It’s a fact that fans of the Netflix series Stranger Things can never slumber with their eyes closed. You never know what truth bomb will be waiting for you after two weeks because the writers are always getting ready to tease the fanbase in new and exciting ways. You can never tell when the tides are going to flip on a certain character with a show like this because you never know when they are going to change. As a result, the authors have made the decision to reveal certain information about Will (Noah Schnapp) and Bob (Sean Astin) from the second season.

Some fans have grown accustomed to disliking the practice of killing off new characters with each new installment, while the already established characters horribly celebrate in their ominous environment, Hawkings. In Season 2, it was Bob; in Season 3, it was Billy (Dacre Montgomery); and in Season 4, it was Eddie, who is our most cherished character (Joseph Quinn).

In the meantime, as we wait for the announcement of Stranger Things Season 5, which has also been confirmed to be the show’s final season, the writers of the show tweeted a piece of news that has caused quite a stir. The tweet, which appears to be the first in a series that will follow, is titled “Crazy shit that almost happened.” Will and Bob Newby are the subjects of the first revelation of this kind.

Everyone remembers the horrific manner in which he passed away during the second season. If you don’t, let’s jog our recollections a little. Bob ended up being the true hero of the story because he offered himself as a sacrifice to the Demodogs in order to buy time for the rest to escape. It was revealed that he was the boyfriend of Joyce Byers at the time and that he worked at the RadioShack store.

Throughout the course of the season, he provided the Hawkings gang with his own unique perspective on various matters pertaining to technology. As a result, he quickly rose to the top of the list of fan favorites. Sean Astin, who played Samwise in the first three installments of The Lord of the Rings trilogy, took up the role and immediately became a household name in the realm of fantasy television series.

It should come as no surprise that when it comes to a program like the one that was created by the Duffer Brothers, it is impossible to simply have one idea and run with it. Before you complete the transaction with the finishing blow, you need to run through a mental checklist of the steps you need to take. The Stranger Writers have now stated that Bob’s death was almost planned out in a different method, something other than the nasty Demodogs, and it was a possessed Will. This was shown in the most recent episode of the show. If something like this had occurred, it would have had a significant negative impact on Joyce Byers’ (Winona Ryder) mental health, but happily, it didn’t.

However, this makes a lot of sense because Season 2 was very difficult for Will’s character, especially because he was possessed by the Mind Flayer, and he still continues to be connected to it, as has been confirmed in the finale of Season 4 as well. This makes it a lot of sense because Season 2 was extremely difficult for Will’s character. Will’s violent behavior had progressed to the point where he harbored ill will toward some of his closest companions. If we had killed Bob, he would have been traumatized for the rest of his life, as if he weren’t already.

Nevertheless, if this were to have been an actual occurrence, the Byers family would have been forced to face with the harsh consequences of the act in the following. Will’s character arc would have been entirely different if he had been the one responsible for Bob’s passing; this was already going to have a significant influence on their lives later on. The fact that his mind was being controlled would have been the main emphasis of the plot, therefore we would have seen much more of him. Fans have been quite vocal about their dissatisfaction with each new season’s lack of Will, which is especially disappointing given the outstanding job that Noah Schapp performs portraying the character. It’s possible that doing this would have fixed the problem, but in the end, it would also have altered the dynamics that they all share with one another.

Stranger Things Trivia

Stranger Things Trivia

Check out the Latest Tweet by the Stranger Things Writers

Netflix currently has the first four seasons of the show Stranger Things available to stream.

In the event that this had taken place, what do you believe the outcome of the subsequent seasons of the show would have been? Do you think the writers made the right decision when they decided to abandon the initial blueprint for the story? Share your opinions with us in the box provided below for comments.

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Stranger Things

The Duffer Brothers, who also serve as showrunners and are executive producers together with Shawn Levy and Dan Cohen, are responsible for the creation of the American science fiction horror drama television series Stranger Things, which also serves as a parody of the Riverdale series. On July 15, 2016, the first season of the show was made available on Netflix. It was produced by Monkey Massacre Productions and Levy’s 21 Laps Entertainment. The show’s second, third, and fourth seasons premiered in October 2017, July 2019, and May and July 2022, respectively, after the conclusion of its first season. The television show was given the go light for a fifth and final season in February of 2022.

The series takes place in the 1980s, largely in the fictitious town of Hawkins, Indiana, and revolves on a multitude of mysteries and mysterious happenings that take place throughout the town as well as the influence these events have on a cast of people consisting of both children and adults. Winona Ryder, David Harbour, Finn Wolfhard, Millie Bobby Brown, Gaten Matarazzo, Caleb McLaughlin, Natalia Dyer, Charlie Heaton, Cara Buono, Matthew Modine, Noah Schnapp, Sadie Sink, Joe Keery, Dacre Montgomery, Sean Astin, Paul Reiser, Maya Hawke, Priah Ferguson, and Brett Gelman are some of the actors who appear in the film.

The Duffer Brothers created the show Stranger Things as a combination of investigative drama and supernatural elements, which were portrayed with horror and childlike sensibilities. In addition, references to popular culture from the 1980s were infused throughout the show. The films of Steven Spielberg, John Carpenter, David Lynch, Wes Craven, and H. P. Lovecraft served as inspiration for a number of the narrative and aesthetic choices that were made in this film. They were also influenced by the experiments that were carried out during the time of the Cold War as well as conspiracy theories that involved covert government experiments.

Stranger Things, which is one of the main programs for Netflix, has broken records for the number of viewers on the streaming platform. Characterization, atmosphere, acting, soundtrack, direction, screenplay, and homages to movies from the 1980s are just some of the reasons this series has received high praise from critics. It has won a number of awards and been nominated for a great deal of others, such as the Primetime Emmy Awards, Screen Actors Guild Awards, American Film Institute, Critics’ Choice Television Awards, and People’s Choice Awards. It has also been nominated for awards at the Golden Globe Awards, British Academy Television Awards, Directors Guild of America Awards, Writers Guild of America Awards, and Grammy Awards.

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