 on The Real World: Los Angeles.

After appearing in numerous films and television shows in the 1990s and 2000s in cameo roles and supporting roles, Tami rose to fame as one of the breakthrough stars of Vh1’s Basketball Wives.

Tami Roman

Tami Roman

Does Tami Roman Have Cancer? Is She Sick?

Tami Roman discussed her ongoing struggle with body image and how her type 2 diabetes has contributed to her current weight changes during a recent episode of The Real.

She described how difficult it has been to manage her body dysmorphia and diabetes while filming the show.

She has not disclosed any information indicating that she has cancer, hence she is cancer-free.

In 2010, Roman played a significant role in the VH1 reality series Basketball Wives. After that, she was given a role in Basketball Wives LA, which debuted with its fourth season in 2015.

The actress appeared twice on the CBS programme Extant. In 2018, a scripted series based on her Instagram video series “Bonnet Chronicles” debuted on TIDAL.

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Why Is Tami Roman So Thin & What’s Wrong With Her?

After observing Tami Roman’s dramatic weight reduction in her Instagram pictures, fans started to worry about her health.

Long a subject of controversy, Evelyn Lozada even condemned it in an episode from 2018 about the entrepreneur. Later, she addressed her weight problems and blamed her diabetes for them.

Tami shed pounds in 2012, which she credited to the diet pill NV Clinical, for which she was an ambassador at the time. Without making any major lifestyle changes, she claimed to have lost seven pounds in the first week of taking NV in an interview with Shape magazine.

She eventually shed 30 pounds using a mix of food adjustments and supplements, and she is now the company’s face, starring in numerous commercials to market the product.

It is always advisable to speak with a healthcare professional before starting a new supplement regimen, regardless of the actress’s level of success.

What Happened To Her Face? Tami Roman’s Struggle With Body Dysmorphic Disorder

Tami Roman underwent liposuction in front of the camera in 2011, but she gained the weight back after getting a diabetes diagnosis and giving up smoking.

The model admitted that she had her mouth wired shut because of her fixation with weight loss and that she had battled body dysmorphia and an eating disorder since she was 13 years old.

She stated that she had body [dysmorphic] problem since she was 13 years old. Many people, according to her, are unaware that it is either inherited or genetic, or that it results from a traumatic event that has damaged one’s self-image.

Body dysmorphic disorder (BBD), a mental health condition where you are preoccupied with perceived flaws or defects in your appearance, as described by the Mayo Clinic.

The TV personality stated that she first experienced the disorder as a young adolescent after having her self-esteem damaged in a meeting with a modelling agency.

She admitted that she didn’t know what body dysmorphic disorder was or how to handle it at the time. She just understood that she needed to “become skinnier” if she wanted to be a model.